Two Heads Linear Weigher

This is Qualipak’s new Two Heads Linear Weigher! This high-speed weighing system will change the way you package products. It eliminates errors in product filling and ensures high quality at all times. Our company has always been a leader in technology innovation in the industry. The Two Heads Linear Weigher is your opportunity to move to excellence right now!
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Feature Specification
Model Qualipak Two Heads Linear Weigher
Weighing Capacity Customizable based on product and application
Accuracy ±0.1-0.5g (depending on product characteristics)
Speed Up to 80 weighings per minute
Power Supply 220V 50/60Hz
Power Consumption 0.8KW
Hopper Volume 1.3L
Display LCD touch screen
Material Stainless steel
Dimension (L×W×H) 950mm × 880mm × 950mm
Weight 180kg
Communication Interface RS232/RS485/USB/Ethernet
Language English (customizable upon request)

Understanding the Two Heads Linear Weigher

The Two Heads Linear Weigher is a sophisticated piece of equipment that has been designed to measure and dispense products accurately in packaging operations. It consists of two weighing heads that are mounted on a linear conveyor system, hence the name. Each weighing head has high-precision sensors and advanced software algorithms for accurate weight measurement of products.

How Does it Work?

The operation of the Two Heads Linear Weigher is quite simple but efficient. Products are fed into the system through either a hopper or conveyor belt, after which they are conveyed to the weighing heads. While at designated positions, each product is weighed by every head separately at once. The measured weights against set target values determine dispensing gate adjustments that would lead to correct fill levels.

Key Features

High Accuracy: The Two Heads Linear Weigher maintains the highest level of accuracy ensuring that a minimal margin for error exists when measuring and waiting for the product.

Fast Speed: The system works with dual weighing heads side-by-side thereby enhancing productivity, throughput, and speed.

Versatility: This technology can be used in various types of products such as dry goods, snacks, nuts, and grains among others.

Easy Integration: The Two Heads Linear Weigher fits seamlessly into existing packaging lines which makes it an economical option for producers.

User-Friendly Interface: Intuitive controls combined with a user-friendly interface make operation and maintenance easy and efficient.

Compact Design: Due to its compact size, this machine occupies less space within limited facilities.

Customizable Options: Manufacturers have many options when it comes to customizing these machines according to their needs such as different types of products packed together or different sizes of packages that they use while packing their products.

Reliability: This is a highly dependable technology built with strong materials and innovative designs.

Benefits of the Two Heads Linear Weigher

Improved Efficiency: By automating the weighing and dispensing process, labor costs can be significantly reduced while overall efficiency can be increased using the Two Heads Linear Weigher.

Enhanced Accuracy: Precise weight measurement ensures consistency in product quality and reduces costly giveaways.

Increased Productivity: It is fast and productive thereby increasing throughput and allowing manufacturers to meet growing demand without compromising on quality.

Versatile Application: The Two Heads Linear Weigher, therefore, caters to a wide range of products and industries including food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, and chemicals among others.

Cost Savings: This technology lowers costs by reducing such expenses as wastage of materials through process optimization over time.


The Two Heads Linear Weigher finds application across various industries, including:

Food and Beverage: Useful for determining the weight of snacks, nuts, candies, grains, dried goods, etc. before packaging them into small bags or packages.

Pharmaceuticals: Precision weighing solutions for powders, tablets, or capsules dosing accuracy among other pharmaceutical products using this machine.

Chemicals: Used in weighing out granules or powdered chemicals with pinpoint accuracy when dispensing them as required in industrial operations.

Cosmetics: This device is used to fill cosmetic powders along with creams and lotions in bottles/ jars/containers

Pet Food: Pet food can be accurately weighed with this equipment before bagging or filling into containers.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What types of products can be weighed using the Two Heads Linear Weigher?

The Two Heads Linear Weigher is versatile enough to weigh different kinds of items like dry goods, snacks; nuts; grains; pharmaceuticals; chemicals, etc…

How accurate is the Two Heads Linear Weigher?

It has an excellent accuracy level which means that consistent weights will be maintained throughout all measures taken.

Could the system be integrated into current packaging lines?

Certainly, the Two Heads Linear Weigher could be integrated easily into existing packing lines thus reducing downtime and interference in the production process.

Is the Two Heads Linear Weigher user-friendly?

Yes, the tool has an instinctive human interface and an easy-to-use control system; hence it’s simple to operate with efficiency.

What is the highest possible output of Two Heads Linear Weigher?

However, this depends on various factors such as product type, weight, or packaging requirements. It is however made to get maximum productivity out of them.

Can regular maintenance be done for Two heads of Linear Weighers?

However, like other machines of its kind, regular maintenance for optimal functioning and durability is necessary. In addition, it is engineered for reliability and hardiness resulting in the minimum need for frequent servicing.

Do two-headed linear weighers come with customized features that can accommodate different product sizes and packaging types/options?

Yes, manufacturers are free to customize this equipment according to specific needs including different product sizes, weights, and package formats.

How much space do two heads linear weighers need?

Nevertheless, the machine comes in a compact design making it ideal especially for small spaces. Nonetheless, specific configurations and customization options will determine the actual footprint.

Is there the ability to use Two-Heads Linear Weigher with hazardous materials or corrosives?

Nonetheless, this depends on how well such facilities have been designed and built hence manufacturers should liaise with their suppliers about their specifications compatibility considerations.

Can The Two Heads Linear Weigher Be Used With Other Packaging Equipment?

Yes, you can smoothly integrate the Two Heads Linear Weigher into your existing packaging line along with other machines like fillers, sealers, labeling devices, etc.