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In 2000, Mr. Jackie founded Qualipak with a vision to revo- lutionize the packaging industry, creating CE-certified pouch machines that elevate businesses to new heights. With a strong commitment to industry compliance and employee safety, we’ve established advanced factories and an R&D center where innovation thrives. 

Qualipak has impacted businesses in 50 countries across diverse industries, including food, cosmetics, and pharma- ceuticals. We understand the challenges businesses face in finding the perfect packaging solution for growth, and our world-class machines are designed to meet those needs.
Our success lies in the lasting relationships we build and the shared emotional journey with clients as they expand their markets and strengthen their brands. Let Qualipak’s innovative packaging solutions be the catalyst for your business success story.

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The cutting-edge technology used in the design of Qualipak’s flex pack machinery is aimed at boosting efficiency and productivity. Our machines come equipped with advanced characteristics such as automatic film straightening, accurate sealing devices, and user-friendly control panels. Moreover, our dedication to quality means that all our machines are subjected to strict testing regimes that result in them achieving industry standards which ensures their reliability and durability.

Yes, it is extremely flexible and capable of handling a wide array of packaging materials including polyethylene, polypropylene, laminates, and others. These machines can be adjusted to accommodate different film thicknesses and types so clients can use them for packing a variety of products.

Customer satisfaction remains a top priority at Qualipak. We provide inclusive installation services by experienced technicians who ensure machines are accurately set up and ready for work. Besides this, we offer comprehensive training programs to enable your team to know how best they can run these machines to enhance their uptime thus increasing productivity.

Qualipak has a long-term commitment to supporting its customers even after they have made initial purchases since its first establishment. A responsive customer service team attends promptly to any queries or technical issues raised about our products. In addition, we make sure that there is availability of preventive maintenance schemes as well as spare parts for minimizing downtime thus ensuring continuous operation of your flex pack machine.

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Asis Pacific
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