High Speed Multi Line Sachet Stick Packing Machine

Our High-Speed Multi Line Sachet Stick Packing Machine is here! Make your packaging process redefine itself through accuracy, agility, and flexibility. Simultaneously package several products together to improve efficiency and reduce time when not in use. This technology contains the latest developments in machinery that guarantees a uniform quality and output capacity. Experience new growth levels in packaging through our innovation at Qualipak.
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Parameter Specification
Machine Model HSMSPM-500
Packing Speed (per line) Up to 500 sachets/minute
Number of Packing Lines 4
Sachet Size Range Length: 50 – 200mm
Width: 20 – 60mm
Film Material Heat-sealable laminated films
Film Width 80 – 320mm (adjustable)
Film Roll Diameter Max. 400mm
Control System PLC control system
Touch Screen Interface 10″ color touchscreen
Power Supply 380V, 3 phase, 50/60Hz
Power Consumption 12kW
Compressed Air Pressure 0.6 – 0.8MPa
Air Consumption 0.6m³/min
Machine Dimensions (L x W x H) 3000mm x 1200mm x 1800mm
Weight Approx. 1500kg
Optional Equipment Date coder, perforation device,
nitrogen flushing system, etc.

Introduction to High-Speed Multi-Line Sachet Stick Packaging Machine

This paper serves as an introduction to the high-speed multi-line sachet and stick packaging machine. The machine is state-of-the-art, designed specifically to revolutionize the packaging process by offering unrivaled speed precision, and adaptability. Contrary to single-line machines of a traditional nature, this innovative system with multiple lines makes it possible for several sachet sticks to be packed at once, thereby increasing production throughput and efficiency significantly.

Besides, it can pack thousands of sachets per hour owing to its super-fast abilities thus ideal for large-scale manufacturing activities across various industries. For that reason, the food and drink industry can take advantage of this machine’s versatility as it can be used for different products such as liquids powders granules semi-solids among others. It is also small in size thus saving a lot of space while its interface allows easy control and checking by users. Ultimately, the High-Speed Multi Line Sachet Stick Packing Machine defines efficiency in packing defining efficiency in packing hence becoming a preferred choice for modern producers who value the combination of rate of production with reliability.


Packing Process of High-Speed Multi-Line Sachet Stick Packaging Machine

The high-speed multi-line sachet stick packing machine performs its operation like an intricate symphony playing together precision integrated with speed. These are further broken down into finer steps below:

Material Loading: First is loading the machine with material rolls commonly referred to as film which will make individual pouches. This material gets transferred into some parts inside the system that convert them into separate stand-up pouches.

Product Filling: Afterwards, the product that needs packaging enters through the filling system. Depending on what is being dealt with at any given time may have either powder or granules or liquid or semi-solid form.

Sealing: To maintain the integrity and durability of packed products these packets need to be sealed precisely after filling them up. To achieve this goal one can use the heat sealing method, ultrasonic sealing method, or other modern ways in which materials and products are packed.

Cutting and Separation: Then the long continuous strip of sachets that was sealed is cut into smaller pieces. This step forms sachet sticks as individual entities ready to be used.

Quality Control: The machine has put some quality control measures in place all through its packing process aimed at detecting and correcting any faults or abnormalities. This ensures only correct packages pass through the production line.

Packaging Output: Lastly, they are discharged from the system being fully packed as sticks for further processes such as labeling, processing, and distribution.


Features of High-Speed Multi Line Sachet Stick Packaging Machine

The high-speed multi-line sachet stick packing machine is laden with numerous features that boost efficiency and productivity. Some of these include:

High Speed: Again, this machine can be called high speed since it can pack up to thousands of stick pouches per hour without breaking down. Consequently, efficient throughput reduces downtime during production activities considerably thus enhancing productivity levels greatly.

Multi-Line Configuration: Conversely, unlike single-line machines that can only pack one stick at a time; this enables simultaneous packing of several sachet sticks in one go leading thereby increasing throughput and production capacity thus making it suitable for large-scale manufacturing enterprises.

Versatility: Powders, granules, liquids, and semi-solid foods among others are some of the many types of items that can be accommodated by this machine hence it suits different industries including but not limited to the food and drinks sector as well as pharmaceuticals cosmetics, etc.

Precision Dosing: Precise dosing is essential for ensuring product uniformity and consistency. This system guarantees accurate filling in each stick reducing wastage resulting from inconsistency thus maximizing on labor force input-efficiency ratio.

Advanced Sealing Technology: The machine’s sealing mechanism uses advanced technology to achieve safe and sure seals. The machine ensures that it is leak-proof and tamper-evident using heat sealing, ultrasonic sealing, or other methods.

User-Friendly Interface: Despite its complexity, the machine has an easy-to-use interface that makes operation and monitoring simple for anyone. This means that operators can adjust settings, keep track of their production metrics as they occur, and avert any related challenges.

