Brick Bagger Powder Vacuum Packing Machine

Qualipak’s Brick Bagger Powder Vacuum Packing Machine ensures efficient packaging of powdered goods with precision and speed. Versatile and durable, it preserves product freshness while minimizing waste. Trust Qualipak for high-quality packaging solutions that streamline your business operations.

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Parameter Specification
Machine Type Brick Bagger Powder Vacuum Packing
Power Supply 220V/380V, 50Hz/60Hz (customizable)
Power Consumption 5 kW
Bag Type Brick-shaped bags
Packing Material Powder
Vacuum Pressure 0.5 – 0.8 MPa
Bag Size Customizable, typically 50g – 5kg
Filling Accuracy ± 0.2%
Packing Speed 10 – 25 bags/min (depending on size)
Control System PLC control system
Operating Interface Touchscreen HMI
Material Stainless steel
Dimensions (L x W x H) Customizable, typically 3000mm x 1500mm x 2000mm
Weight 1000 – 1500 kg
Optional Features Nitrogen flushing system, date coder, metal detector
Certification CE, ISO9001


In the realm of packaging machinery, innovation continues to drive efficiency and reliability. One of the latest advanced solutions is the Brick Bagger Powder Vacuum Packing Machine; a versatile machine that has been invented to make packing powder easier. This article presents various aspects about the unit from how it works, its applications, functions and roles as well as advantages in modern industrial setup.

Working Processes

Built on precision and efficiency, the working principle of The brick bagger powder vacuum packing machine can be broken down even further into:

Product Feeding: The powdered material are poured into a hopper from where it is conveyed to the packaging unit.

Bag Formation: The machine converts a reel of packing material (usually laminate film) that suits vacuum sealing into bags.

Filling: In a very precise manner, powdery substances are filled into these already formed bags ensuring accurate measurements and consistency.

Vacuum Sealing: The next stage involves vacuum sealing once these bags have been filled up. Air is then extracted creating room for vacuum between them which increases shelf life by protecting products against spoilage due to air contact or rupture.

Sealing and Cutting: Then follow sealing procedures that guarantee tightness of packages through maintaining vacuum containment. Thereafter excess wrapping materials are slashed off producing neatly sealed bags ready for marketing purposes.

Final Packaging: After being sealed properly, these bags are then collected and they undergo processes like labeling, coding etc., according to industry requirements or product specifics before distribution can take place.


Brick bagger powder vacuum packing machine is applicable across multiple sectors due to its versatility. Some notable examples include:

Food Industry : For instance used for packing chili powder, flour, sugar, powdered milk among others

Pharmaceuticals: Powdered medications are packed in this case together with nutritional supplements and pharmaceutical ingredients that have to adhere strictly with safety and hygiene attributes.

Chemicals : It is these machines that package up powdered chemicals such as fertilizers. This ensures the products do not leak into the environment leading to pollution.

Cosmetics: In other words it can be used in packaging of talcum powders, face powders or any other beauty powered items.

Agriculture: The device also finds its application in the packaging of pesticides and herbicides therefore making it easier for people to store them easily.

Functions and Roles

The Brick Bagger Powder Vacuum Packing Machine has various critical functions it performs within an industry:

Precision Packaging: Minimizes wastage by ensuring accuracy when filling and sealing powdered products hence enhancing the quality of output.

Hygienic Packaging: To maintain quality assurance during the process of packaging where food and drugs are concerned demands high levels of hygiene.

Extended Shelf Life: As a result air does not get into packages; thus, preventing moisture penetration which encourages spoilage or reduces shelf-life for instance when it comes to storage of dry-powdered substances.

Enhanced Efficiency: Automates the packaging process thereby improving throughput and efficiency while reducing labor costs as well as expenses incurred during operations.

Customization: Provides a variety for fixing bag sizes that suit specified product characteristics through their modification including altering shapes and seals among other features compatible with diverse consumer needs which may change from time to time.

Quality Assurance: By constantly checking on whether or not there is good quality control measures that makes sure consistency is maintained between one type package to another.

Improved Product Quality: Ensuring that packaging standards are consistent and protecting the product from spoiling.

Cost Savings: Reduce manual packing material waste, labor costs, and thus maximize total operational effectiveness

Extended Shelf Life: Reducing spoilage risk, maximizing shelf space, and minimizing product degradation losses.

Enhanced Hygiene: Meeting strict regulatory guidelines in terms of automated hygienic packaging to avoid contamination

Increased Productivity: Streamlining packaging operations to result in greater production throughput and faster time-to-market for products.

Versatility: Flexibility to adapt to evolving market requirements by fitting a wide range of powdered products with different packaging specifications.

Sustainability: Efficient resource use by cutting down on material utilization through eco-friendly package design.


What is a Brick Bagger Powder Vacuum Packing Machine?

A brick bagger powder vacuum packing machine is a device specially designed for efficient powder pouching through forming vacuum-sealed bags that preserve product freshness and life span.


How does the Brick Bagger Powder Vacuum Packing Machine work?

The operation of this kind of machine involves dropping powdered substances into a hopper, creating bags from rolls of packing material, filling these bags with powdered stuff in them, sucking out air using vacuum sealing system and finally closing off the bags ready for distribution.


What types of products can be packaged using the Brick Bagger Powder Vacuum Packing Machine?

It is capable of taking spices, flour, sugar, powdered milk pharmaceutical ingredients among others with it including fertilizers as well as pesticides which fall into agricultural chemicals category.


What are the advantages of using the Brick Bagger Powder Vacuum Packing Machine?

It helps provide an extended shelf life for goods; hence improved hygiene and safety conditions; resulting in reduced wastage of materials used during production; higher productivity rates; outstanding quality performance; flexibility in design concept applied while completing all packaging tasks.


Is the Brick Bagger Powder Vacuum Packing Machine suitable for industrial-scale operations?

Yes. This machine is meant for industrial scale packaging and therefore has a high throughput, it is automated to aid in its fast operation as well as efficiency.


Does the machine require specialized maintenance?

Like any other machinery, regular maintenance is essential to ensure optimal performance and longevity. This may include cleaning or lubricating the machine parts occasionally checking the status of components and sometimes calibrating it.


Can the Brick Bagger Powder Vacuum Packing Machine accommodate different bag sizes and packaging materials?


Yes, it can be configured to accept different bags ranging from small ones to bigger sizes. It thus offers flexibility which helps meet various product specifications that are required when developing packing associated with some goods/ products.


Is the packaging process hygienic and compliant with industry standards?

Yes, the machine is designed to maintain strict hygiene during packaging process thereby ensuring compliance with regulations relevant in food safety as well as pharmaceutical industries.


How does vacuum sealing benefit the packaged products?

These powders are sealed by removing air from their packages; this creates a vacuum that preserves freshness, flavor, and quality of powdered substances while countering oxidation leading to spoilage hence extending shelf life.


Can the Brick Bagger Powder Vacuum Packing Machine be integrated into existing production lines?

Yes, it can be incorporated into existing production lines or operated independently hence making it flexible enough for use in different manufacturing set ups or procedures.