ZT-12 Automatic Teabag Packaging Machine

Introducing the ZT-12 Automatic Teabag Packaging Machine from Qualipak! Effortlessly package your tea with precision and speed. Say goodbye to manual labor and hello to efficiency. This machine streamlines your tea production process, ensuring consistent quality every time. Upgrade your packaging game with Qualipak’s cutting-edge solution.

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Parameter Specification
Model ZT-12
Machine Type Automatic Teabag Packaging Machine
Bag Type Heat-sealable filter paper
Filling Type Multi-lane volumetric dosing
Capacity Up to 120 bags per minute
Bag Size Range Length: 50-100mm, Width: 40-80mm
Power Supply 220V/50Hz or 110V/60Hz
Power Consumption 3.5 kW
Air Pressure 0.6 MPa
Air Consumption 0.3 m³/min
Dimensions (LxWxH) 1800mm x 900mm x 2000mm
Weight 600 kg
Control System PLC with a touchscreen interface
Packaging Materials Heat-sealable filter paper
Optional Features Date coding, nitrogen flushing,
product counting, perforation


ZT-12 Automatic Teabag Packaging Machine is a blend of state-of-the-art technology coupled with an ergonomic design specifically suited for the tea sector. It has evolved to be part of present-day tea manufacturing plants across the globe through packaging machinery conglomerates. Revolutionizing tea packaging, it is an advanced machine that guarantees incomparable efficiency and precision.

Working Processes

This ensures seamless packaging from beginning to end by sequence processes as follows:

1. Tea Feeding: The process starts when loose tea leaves or granules are fed into the hopper of the machine. ZT-12 has precision feed systems that maintain a constant flow of tea material into the packing unit.

2. Bag Forming: After this, empty teabags are manufactured by the machine using a roll of filter paper. This however facilitates accurate cutting and sealing of filter paper by incorporation of advanced sensors and actuators.

3. Filling: When these bags are made, ZT-12 then dispenses exactly measured amounts of teas in each bag without errors being introduced during this phase thereby maintaining consistency in weight across all bags.

4. Sealing: Once filled, tea bags must be sealed tightly to prevent any chance of leakage or contamination by any external agent such as air microbes or water among others thus maintaining freshness and aroma characteristics.

5. Cutting and Shaping: At this point, finished teabags are cut into required designs which could either be square, rectangular, or pyramidal bags as desired hence accommodating various shapes used by different manufacturers in their facilities giving them flexibility.

6. Packaging: The packed teabags will then come out ready for labeling and subsequent packing operations after they have been discharged from the machine entirely in an automated mode which minimizes human interference and enhances productivity.


There are numerous applications for ZT-12, as it is adaptable to various types of tea packaging:

Loose Leaf Tea Packaging: This machine handles loose tea leaves delicately with precision thus ensuring optimum packing density and minimal leaf breakage.

Tea Bagging: ZT-12 can work with a variety of bag designs including traditional rectangular teabags or even modern pyramid-shaped ones according to customers’ preferences.

Herbal Tea Packaging: The machine is also good at packing wellness teas and herbal infusions apart from the usual types of tea as people now prefer natural remedies.

Flavored Tea Packaging: When it comes to accurate filling and sealing processes, the integrity of flavor-infused teas is maintained by ZT-12 regardless if they contain fruity blends or exotic spices.


The machine has numerous functions aimed at enhancing its productivity and quality:

Automatic Operation: It functions automatically even without human presence hence reducing labor costs and increasing production efficiency.

Precision Weighing: To ensure that tea weight variations between bags are minimized, there are sophisticated weighing systems incorporated in this equipment that accurately dispense tea where required.

Adjustable Packaging Parameters: This allows users to optimize different parameters such as bag size, quantity of filling, and time taken for sealing so that they can suit different kinds of tea or packaging requirements.

Fault Detection and Alarm: Inbuilt sensors within the packaging system recognize any abnormality during the process therefore alarming operators before causing downtime or wastage due to defects on the product through alert mechanisms in place monitoring these disorders.

Easy Maintenance: In addition to a friendly user interface and easily accessible parts for routine maintenance operations, ZT-12 is designed with a clear view allowing easy cleaning.

Data Logging and Reporting: Operators can track their performance using data from the machine, such as maintenance schedules, production output, and error rates for packaging.


