About us

Hi, I’m Jackie, the founder, and CEO of Qualipak. My passion for mechanical engineering and packaging machines began during my college years, leading me into a fulfilling career in the packag- ing industry.
Throughout my journey, I witnessed businesses facing challenges in their packaging processes. I founded Qualipak to offer tailored, high-quality packaging machines that empower businesses worldwide. Our unwavering commitment to innovation and cut- ting-edge technology sets us apart from the competition.
As a fellow business owner, I empathize with your daily obstacles and aspirations. I recall a client struggling with inefficient packag- ing processes, hindering their growth. Our customized packaging solutions boosted their productivity and customer satisfaction, demonstrating the transformative power of Qualipak’s machines.
As your long-term partner, I’m personally invested in your success and committed to supporting you at every step. Together, let’s unlock your business’s potential with Qualipak’s revolutionary packaging solutions.

In 2000, Mr. Jackie founded Qualipak with a vision to revo- lutionize the packaging industry, creating CE-certified pouch machines that elevate businesses to new heights. With a strong commitment to industry compliance and employee safety, we’ve established advanced factories and an R&D center where innovation thrives.
Qualipak has impacted businesses in 50 countries across diverse industries, including food, cosmetics, and pharma- ceuticals. We understand the challenges businesses face in finding the perfect packaging solution for growth, and our world-class machines are designed to meet those needs.
Our success lies in the lasting relationships we build and the shared emotional journey with clients as they expand their markets and strengthen their brands. Let Qualipak’s innovative packaging solutions be the catalyst for your business success story.