ZT-16 Automatic Teabag Packaging Machine

Introducing Qualipak’s ZT-16 Automatic Teabag Packaging Machine – the innovation that is changing your tea packaging process! It packs the tea bags flawlessly and seals them without any breakage to ensure freshness. With our advanced solution, you can increase productivity and maintain quality in your tea manufacturing process. Raise your brand profile by using Qualipak’s proficiency in packaging technology.
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Feature Description
Model ZT-16
Packaging Material Filter paper, heat-sealable filter paper, nylon
Capacity Up to 180 bags per minute (depending on the material used)
Bag Size Range Length: 50-80mm, Width: 50-75mm
Filling Method Volumetric dosing system
Control System PLC control system with touchscreen interface
Power Supply 220V, 50Hz, or customized according to region
Power Consumption 3.7 kW
Air Pressure 0.6 MPa
Air Consumption 200 L/min
Overall Dimensions (LxWxH) 1200mm x 900mm x 1800mm (approx.)
Weight 600kg (approx.)
Optional Features Date coding, Tag string and tag, Outer envelope packing

Introduction ZT-16 Automatic Teabag Packaging Machine

Tea which is part of the culture of every society must be packed with great care and precision to preserve its standard and freshness. The cutting-edge ZT-16 Automatic Teabag Packaging Machine is designed for packaging tea bags of various shapes and sizes. Being a product of brilliant minds within the packaging technology, this machine is a combination of novelty and efficiency that serves all tea producers around the world.

Working Process of ZT-16 Automatic Teabag Packaging Machine

A large number of manufacturers use the tedious process when using the ZT-16 Automatic Teabag Packaging Machine, which can only be reversed through a series of well-arranged steps on how they are supposed to do it. To put it another way, these are the steps that make up the working process:

Feeding: A feeding system in such equipment dispenses individual tea leaves into specific pouches accurately. In particular, this phase tends to keep each bag’s quantity of tea constant.

Sealing: The machine seals each teabag correctly after filling them with tea leaves so that whatever is inside remains undamaged as well as shielded from outside interference that might spoil its quality.

Cutting: It then cuts off any unnecessary parts left over after sealing thus producing well-wrapped bags ready for sale.

Labeling (Optional): Some models also come equipped with optional labeling features allowing different brands or information to be put on their packs.

Packaging: The last activity involves gathering all packed teabags together for distribution or retailing purposes among other uses.

How to Use ZT-16 Automatic Teabag Packaging Machine

On one hand, even though the technology used in building ZT-16 Automatic Teabag Packaging Machines is so advanced; it has been designed in such a way that even lay operators can comfortably do it. Here’s how you can effectively operate this device:

Setup: Place the machine on a stable surface and ensure that it is correctly connected to a power source. Confirm that everything is clean and without obstruction.

Adjust Settings: To match the type of tea being packed into different packages, you may need to change some settings in the system. Some examples include; the amount of tea per bag, sealing temperature, or cutting mechanism among others.

Load Tea: Always remember to put enough quantities of tea leaves that will be sufficient for production in the hopper or feeding system designated for this purpose.

Initiate Operation: Once the device has been set up and charged with tea leaves, the process starts involves following a guidebook given out by its manufacturer. This usually requires pushing several buttons or turning certain switches that are responsible for starting feeding, sealing, and cutting inside it.

Monitor Performance: Watch how well an equipment functions during its operation period especially when packaging teabags as required. Quality maintenance should be ongoing if one is desirous of getting high-quality products at the best levels possible.

Collect Packaged Tea Bags: Get all such packed bags once completed and keep them either as stocks or get ready to sell them off.

Maintenance: After using this ZT-16 Automatic Teabag Packaging Machine, conduct regular checks as directed by its user manual to ensure long-lasting service provision next time again.\

Features of ZT-16 Automatic Teabag Packaging Machine

The machine possesses numerous properties, which improve productivity, efficiency, and quality in tea packing like never before. The most important features of these machines are;

High-Speed Operation: The machine, with its superior technology, can package tea bags at a high speed thus enhancing output significantly.