ZT-12 plays several crucial roles in the tea production ecosystem:

Increasing Productivity: In this context, automating the process of packaging has made it possible to expedite it thereby enabling tea manufacturers to meet ever-growing market needs efficiently.

Ensuring Quality: Therefore, the machine maintains high standards of quality for both tea leaves and packaging thus assuring consumers and protecting brand names.

Improving Hygiene: The ZT-12 is designed with a closed vessel structure that meets hygienic requirements for food processing operations hence minimizing any chances of contamination.

Promoting Innovation: This makes creativity at its best since producers of tea have an opportunity to try different methods of packing and making a new product on the market through the use of flexible ZT 12 equipment.

Minimizing Costs: By improving resource utilization efficiency and decreasing waste, these machines enable tea companies to cut down their operational expenditure during production processes to realize higher profitability.


The following are some benefits associated with using ZT-12 when compared with traditional ways:

Efficiency: Tea packaging time was significantly reduced due to fast speed operation on this machine which allowed much more output per unit time.

Consistency: This is evident from the consistent weights of each packet as well as uniform bag dimensions that have been made possible by strict control over various packing parameters so that buyers do not question our teas’ authenticity or value for money.

Versatility: The device suits both small-scale producers as well as big ones; there is also flexibility in terms of preferences towards package designs across various firms involved in the manufacture of tea products ranging from leafy loose types up large factories manufacturing different assortments blended spices etc.

Hygiene: The ZT-12, made of stainless steel and designed to prevent contamination, complies with the relevant standards for food safety in packaging materials.

Cost-effectiveness: This is because although the price of ZT 12 is relatively high at inception, it will eventually lead to cost savings over a long period as efficiency is experienced due to reduced labor expenses and minimized spoilage that results from product wastage in the process of production.

Market Differentiation: Furthermore, customized packaging preferences are provided by this machine keeping tea fresh thus enabling consumers to identify their brands amongst many others sold in busy markets.

Scalability: The ZT-12 can be easily integrated into existing lines or expanded with additional units as volume demands increase in tea production.


1. What is the ZT-12 Automatic Teabag Packaging Machine?

This is a sophisticated piece of equipment specifically designed for the tea processing sector capable of packing ready-to-consume teabags at high speeds thereby increasing productivity throughout its manufacturing stages as well as maintaining quality control measures on them.


2. How does the ZT-12 ensure the quality of packaged tea?

With precision weighing systems and sealing mechanisms, the weight accuracy and air tightness necessary for maintaining taste and aroma are ensured by ZT 12 machines while dosing tea granules accurately into bags before sealing them tightly enough not to allow any gas exchange between inside and outside leaving only fresh fragrance intact until brewed cup gets siped off one’s lips!


3. Can the ZT-12 accommodate different types of tea?

Yes, it has been manufactured in such a way that it can accept all sorts including those that have gone through blending processes like fruit infusions or natural herbs instead of being obtained straight from plants they come from trees bushes, etc…


4. Is the ZT-12 suitable for small-scale tea producers?

This system was devised taking into account both small-scale farmers and artisans who may want to expand their capacities eventually while retaining the ability to package differently depending upon orders received from customers.


5. How easy is it to maintain the ZT-12?

Cleaning and servicing procedures are simplified in such a manner that regular operations carried out on these machines will not require much expertise as they can be done by anybody who understands the basic principles underlying their operation.


6. Can the ZT-12 accommodate different bag shapes and sizes?

Yes, this machine has the capability of shaping dimensions into various types including squares, pyramids any other desired forms according to demands our consumers might have time in the future teed requires a change in packaging the brand’s image so for rth…


7. Does the ZT-12 offer any customization options?

The ZT-12 allows changing packaging parameters such as bag size, filling quantity, and sealing time to fit varieties of tea packaging requirements.


8. Does the ZT-12 conform to food safety regulations?

This is because it is built with materials that are food-graded as well as conforming with high hygienic standards.


9. What savings does the ZT-12 create for businesses?

Due to the efficient use of resources, reduced labor costs, and less product waste, Tea producers will make substantial savings through ZT-12 across the years.


10. Can I integrate my existing production lines with the ZT-12 system?

Yes, it enables an uninterrupted workflow in tea processing by ensuring that its integration into current production lines remains seamless.