ZTJ Series Liquid Paste Sachet Bagger

Your ultimate solution for efficient packaging: meet the ZTJ Series Liquid Paste Sachet Bagger by Qualipak. This innovative machine guarantees that liquid and paste products are filled accurately and sealed into convenient sachets. With our reliable technology, seamlessly boost productivity and satisfy market needs. Step up your packaging game with Qualipak.
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Parameter Specification
Model ZTJ Series
Capacity Varies based on product and sachet size
Sachet Type Liquid or Paste
Packaging Material Heat-sealable film
Bag Size Range Length: 50 – 200mm, Width: 30 – 150mm
Filling Volume Adjustable, typically 5 – 100ml
Speed Up to 60 sachets per minute
Control System PLC control with touch screen interface
Sealing Type Three-side seal or Four-side seal
Power Supply 220V, 50Hz or customizable
Power Consumption Varies with configuration and usage
Air Pressure 0.6 – 0.8 MPa
Machine Material Stainless steel SUS304
Overall Dimensions (LxWxH) Varies based on model, typically around 1200x900x1800mm
Weight Varies based on model, typically around 350-500kg
Optional Features Date coding, tear notch, embossing, etc.

Introduction to ZTJ Series Liquid Paste Sachet Bagger

The ZTJ Series Liquid Paste Sachet Bagger is an advanced packaging solution for liquid and paste stuff packed in sachets. This machine incorporates precision engineering and sophisticated technology to offer unmatched efficiency and dependability when packing different products such as sauces, condiments, cosmetics, and pharmaceuticals among others.


Working Process of ZTJ Series Liquid Paste Sachet Bagger

These are some delicate processes that work together well in the ZTJ series liquid paste sachet bagger.

Product Feeding: The fluid or pasty product is supplied into the machine via a designated inlet.

Film Unwinding: Packaging film unwound from a roll and cut to the desired length according to the size requirements of the sachet.

Forming and Sealing: The packaging film turns into sachets that contain the liquid or paste. It fills each sachet with this material. Finally, these sealed packages prevent any leakage or tampering of the contents within them.

Cutting and Discharge: The cut but sealed bags are dropped off by the machine for further processing or distribution.


Applications of ZTJ Series Liquid Paste Sachet Bagger

ZTJ Series Liquid Paste Sachet Bagger can be used in multiple applications across industries due to its versatility. Some examples include:

Food Industry: Packing sauces, dressings, ketchup, mayonnaise, etc. which are liquids.

Pharmaceutical Industry: Packing syrups, ointments, creams, etc which are medicaments.

Cosmetic Industry: Packing creams lotions gels etc which are beauty products.

Chemical Industry: Packaging adhesives, lubricants, and other industrial liquids.


Usage Methods

The operation of the ZTJ Series Liquid Paste Sachet Bagger has been designed to be user-friendly with controls and interfaces that can be easily understood by any person operating it. Below is how one typically uses it:

Set-Up: Adjusting machine settings such as sealing parameters, filling volume, and even sachet dimensions depending on the product requirements.

Material Loading: Ensure that the packaging film has been loaded and is aligned well with appropriate tension to avoid any disruptions during operation.

Product Loading: Pour or pump liquid or paste substance into the designed feeder to ensure steady flow and dosage

Initiate Operation: Start the machine that automatically carries out the packaging process; monitor its operations for any aberrations, then make corrections if necessary.

Quality Assurance: Before proceeding to the next stage, check the finished sachets for proper sealing, filling accuracy, and overall quality.

Maintenance: To ensure a long life span and optimal performance of this machine, carry out routine maintenance tasks as advised by the manufacturer.


Functions of ZTJ Series Liquid Paste Sachet Bagger

In this case, several functions come together for the ZTJ Series Liquid Paste Sachet Bagger to be efficient during the packaging exercise:

Precision Filling: Most advanced filling mechanisms that help dispense liquid or paste from sachet thus minimizing wastage and ensuring consistency in terms of dose of a given product being sold.

Sealing Integrity: This assures firm interlocking seals every time you pack bags using these machines. This ensures that whatever is packed inside stays freshly unspoiled by air until it gets to the marketplace where it will be opened for use. These types of packs ensure tamper proofing due to their strong sealing integrity required wherever important items need to be packed before reaching consumers who might want an assurance of safety especially when buying foodstuffs.

