ZTK Stickpack Form Fill Seal Machine

Introducing the ZTK Stickpack Form Fill Seal Machine from Qualipak that is a game changer in packing efficiency. It seals your products in convenient stick packs with ease and guarantees freshness through minimum space utilization. Take your brand’s productivity a notch higher with this groundbreaking solution. For packaging excellence, make the shift to Qualipak today.
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Feature Specification
Machine Type Stick pack Form Fill Seal
Packaging Material Suitable for various types of film
Packaging Speed Up to 1000 units per minute (depending on the product)
Bag Length 50mm – 200mm (adjustable)
Bag Width 20mm – 60mm (adjustable)
Filling Volume 1ml – 100ml (adjustable)
Control System PLC (Programmable Logic Controller)
Touch Screen Interface Yes
Power Supply 220V, 50/60Hz
Power Consumption 3kW
Air Pressure 0.6MPa
Machine Weight Approximately 500kg
Machine Dimensions (LxWxH) 1200mm x 1000mm x 1700mm
Optional Accessories Date Coder, Air Compressor, Product Feeder
Certification CE Certified

Introduction to The ZTK Stickpack Form Fill Seal Machine

The packaging machinery of the ZTK Stickpack Form Fill Seal Machine is an innovation in product packaging. This advanced technology offers a solution to the difficult processes of forming, filling, and sealing which changes the way products are packaged. In terms of efficiency, versatility, and reliability, the ZTK Stickpack machine has been designed to meet the needs of different industries such as food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, and cosmetics among others. It uses a modular design for high-speed operation and accurate control systems to increase productivity while maintaining packaging quality and integrity. Additionally, it will be presented how the compact footprint of such a machine can save valuable floor space in production facilities making it user-friendly even for beginners’ operators. Thus becoming a trusted partner in businesses that seek cost savings, product quality, or regulatory compliance during its practice toward operational effectiveness and sustainability.

Packing Process

The process of packing with the ZTK Stickpack Form Fill Seal Machine involves several stages that ensure high efficiency and accuracy:

Film Feeding: The feed process starts when film is fed into the machine after which it passes through various components guided with precision control.

Forming: As it moves forward, this film goes through forming tubes or shoulders that shape it into individual stick packs; these forming tubes can be customized depending on specific product requirements like sizes and shapes.

Filling: Filling begins after the film has taken form into stick packs; volumetric systems or weighing give out the correct amount of each substance inside every package.

Sealing: After filling is completed; stick packs are sealed to contain their contents. Sometimes heat sealing, ultrasonic sealing or any other method (based on properties of materials used) could be employed by the sealer for this purpose.

Cutting: Once sealed together, they are then cut from continuous film hence becoming separate packets that are ready for further processing or distribution.


For enhanced efficiency, versatility, and reliability, several features are possessed by the ZTK Stickpack Form Fill Seal Machine:

Modular Design: The machine is constructed in such a way that it can be easily modified to add more components or fit into specific packaging needs.

Touchscreen Interface: User-friendly touchscreen interface allows for easy adjustment of filling volume, sealing temperature, speed, and other parameters in addition to being easy to control.

High-Speed Operation: It packs at high speeds due to its advanced servo-driven technology which maximizes productivity and throughput.

Precise Control: There are precision control systems that ensure accurate filling and sealing which will prevent wastage of products and also enhance the quality of packages.

Flexible Packaging Options: This machine allows for different types of stickpacks like films, foils, and laminates among others depending on what is required by various products being produced.

Easy Maintenance: Designed with easy maintenance in mind, accessible components and tool-free access to critical areas allow cleaning or servicing possible without any problem.


Several functions are done by The ZTK Stickpack Form Fill Seal Machine during the packaging process:

Forming: A variety of pack sizes, as well as shapes, can be accommodated by forming the packing material into stick packs using this machine based on varying product dimensions.

Filling: Filling volumes for each package are accurately put in place by precise filling systems.

Sealing: The machine seals the stick packs firmly to keep goods fresh and unbroken in storage and during transportation.

Cutting: After sealing, the machine cuts individual packets from the continuous film, making them ready for distribution.

Batch Coding: Batch coding systems that can be included as an optional feature are designed to comply with traceability purposes under which the product is packaged or batch-coded for compliance reasons.


ZTK Stickpack Form Fill Seal Machine investment has numerous advantages for manufacturers and packagers across various sectors:

Improved Efficiency: The machine decreases labor costs as well as cycle times by combining forming, filling, and sealing processes into one process.

Higher Productivity: This is achievable through high-speed operation along with precise control mechanisms that enable quick packaging of products resulting in increased output and revenue potential.

Better Quality Products: With its precise sealing mechanism, accurate filling capabilities, etc., packaging waste is minimized while customer satisfaction is enhanced due to an improvement in quality consistency.

Versatility: It fits well within service provisions that range from food & beverages to pharmaceuticals & cosmetics due to its ability to accommodate specific materials desired for each application.

Cost Savings: By adjusting material input procedures thereby minimizing wastage, this equipment helps reduce manufacturing expenses hence improving overall profitability.

Compliance and Traceability: It enables a manufacturer to follow regulatory requirements such as traceability throughout the supply chain via optional features like batch coding systems leading to product integrity enhancement & safety.

Compact Footprint: In order not to take up much valuable floor space especially when there are spatial constraints in terms of facility size it has been designed compactly.

Easy Integration: Its modular design ensures that it easily blends with existing production lines without necessarily causing any disruption during installation or requiring downtime periods at all levels within a company’s production system.

Operator Safety: Worker safety should always come first. As a result of this, it contains built-in safety measures alongside ergonomic aspects aimed at ensuring minimum mishaps during work.

Sustainable Packaging: It contributes to sustainable packaging practices, by minimizing waste and optimizing material usage as part of the machine’s environmental stewardship initiatives.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What kind of products can I package with the ZTK Stickpack Form Fill Seal Machine?

It is versatile; therefore it can package powders, granules, liquids, and semi-liquids like sauces, and creams among others.

Can the machine accommodate different packaging sizes?

Yes. Based on specific product needs, this machine allows easy adjustments since it is modular thereby enabling user-friendly change of various pack sizes and form factors to meet different product needs.

What types of materials are packed by the machine?

A variety of packaging materials including film, foil, laminates, and eco-friendly alternatives to suit different packaging requirements are supported by this machine.

How does the machine guarantee a good quality packaged product?

The equipment has been fitted with systems that ensure precision filling while maintaining tight seals to deliver better products throughout their lifecycle.

Is the machine easy to operate and maintain?

Yes. The interface is touchscreen enabled for ease of operation while maintenance is made simple by easy access components that do not require tools whenever servicing or cleaning is done.

Can the machine integrate with existing production lines?

Yes, it can be integrated into an already existing system without tremendous downtime during installation due to its modular design

Does the machine comply with industry regulations and standards?

Certainly yes! This modern solution has been built by established production standards governing industries associated with manufacturing safety & quality control issues among others.

What is your warranty period?

The warranty period for the machine depends on the manufacturer and particular model. It is, therefore, advisable to consult with the dealer regarding warranty information.

Can this machine be customized to fit into specific packaging needs?

Yes, customizing this machine can entail integrating extra parts in its modular design to meet certain packaging requirements.

How do I go about obtaining a quote or scheduling a demo of the machine?

For inquiries on cost estimates or arranging for a demonstration on how the ZTK Stickpack Form Fill Seal Machine works, you may contact their manufacturers or authorized dealers directly via their website or customer care helpline.