ZT-20 Triangle Shape Teabag Packaging Machine

Revolutionize your tea packaging with Qualipak’s ZT-20 Triangle Shape Teabag Packaging Machine! Perfect for small businesses and large-scale production alike, this user-friendly machine efficiently packs tea in unique triangular bags, ensuring freshness and appeal. Elevate your brand and streamline your process with Qualipak today!

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TypeTriangle Shape Teabag Packaging
CapacityUp to 60 bags per minute
Bag Size RangeLength: 50 – 80mm, Width: 40 – 70mm
Packaging MaterialHeat-sealable filter paper
Power Supply220V, 50Hz (or customizable)
Total Power2.2 kW
Air Pressure0.6 MPa
Air Consumption0.4 m³/min
Machine Weight800 kg
Machine Dimensions (LxWxH)1200 x 900 x 1700 mm
Control SystemPLC control system
Packaging ShapeTriangle shape teabag
Filling TypeGranular tea or herbs
Sealing TypeHeat sealing


Packaging has been among the most significant innovations in packaging machinery as it helps to improve efficiency, product quality, and satisfaction of consumers in different sectors. ZT-20 Triangle Shape Teabag Packaging Machine which is one of these innovations has marked a turning point in the tea packaging sector.

Working Processes

The machine operates through a series of systematic processes that ensure precise, efficient, and high-quality tea bag packaging like:

Material Feeding: The machine begins by feeding onto the designated spool material used for packaging commonly referred to as filter paper roll. The bags are formed from this material.

Tea Filling: An accurate amount of tea leaves is then put into each teabag by the machine. Notably, this process plays a crucial role in maintaining the uniformity of flavor and aroma.

Bag Forming: The machine designs the triangular shape by utilizing its specialized forming mechanisms on the package materials. This distinctive shape allows better steeping and flavor extraction during infusion.

Sealing: Once tea bags are formed, they are sealed completely to prevent leakages or any other form of contamination. Freshness and integrity of tea are ensured until it reaches the consumer through the sealing process.

Cutting and Packaging: Finally, individual units ready for distribution and retail are made by cutting sealed tea bags according to their desired sizes using the machine.


The ZT-20 Triangle Shape Teabag Packaging Machines can be applied in various areas such as within the tea manufacturing industry. It finds applications such as:

Tea Production Facilities: To streamline their packaging operations to meet escalating demands for quality teas production companies rely on ZT-20 machines. 

Retail Packaging: Both online and offline retailers use this kind of equipment for packing tea meant for sale to end-user consumers. Besides being small enough for easy use at retail outlets with limited space ZT-20 is designed compactly thus making it suitable for small-scale retail businesses too.

Hospitality Sector: Hotels, cafes, and restaurants use the ZT-20 machine to provide their customers with tea in high-quality packages that are convenient for them.

Specialty Tea Brands: Through this kind of equipment, artisanal and specialty tea producers can pack rare blends that suit the specific tastes of their luxurious clients thus targeting those with discriminating tastes in tea.


The ZT-20 Triangle Shape Teabag Packaging Machine has many functions that make it efficient and versatile for packaging tea. Several important functions include:

Precise Tea Measurement: This ensures that every teabag is filled with the exact amount of tea leaves to maintain a consistent flavor in all the teas prepared.

Customizable Packaging: The machine’s settings can be adjusted by users such that they change the shape, size as well as the design of the bags according to their product’s specifications and branding needs.

Efficient Sealing Mechanism: Airtight tamper-proof seals are achieved using the sealing mechanism on ZT-20 to pretooma and freshness of tea throughout some timed

Production: To enhance productivity among manufacturers, ZT-20 is designed to produce huge quantities of these bags within a short period through its automated processes and fast operations.

Future Trends

Some trends are likely to determine future directions about aboutturers packaging tea such as the ZT-20 Triangle Shape Teabag Packaging Machine given below:

Sustainability: Sustainable packaging solutions have become critical within the competitive market for teas. It is anticipated that future versions will employ environmentally friendly materials/processes during production.

Smart Packaging: Future versions of the ZT-20 may be integrated with smart packaging features such as QR codes for traceability, NFC tags receiving product information, and freshness, ss indicators beneficial to consumers.

Personalization: The growing desire for personalized tea experiences that suit individuals’ tastes. The ZT-20 can include technology that makes it possible to instantly customize tea blends, flavors, and packaging.