Compact Design: With huge capacity the machine takes up minimum amounts of floor space and thus can be used in large-scale manufacturing firms as well as smaller production facilities.

Easy Maintenance: It is designed to allow easier maintenance with convenient parts and modular structure so that there is less downtime due to routine maintenance resulting in continuous operation.


Functions of High-Speed Multi-Line Sachet Stick Packaging Machine

High-speed multi-line sachet stick-packing machines have numerous functions that seamlessly interact with one another:

Material Feeding: It automatically feeds packaging material into the system ensuring a continuous supply for an uninterrupted production process.

Product Filling: Products are filled accurately into individual sachet sticks with precise control over fill volume and consistency.

Sealing: Each sachet stick is sealed by the machine using precision advanced sealing techniques to guarantee product integrity and freshness at all times.

Cutting And Separation: Cutting from the continuous strips forms sachets individually ready for packaging and distribution processes respectively.

Quality Control: Only good products are packaged since during packing time; this machinery detects any defects or anomalies that may occur

Output Handling: Packed sachet sticks are transported away from the machine onto a conveyor or collection system where they undergo further processing before being packed again,


Benefits of High-Speed Multi Line Sachet Stick Packaging Machine

The high-speed multi-line sachet stick packing machine has a multitude of advantages for manufacturers across different sectors:

Increased Efficiency: Packing multiple sachet sticks simultaneously at high speeds significantly boosts productivity rates enhancing cost advancement while increasing profitability through increased output.

Versatility: Since it can handle various types of products, it becomes a versatile system for manufacturers who have different product lines. Hence, there is no need to buy more than one packaging machine.

Improved Product Quality: Consistent quality and freshness in the products are ensured by the machine’s precision dosing and sealing capabilities, which lead to increased customer satisfaction and brand reputation.

Reduced Waste: More accurate dosing leads to a decrease in material waste and hence reduced production costs that make the whole packaging process friendly towards sustainability.

Space Optimization: It is ideal for companies looking for ways to use their floor space efficiently because of its compact design, allowing them to install extensive manufacturing lines within confined areas.

Streamlined Operation: The packing process is made easy with automated functions and a user-friendly interface hence reducing manual intervention that normally results in human error.

Scalability: The high-speed capabilities combined with modular design enable scaling up concerning growing production demands making it possible for manufacturers to increase operations without any substantial investment into other equipment.

Compliance and Safety: It follows strict standards set for safety and quality ensuring that its clients adhere to various food, pharmaceutical, or cosmetics regulatory requirements.

Enhanced Brand Image: Through consistent delivery of high-quality well-packaged items, this device helps create an appealing brand image thus winning customers’ loyalty over time.

Cost Savings: In the long run, enhanced efficiency levels coupled with minimal wastage lowers running costs while at the same time streamlining operation thereby saving on resources thus improving the firm’s profitability as a whole


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What types of products can be handled by the high-speed multi-line sachet stick packing machine?

The machine is adaptable to different types of products such as powder, granules, liquids, and semi-solids thereby making it suitable for a wide range of industries like food processing, pharmaceuticals, and cosmetics among others.

What is the highest rate of packing that can be achieved by the machine?

The maximum speed of packaging depends on several factors including product type, sachet size, and configuration though it may generally vary between a few hundred sachet sticks per hour per line to several thousand.

Does the machine require regular checkups?

However, preventive maintenance is vital for optimal performance because it has been built in a way that maintenance would not interrupt operations.

Can the machine accommodate different sizes and shapes of sachets?

Yes, several variations on pouch size and shape can be incorporated into the machine based on specific packaging demands.

How does the machine ensure the quality and uniformity of its products?

To guarantee accurate filling, sound sealing as well as detection of any defects or abnormalities during the packing process, there are sophisticated metering, sealing plus quality control systems integrated into this device.

Is this a small-scale production machine?

Additionally, this equipment can run at multi-line speeds but with smaller footprints as well which therefore makes it appropriate to many factory settings.

What safety features does the machine have?

Emergency stop buttons (or E-stops), interlocking safety guards (fixed barrier guards with interlocks) along presence sensing devices (light screens; light curtains; laser area scanners) are some examples of safety features available on machines thus allowing safe operation while guarding against accidents happening around them.

Can I pack materials having different properties using one kind of packing material?

Yes. For example, films made from plastic laminates or foil are all incorporated within this device together with other differences like thickness elasticities and heat resistance among others.

Must I undergo special training in operating these machines?

Nevertheless, the user interface employed in these machines makes them easy to operate even if someone did not know packing machines before, and also training programs are offered to realize the full potential of the machine by various operators.

Does technical support exist for this machine?

Yes. Usually, manufacturers take care of all the needs that may arise and hence offer technical support and maintenance services throughout their life span.