Adjustability: It can be adjusted for different commodities like sachet dimensions, filling volumes, sealing temperatures as well as other relevant parameters necessary based on specific products’ needs

High-Speed Operation: High-speed packing is achieved hence meeting mass production requirements without sacrificing either quality or precision.

Easy Integration: These machines are designed such that they can merge with existing production lines easily for sustainability improvement in delivery speed hence increasing efficiency while maintaining high output throughout time.


Benefits of ZTJ Series Liquid Paste Sachet Bagger

The adoption of the ZTJ Series Liquid Paste Sachet Bagger has various implications for packaging operations.

Increased Productivity: The speed and efficiency of packaging are enhanced thereby increasing output as well as minimizing production time.

Accurate improvement: It implies that when the packaging process is precise, wastage of the product is reduced to a minimum while customer satisfaction increases.

Variability: The ability to package a wide variety of liquid or paste products provides flexibility in its implementation across different industries.

Cost-effectiveness: This helps to reduce the production cost since there will be not much labor unlike other forms of packaging which require manual processes.

Enhanced sanitation of food and pharmaceutical packaging. These are some of the ways by which sanitary design can be used for food and pharmaceutical packaging to ensure compliance with strict hygiene standards.

Space optimization Compact footprint and modular design make efficient use of floor space while allowing scalability to meet evolving production needs.

Reliability Built with durable components and backed by comprehensive technical support, ensuring dependable performance and minimal downtime


Modern Packaging Operations

For example, the ZTJ Series Liquid Paste Sachet Bagger plays many crucial roles in modern packing operations such as:

Automation: This means that the machine is designed in such a way that it streamlines all the processes involved in packing enabling it also reduce reliance on manpower thus improving efficiency.

Quality Assurance: That is why this machine ensures consistent quality packaging to meet both customer requirements as well as regulatory standards.

Versatility: This may relate to general packing requirements by various manufacturers who usually deal with numerous products that have different market demands.

Competition Edge: This feature enhances productivity thus reducing costs incurred during the manufacturing process; hence these costs then; result in low prices for customers.

Innovation Driver: This will subsequently lead to advances in sustainability, efficiency, and consumer convenience through 3Ts i.e., Time-to-market, Total cost Reductions (TCR), and Targeted Technology Development (TTD).

Sustainability: Reducing material waste through optimized use of resources promotes sustainable modes of packaging.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can thick liquids be bagged using the ZTJ Series Liquid Paste Sachet Bagger?

Yes, it is designed to handle a wide range of viscosities including highly viscous liquids and pastes.

Which types of packing materials does this machine accommodate?

It has compatibility with diverse packaging materials, involving polypropylene, polyethylene, laminates as well as aluminum foil.

What is the maximum production speed that can be achieved by the ZTJ Series Liquid Paste Sachet Bagger?

However, its actual production speed will depend on factors like product viscosity as well as sachet size and filling volume. But usually, it runs at [insert speed] sachets per minute.

Is the machine easy to maintain and clean?

Indeed, the machine components are easily accessible for cleaning purposes and have intuitive user interfaces.

Can different sizes of sachets be done using this machine?

The machines can be adjusted to handle various sachet dimensions ranging from [insert minimum size] to [insert maximum size] millimeters in width respectively.

Does the machine have an option for printing expiry dates or batch codes on sachets?

Optional coding systems integrated into this bagger allow the printing of expiry dates, batch codes, and other relevant information directly onto the sachets.

Can sterile packaging applications be handled by the ZTJ Series Liquid Paste Sachet Bagger?

For instance, pharmaceuticals and medical products may require sterilized packages offered by this particular brand.

Which safety features are found in the machine since operators’ safety must also be taken care of during operations?

Emergency stop buttons are installed in the machine among other safety interlocks and guarding so that the operator’s life is not endangered while operating the equipment

Production requirements: Can it be customized for specific market needs? 

Yes it can therefore be added with extra features or modified according to individual user needs

What technical support and after-sales services are available for this machine?

To ensure optimal performance levels as well as customer satisfaction; all-around training sessions including comprehensive back-up support are provided by the manufacturing company.