Automation and Robotics: Tea packaging machinery might rely on automation and robotics more. Advanced robotics in subsequent editions of the ZT-20 can enhance precision, efficiency, and flexibility in production.

Roles And Advantages

Enhanced Productivity: The ZT-20 therefore enables manufacturers of tea to increase productivity by automating key packing processes leading to a reduction in labor cost thus meeting rising demand efficiently.

Quality Assurance: Through exact measurement and sealing mechanisms, each teabag possesses uniform quality and fresh taste; hence increases customer satisfaction while enhancing brand identity for a company through maintaining high standards according to the exact needs of consumers.

Brand Differentiation: Customers are now looking at options like brand customization. This is not only a good method for companies to show off their creativity but also a way for them to sell their products faster due to the ever-increasing competition brought about by many other related products on the market today.

Convenience For Consumers: Triangular bags made with this machine are easy to use when brewing or extracting beverages. This enhances the overall experience customers have concerning their cups of teaed tea taking time via simplifying its making process because these bags are convenient triangularly shaped produced 20 facilitates facilitatingg/extraction of consumer’s overall tea drinkingtea-drinkingrsatility and Adaptability: It can package all types loose leaf, of herbal, flavored etc. Due it,s ability to package different types of teas including herbals, and loose leaves among others it is an appropriate solution for tea factories producing varieties bringing into play multiple roles within the industry as a whole.

Cost Efficiency: In contrast to its advanced features and capabilities, the cost-effective packaging solution provided by ZT-20 enables tea companies to maximize their returns on investment while maintaining high-quality products.


What is the ZT-20 Triangle Shape Teabag Packaging Machine?

ZT-20 is a highly developed packaging machinery specifically intended for making triangular tea bags. Using filling, forming, sealing, and packaging completely automates this process thus achieving efficiency and consistency in tea packaging.


How does the ZT-20 machine work?

All these steps including material feeding, tea filling, bag forming, sealing, cutting, and packing are done through ZT 20. Consequently, it has exact methods for measuring out leaves of teas; manufacture bags that look like triangles with tips that are easy to close as far as packing is concerned.


What types of tea can be packaged using the ZT-20 machine?

Loose-leaf tea, herbal tea (from any flowering herb other than C. sinensis), flavored teas (where natural or artificial flavorings are added after processing), and specialty blends among others can all be packed by the versatile ZT-20. It has adjustable settings for different kinds of teas thereby ensuring that only specific ones are packed.


What are the advantages of using the ZT-20 machine?

As such some benefits accruing from the use of this type include increased productivity levels because tasks formerly done manually become automated hence reducing labor costs associated with the production process without jeopardizing quality assurance procedure cost effectiveness consumer centeredness in terms of convenient usage especially when one wants steeped cup Cost Efficiency Dealing With Different Types Of Tea 3 What Are The Advantages Of Using The Zt 2 Can The Machine Accommodate Various Packaging Materials? Yes, it can accept varied materials like non-woven fabric filter paper biodegradable, etc., since some customers may want them made with different types of wrapping papers as preferred in particular areas.


Is the ZT-20 machine suitable for small-scale tea producers?

This equipment is designed to meet the needs of both large and small-scale tea manufacturers. The design is compact, with adjustable features and cost-effective solutions that imply it does not matter which scale a producer falls in as this item can be used for any level of production.


How can the ZT-20 machine help tea manufacturers maintain product quality?

Tea leaves are measured accurately, tea bags are made uniformly with the same amount of tea and then sealed to preserve their freshness and fragrance by the ZT-20 machine. This is critical in ensuring that manufacturers maintain quality standards and meet customers’ expectations.


What are the future trends in tea packaging machinery, and how does the ZT-20 machine align with these trends?

These include; smart packaging, sustainability, personalization and automation, ion among others. To fit in with these recommendations, manufacturers can incorporate eco-friendly materials into their products like this maase uses them as well as having smart packaging features such as customization choices and advanced automation technology.


Can the ZT-20 machine be integrated into existing tea production lines?

Yes, it can be integrated into existing tea manufacturing facilities making only minor modifications to an existing one without much disruption since they have a flexible design that allows for integration thus improving packaging processes for better performance of teas.


How can I purchase or obtain more information about the ZT-20 Triangle Shape Teabag Packaging Machine?

To buy or get more details concerning this product you need to contact manufacturers or authorized distributors directly who will provide comprehensive specifications together with prices, and technical help including installation training.