Small Sachets Powder Multi-Line Packing Machine

Introducing Qualipak’s Small Sachets Powder Multi-Line Packing Machine: A versatile solution for efficient packaging of powdered products. With its multi-line capability, this machine boosts productivity while maintaining accuracy and consistency. Streamline your packaging process and elevate your brand with Qualipak’s innovative technology.

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Specification Details
Machine Model Small Sachets Powder Multi-Line Packing Machine
Packaging Material Laminated Films, Paper, Aluminum Foil
Sachet Type 3-side seal, 4-side seal, or center seal
Filling System Auger Filler or Volumetric Cup Filler
Capacity Up to 60 sachets per minute (per line)
Number of Lines 4 (adjustable)
Powder Types Supported Various powders including spices, flour, coffee, etc.
Control System PLC Control System with Touchscreen Interface
Packaging Size Range Length: 30-150mm, Width: 25-120mm
Power Supply 220V/50Hz or 380V/60Hz (customizable)
Total Power Consumption 3.5 kW (approx.)
Machine Material Stainless Steel 304
Air Pressure Requirement 0.6 MPa (6 bar)
Weight 800 kg (approx.)
Dimensions (L x W x H) 1600mm x 1200mm x 1800mm (approx.)
Optional Features Date Coder, Batch Cutter, Nitrogen Flushing System, etc.
In today’s fast-paced world of manufacturing and consumerism, there exists a machine called the Small Sachets Powder Multi-Line Packing Machine that is cool. It takes the form of an advanced robot that neatly and swiftly packs powdery substances. Things like spice, cough powders, or even make-up. This machine is a breakthrough in powder packaging because it simplifies the process of packing powder and increases its accuracy. It has been adopted by several industries making life easier for businesses and clients alike. In this review, we will explore this fantastic equipment, its applications, operations as well as benefits to all parties concerned.

Working processes

Small Sachets Powder Multi-Line Packing Machine is run using varying processes which have been designed to enable better packaging of powdered substances such as: Product Feeding: Powdered products are dispensed into separate sachets via hoppers on the side of the machines or any other feeding system. Sachet Forming: The pouches or sealed bags are formed when flat sheets of material are transformed through mechanical or pneumatic actions. Filling: Each bag is filled with a specific amount of powder after they have been made so that precision may be achieved in terms of dose size and uniformity. Sealing: Depending on requirements for packaging materials and their types, filling closures with heat sealing, ultrasonic sealing, or zippering them by Small Sachets Powder Multi-Line Packaging Machines. Cutting: After being sealed, these packages are cut into different portions that can be consumed separately as single units. Coding and Marking: Modern designs also include coding systems that provide information such as expiry dates, lot numbers, and particular product instructions per every coverlet made in Small Sachets Powder Multi-line Packaging Machines.


This versatility enables the use of Small Sachets Powder Multi-Line Packing Machine in various industries including but not limited to: Food Industry: In the food production sector for instance seasoning packets, instant coffee mixes, powdered milk, and spices are some of the products that are packaged with this machine in the food industry. Pharmaceutical sector: The machines have also been used to pack various drugs like vitamins, and supplements among other powdered medications in accurate quantities. Chemical and Agricultural Industries: These types of powders can be safely packed into small sachets using this technique for example those used in fertilizers and pesticides as well as industrial chemicals. Cosmetics & Personal Care: Products such as powder make-ups, facemasks, and hair care formulations are being packed by these machines used in the cosmetics industry. Household and Cleaning Products: This machine is necessary for detergent powders, laundry additives, or any other related household cleaning products that need precise packaging.


Small Sachets Powder Multi-Line Packing Machine has numerous features making it ideal for diverse manufacturers. Some of its primary functions include: High-Speed Packaging: This equipment has very high speed due to automation that helps it to conduct fast packaging thus increasing production capacities by far. Precision Dosage: Measuring accurately as well as filling systems that are put into place ensures exact dosage of powdered products resulting in minimal wastages of materials and uniformity of quality. Flexibility: When it comes to product requirement specifications and branding preferences; various flexible packaging materials such as plastic films, laminates, or even aluminum foil may be applied to this device. Easy Operation and Maintenance: The device is easy to manage due to the user interface’s simplicity and the control panel’s ease of use, as well as durable construction and minimal maintenance. Hygienic Design: There are stainless steel-made models of the Small Sachets Powder Multi-Line Packing Machine which are designed according to sanitary principles to meet strict hygienic standards especially important for food and pharmaceutical industries.