Precision Control: They can control the levels of tea put in each bag as well as sealing temperatures and cutting devices so that there is uniformity in every single pack made.

Versatility: Different-sized and shaped tea bags can be packaged with this equipment to meet the needs of different producers worldwide.

User-Friendly Interface: Operators with little training can easily set up and operate the machine thanks to the simple interface hence reducing downtime and improving efficiency.

Durable Construction: Made using high-quality materials and components, it is sturdy enough to withstand continuous usage under production conditions.

Optional Accessories: Depending on specific requirements, additional feeding mechanisms or labeling systems may be integrated into the machine for better performance.

Safety Features: There are safety features fitted on the machine to ensure safe working conditions for operators during its operation.

Functions of ZT-16 Automatic Teabag Packaging Machine

With this regard, let’s look at some functions performed by the ZT-16 Automatic Teabag Packaging Machine. These are:

Feeding: Dispenses tea leaves accurately into individual packaging compartments thus ensuring uniformity in each pack’s amount of tea used.

Sealing: Stops leakage while protecting contents from the air through the precise sealing process over the teabags.

Cutting: After sealing any excess material is cut off before it goes out into the market hence creating a good-looking package ready for distribution.

Labeling (Optional): Adds branding or informative labels on teabags hence making them attractive and viable products in their rights.

Packaging: This involves the collection and preparation of packed tea bags for storage or shipping thereby streamlining logistic operations

Benefits of ZT-16 Automatic Teabag Packaging Machine

What could be some advantages associated with investing in the ZT-16 Automatic Teabag Packaging Machine? These include:

Increased Efficiency: Producers can easily meet high demand by reducing labor requirements and production time by automating the packaging process,

Improved Product Quality: The quality of the overall product is increased because the machine guarantees consistency in all tea bags made by controlling parameters such as tea quantity and sealing temperature.

Cost Savings: Due to minimized wastage and efficient production, tea producers who use this machine reduce their operational costs and maximize their profits.

Enhanced Presentation: This makes the product more appealing to consumers and retailers due to clearly labeled or attractively packaged teabags.

Versatility: With its multi-size capabilities, tea packs can be made into different shapes thus enabling tea manufacturers to diversify their offerings

Streamlined Logistics: Packaging automation simplifies supply chain management; it eliminates bottlenecks allowing products to reach the market at the right time

Consistency and Reliability: Its precision control system together with a rugged construction ensures that it works all the time without any disruptions in production.

Most Commonly Asked Questions

1. What kind of teas can the ZT-16 Automatic Teabag Packaging Machine package?

The machine has the capacity for a wide range of loose-leaf teas including black, green, or herbal teas among others.

2. Is this applicable to small-scale tea producers?

This is why this equipment supports both big and small-scale tea producers escalating its application base.

3. Can it accommodate custom packaging designs?

Yes, the machine is capable of being configured to suit any type of custom packaging design including different shapes, sizes, and materials.

4. When is the machine serviced?

The maintenance schedule depends on how much the machine is used but it is however recommended that the machine be cleaned routinely and lubricated for optimal performance.

5. Does one need specialized training to operate this machine?

Although basic training should be undertaken to understand its operations, a user-friendly interface makes it workable for operators with diverse levels of skills.

6. Can this machine be accommodated in already-existing production lines?

Yes, indeed. It could further improve efficiency and productivity when fitted into existing production lines.

7. What safety measures are built into the system?

Some devices that ensure operators’ safety while handling it are interlocks, emergency off buttons, and protective guards integrated into this facility.

8. Can we get technical support services for this product?

We provide installation/training/technical support services after sales (as required).

9. For how long does a guarantee cover The Machine?

This warranty period will depend on who made it and what specific model it is typically ranges from 1-3 years

10. Is there an option for customization to fit specific production requirements?

Yes. To offer both flexibility and scalability, various optional accessories and features can be added to such equipment customizing them.