Four Head Linear Weigher

Do you want to streamline the process of packaging? Then, Qualipak’s Four Head Linear Weigher is the answer. This machine assures that your products are consistently portioned with precision accuracy and efficient speed. Use this new technology from Qualipak to maintain quality while maximizing productivity. Get better packaging efficiency today!
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Specification Description
Model Four-Head Linear Weigher
Number of Heads 4
Weighing Range 10g – 2000g (adjustable)
Accuracy ±0.5% – ±1% (depending on product)
Speed Up to 60 packs per minute (product dependent)
Power Supply 220V/50Hz or 110V/60Hz
Power Consumption 2.5KW
Air Pressure 0.6 – 0.8 MPa
Air Consumption 0.4m³/minute
Hopper Capacity 50L
Control System PLC control with a touchscreen interface
Material Stainless steel 304
Dimension (L×W×H) 1150mm × 1100mm × 1600mm
Weight 400kg
Optional Features Data logging, remote monitoring, reject system

Understanding the Four-Head Linear Weigher

The four-head linear weigher is an advanced, high-tech weighing and packaging system that helps to deliver precise measuring and packing for various products. It has four separate weighing heads situated linearly with each able to independently measure or dispense product into containers meant for packaging.

The main component of the Four Head Linear Weigher is advanced load cell technology that enables it to incredibly measure the weight of products. Load cells are sensors that register how objects move on them; this way, they are capable of giving highly accurate information about the weight. These figures in turn regulate the supply of products inside packing containers thereby ensuring uniform portion sizes with minimum variations.


Weighing Heads: These are fine measuring devices located at the center of the Four Head Linear Weigher, used for controlling product discharge during packaging.

Hopper: This is where the bulk supply of product is stored before it flows into measurement channels.

Conveyor Belt: This is used in the transportation of empty packages under weighing heads during the filling process.

Control Panel: An intuitive control panel allows operators to configure settings, monitor performance, and adjust parameters as needed.

Frame and Support Structure: The frame provides structural support for the weighing heads, hopper, conveyor belt, and other components, ensuring stability and reliability during operation.

How It Works

Product Feeding: Loading bulk products into a hopper compartment where they are distributed evenly while preparing for loading onto scales takes place.

Weighing Process: Whenever products pass through each scale in a line they get weighed so that they can be considered by using load cell technology which ensures accuracy in this case.

Dispensing – When a set weight value is achieved then balance starts dispensing the necessary amount of materials into packages moving below them along conveyor belts on which these containers stand being filled (weighed).

Packaging – After filling has finished bottles then should be closed/sealed and labeled so they can be transported to different places of distribution thus packaging is over.

Benefits of the Four-Head Linear Weigher

Accuracy: By utilizing sophisticated load cell technology and precise control algorithms, the four-head linear weigher gives correct measurements which prevent product wastage and makes sure that all the results are alike.

Efficiency: This automatic weighing and filling system has significantly upped production, reduced labor costs, and increased throughput

Versatility: The Four Head Linear Weigher can be used for a wide range of products including dry goods as well as frozen foods among others thereby making it one of the best solutions in terms of versatility for various packaging applications.

Space-Saving Design: The Four Head Linear Weigher occupies less space because its scales are located next to each other instead of stacking them separately.

Easy Integration: A four-head linear weigher is designed in such a way that it can be easily integrated into existing production lines; therefore, it can be quickly installed according to customer requirements.


The Four Head Linear Weigher crosses industries packing many varieties of items which include;

Food; snacks, nuts, grains, cereals, candies, frozen foods etc,

Pharmaceuticals tablets, capsules, pills powders and other pharmaceutical products,

Chemicals granules, powder, pellets, and other chemical substances,

Cosmetics lotions cream powders and other cosmetic products,

Hardware nails screws bolts nuts among other hardwares.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What types of products can the Four Head Linear Weigher handle?

Dry goods such as frozen food chemicals cosmetics pharmaceuticals or hardware fall within the List of any five types of item(s) that the four-head linear weigher handles.

The Four Head Linear Weigher utilizes new load cell technology to guarantee highly accurate weighing results with minimum variation and product giveaway.

Can the existing production line integrate the four-head linear weigher?

Yes, The Four Head Linear Weigher is developed in such a way that it can easily be integrated into existing production lines making them work without any friction hence saving time and realizing enhanced efficiency.

What is the maximum throughput of the Four Head Linear Weigher?

The four-head linear weigher has different factors affecting its speed like type of goods, and weight range among other things. The current machine however has the capability of producing at high speeds hence meeting demands set by modern packaging facilities.

How easy is it to clean and maintain the Four Head Linear Weigher?

The components of this system are accessible for servicing purposes hence it does not require much downtime when it comes to routine servicing.

Can the Four Head Linear Weigher accommodate different packaging container sizes?

Yes, depending on your preferences as an owner or user one can adjust the parameters of the machine which can then adapt to suit different container sizes thus offering flexibility in packaging options.

Does the Four Head Linear Weigher require specialized training to operate?

Although some basic training is required for one to operate this four-head linear weigher efficiently; its control panel being intuitive makes it simpler for operators to easily realize their goals about this device whilst also ensuring they can use it accordingly during their daily work shifts.

What safety features are integrated into the Four Head Linear Weigher?

To promote safe operation even in high-risk industrial environments, emergency stop buttons and guards have been fitted on this equipment as well as overload protection systems

Can we make changes on the 4-head linear weighers based on our specific production needs/requirements?

Yes, Further features and functionalities can be added on top of what is already available so that this four-head linear weigher meets specified manufacturing needs that will in turn ensure efficiency and topmost performances.

Is technical support available for the Four Head Linear Weigher?

Yes, Technical support and assistance are provided for the Four Head Linear Weigher such as installation services, troubleshooting, and maintenance to guarantee that it is operating without any problems hence ensuring maximum uptime.