ZTK Stickpack Form Fill Seal Machine

Upgrade your packaging efficiency with Qualipak’s ZTK Stickpack Form Fill Seal Machine. Achieve speeds of up to 300 sticks per minute with precision and reliability. Versatile in handling various materials and customizable options ensure seamless integration into your production line. Boost productivity and quality with Qualipak.

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Sure, there’s a technical data table for the ZTK Stickpack Form Fill Seal Machine:

Parameter Specification
Machine Model ZTK Stickpack Form Fill Seal Machine
Packaging Type Stickpack
Packaging Material Film (e.g., polyethylene)
Maximum Speed Up to 300 sticks per minute
Stick Width Range 20mm – 50mm
Stick Length Range 50mm – 200mm
Film Width Range 40mm – 110mm
Film Thickness Range 0.02mm – 0.08mm
Power Supply 220V, 50Hz or 60Hz
Power Consumption 3kW
Compressed Air Pressure 0.6 MPa (6 bar)
Compressed Air Consumption 0.3 m³/min
Machine Weight Approximately 800kg
Machine Dimensions (LxWxH) 1800mm x 1200mm x 2200mm
Control System PLC (Programmable Logic Controller)
Touchscreen Interface Yes
Material Feeding System Servo-driven auger or volumetric
piston filler
Film Unwinding System Servo-driven
Film Tracking System Photocell or mark registration
Optional Features Date coding, batch coding,
perforation, tear notch,
nitrogen flushing system

In the world of manufacturing and consumer goods, speed matters; efficiency, precision, versatility. One of these technologies that has helped in meeting these demands is the ZTK Stickpack Form Fill Seal (FFS) Machine. In this article, we discuss the different types, how they work, where it is used or made use of, what they do as functions, and their advantages.

Types of ZTK Stickpack Form Fill Seal Machines

ZTK Stickpack FFS Machines have different types and designs to meet specific production requirements:-

Single Lane Stickpack Machines: Such machines are suitable for smaller amounts of production and are often employed in facilities that are limited in space or that have lower output needs.

Multi-Lane Stickpack Machines: Multi-lane stick-pack machines can produce several stick packs simultaneously at high speeds thereby significantly increasing plant output.

Horizontal Stickpack Machines: The horizontal filling and sealing process usually better suits products such as powders, granules, liquids, etc. These machines are therefore commonly used for packaging such products.

Vertical Stickpack Machines: The vertical stickpack machines are used for items requiring a vertical filling and sealing process. For instance, tablets capsules creams for pharmaceuticals personal care industries will use vertical stick pack machines to package them.

Working Process

There are certain stages involved in the working process of the ZTK Stickpack FFS Machine;

Film Unwinding: This involves unwinding the packaging film from a roll into the machine. This film serves as the material from which the stick packs will be formed.

Product Filling: The product to be packaged is accurately measured and filled into individual stick packs. It ensures uniformity in terms of the volume and weight of the product across all stick packs.

Sealing: Once filled with liquid products or solids like coffee powder for example then they are sealed to ensure that they remain fresh till they are consumed by consumers depending on whether it’s a horizontal or vertical type machine.

Cutting: After sealing, the stick packs are cut off from the web film to which they were attached. It is at this point that each stick pack is properly formed and ready for packaging.

Discharge: These completed stick packs are taken out of the machine and gathered for further processing or packaging. Additional labeling may be done. Sometimes these products might be also bundled or boxed before they are distributed.


TK Stickpack FFS Machines have many applications in multiple sectors including:

Food and Beverage: For example, these machines will package coffee, sugar, spices, sauce, and drink mix among other food and beverage products.

Pharmaceuticals: Medication packages include – medications, vitamins, supplements, etc., and use a lot of different pharmaceutical products such as tablets capsules creams. Vitamins Supplements Cosmetics are used in making up this field.

Personal Care: Lots of times we find lotion, cream gel, or shampoo packed by the personal care industry into stickpack FFS machines.