Future Trends

As technology continues to advance, several trends are shaping the future of the Small Sachets Powder Multi-Line Packing Machine: Integration of Smart Technologies: Internet connectivity through IoT, data analytics, and remote monitoring features on these machines enable optimization of their performance and production metrics tracking thereby enabling manufacturers to predict maintenance needs. Sustainability Initiatives: With growing awareness of environmental issues there is a trend towards sustainable packaging solutions. Manufacturers are looking at biodegradable films, recyclable materials, or less waste in packaging form factor for these machines. Enhanced Automation: Packaging processes have become more automated with robotics and AI advancements that foster machine operations efficiency making it more reliable with high-level flexibility. Customization and Personalization: Consumer preferences for customized products are driving demand for packaging solutions that offer flexibility in design, size, and branding. Future machines may have technologies for on-demand printing as well as customizable packaging options in this regard.

Roles and Advantages

The Small Sachets Powder Multi-Line Packing Machine has many important roles in modern industrial practices which benefit both manufacturers and consumers greatly: Improved Efficiency: This machinery raises levels of efficiency by automating the packaging procedure resulting in increased production speeds hence higher productivity; thus reducing labor costs associated with production as well as time-to-market Enhanced Product Protection: Sealed sachets successfully protect powdered goods against moisture, oxygen, or any contaminants thus extending shelf life while maintaining quality all along. Cost Savings: This type of packing technology leads to precise dosing along with minimal material waste bringing about some savings on production costs thus contributing to the overall profitability of manufacturers. Convenience for Consumers: Individual sachets are convenient and portable, allowing consumers to easily portion and use powdered products without the need for additional measuring devices. Brand Differentiation: Manufacturers can make their products different in the market by having customizable packaging options hence increasing brand visibility and appealing to their customers. Compliance with Regulatory Standards: By ensuring that labels are accurate, dosage controlled and traceability is guaranteed, the machine helps manufacturers comply with regulatory standards about labeling, dosage control, and product traceability thus ensuring consumer safety as well as regulation compliance.


What is a Small Sachets Powder Multi-Line Packing Machine? A Small Sachets Powder Multi-Line Packing Machine is an elaborate piece of equipment designed to automate the packing procedures of powdered substances. This will efficiently dispense, measure, fill, seal cut individual sachets/packets containing powder items.   What types of products can be packaged using this machine? This machine has versatility such that it can package a wide variety of powdered products including seasonings like dry marinades or sauces; instant coffee; spices; pharmaceuticals such as powders medications and dietary supplements; chemicals used in agriculture or industry; cosmetic goods; personal care commodities including creams or lotions and detergents among others.   How does the machine ensure an accurate dosage of powdered products? It is equipped with measurement systems that have been designed to achieve precision filling into each sachet where there are exact measurements given on every bag filled. Consequently, minimal wastage occurs through dispensing just the right quantity required per time therefore guaranteeing uniformity in dose intake by patients across all available packages.   What types of packaging materials can be used with this machine? The machine, including aluminum foil, plastic films, and laminates, is compatible with various packaging materials. These can be selected by manufacturers in terms of product requirements, shelf life considerations, or branding preferences.   How simple is the machine to operate and service? Yes, many versions of Small Sachets Powder Multi-Line Packing Machine consist of a user-friendly interface and easy-to-use buttons. In addition, these machines are made of strong materials and require less maintenance hence they are reliable for a long time.   Can it accommodate different sizes and shapes of sachets? Product specifications as well as packaging requirements determine that the machine is highly adaptable to fit different sizes and shapes of sachets. Moreover, the size and shape can be customized to what a company wants using this machine.   What is its processing speed for packaging powdered products? Despite several factors like product viscosity, sachet size, and/or machine configuration which influence the speed of this machine; however, most models can attain high speeds thus enhancing production rates greatly.   Does it conform to hygiene standards and safety rules? Several models of Small Sachets Powder Multi-Line Packing Machines are purposely designed following hygiene measures as well as safety guidelines. Therefore they are constructed using stainless steel material incorporating sanitary design guidelines that meet all regulatory prescriptions thereby ensuring consumer protection as well as product safety.   Is it possible for the equipment to integrate with other machinery on the line? Yes, this device blends easily into an existing production line or can be linked with other related products such as filling stations labeling systems among others conveyor belts thus creating an entire packaging solution that suits specific manufacturing needs.   Why should one use this system in packing powder products? In summary, advantages accruing from the use of Small Sachets Powder Multi-Line Packing Machine include increased efficiency, precise dosage control due to reduced material wastage cost savings improved product protection better customer satisfaction brand differentiation opportunities meeting labeling regulations, and compliance with laws on traceability.