Nutraceuticals: Stick pack machines are commonly used in the nutraceutical industry for packing dietary supplements like protein powders and energy drinks.


Several key functions are performed by the ZTK Stickpack FFS Machine such as;

Accurate Product Measurement: They are equipped with precision measuring systems so that every stick pack has an accurate amount of product. This accuracy helps in maintaining uniformity in terms of product volume across all stick packs.

Efficient Sealing; Efficient sealing ensures that stick packs remain intact even after getting filled with liquids i.e. coffee powder etc., preventing their contamination till consumers open them depending on the type of machine- horizontal or vertical..

High-Speed Operation; There is normally high rate production designed for many stick pack FFS machines hence giving manufacturers higher throughput to meet demand more effectively.

Roles and Advantages

The ZTK Stickpack FFS Machine performs several important functions in the packing industry, which gives it its advantages:

Improved Efficiency: Stick Pack machines automate the process of packaging; therefore, they enhance efficiency and productivity with less labor cost and minimal production downtime.

Better Product Conservation: The preservation is facilitated by sealing stick packs that protect against moisture, oxygen, and light among other environmental factors degrading product quality. It helps retain freshness as well as extend shelf life.

Space Economy Design: Stick Pack FFS machines have a small footprint making them ideal for limited space facilities. Their efficient use of space enables manufacturers to achieve optimal levels of output without having to acquire additional floor space.

Customization Options: Producers may custom-tailor their stick pack machine based on their unique production specifications or preferred packaging techniques including varying machine speeds, changing packaging formats, or adding extra components for improved functionality.

Cost Savings: By optimizing the packaging process as well as minimizing material wastage, stick-pack machines help producers cut down on their production costs. Moreover, they are energy-efficient hence reducing electricity consumption and thus cutting costs further over time.


What kind of products can I package using ZTK Stickpack FFS Machines?
ZTK Stickpack FFS Machines are diverse and can be used to pack various kinds of items including powders, granules, liquids or gels, etc., through to solids.

Can ZTK Stickpack FFS Machines be used in high-speed production lines?
Yes, many ZTK Stickpack FFS Machines are made for high-speed applications making them suitable for use in fast-paced manufacturing settings.

Can ZTK Stickpack FFS Machines handle different types of packaging material?
Certainly, these machines can work on different packaging materials such as polyethylene, laminates, aluminum foil, and specialty films.

How accurate is filling with ZTK Stickpack FFS Machines?
ZTK Stickpack FFS Machines come with advanced measure systems that enable accurate filling of products to maintain uniformity across all stick packs.

Are ZTK Stickpack FFS Machines simple to operate?
Yes, they feature user-friendly interfaces and intuitive controls. Therefore even a novice operator can easily go about operating them without much fuss or training.

What kind of maintenance do ZTK Stickpack FFS Machines require?
To ensure the best performance and the longest life span of your ZTK Stickpack FFS Machine regular cleaning and periodic maintenance must be undertaken. For instance, lubrication should be done on a routine basis while components inspection carried out as well as replacement of worn-out parts if need be.

Can you integrate ZTK Stickpack FFS Machines into existing production lines?
Yes. You can easily integrate these machine types into your pre-existing line setups to raise your packing capabilities without causing major disruptions in your operations.

Can manufacturers customize their own ZTK Stickpack FFS Machine specifications?
Sure, manufacturers may adjust certain machine settings, modify the packaging format, or introduce other specialized features for enhanced functionality.

Are there some energy-saving features of note on ZTK Stick pack machines?
Some models of PDD machines include energy-saving functions like automatic shutdown or power management systems which cut electricity consumption rates down hence reducing operating costs.

What quality standards do ZTK Stickpack FFS Machines adhere to?
ZTK Stickpack FFS machines are made with respect for international quality standards and statutes that guarantee their dependability, effectiveness, and safety in packaging operations.