8 Head 1.2L High-Speed Linear Weigher

Presenting the latest technology from Qualipak, a cutting-edge 8 Head 1.2L High-Speed Linear Weigher! Designed for maximum efficiency, it revolutionizes your packaging process with super-fast weight-measuring abilities. This will sanction productivity and accuracy that guarantees uniformity in results every single time. Raise your game with trusted innovations by Qualipak.
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Specification Details
Model 8 Head 1.2L
Weighing Capacity 1.2 liters
Number of Heads 8
Speed High-speed
Accuracy Precision-engineered
Control System Advanced control system
Material High-quality materials
Application Ideal for packaging operations
Brand Qualipak

Means of Operation Understanding

The 8 Head 1.2L High-Speed Linear Weigher is developed with the use of the linear weighing principle that assures precise measurement and fast working. The machine has eight individual weighing heads, each one with a load cell that weighs the product. These heads operate together to enable speedy and accurate weighing.

When the product gets into the hopper, it starts flowing through a chute down to a distribution system which spreads it evenly among the eight heads of weighers. As soon as the products reach the weighers, their weights are measured by load cells.

Later on, all these loads are interpreted by a refined control system from all eight weigher heads. This system finds out such weights’ combinations which would allow attaining the target weight for each package. Finally, the control mechanism commands an amount of product discharge device to release the required quantity on its conveyance line accompanied by packaging to ensure consistency and accuracy.

Parts Breakdown

Several constituent parts make up this high-speed linear weigher known as 8 Head 1.2L;

Hopper–  initially loaded with product.

Chute–  guides the product from Hopper into the distribution system.

Weighing Heads–  Individual units (eight) equipped with load cells used in weighing commodities.

Load Cells–  Sensors that convert the mass of the product into electric signals.

Distribution System–  Distributes evenly across weighers among other things like snacks or nuts for instance

Control System–  Data analysis tool at disposal for weight sensing unit and release gate

Discharge Mechanism–  Places aimed quantities when needed in the packing line

Each part is crucial to accomplishing an accurate and efficient weighing process.

Working Procedure

Several steps are followed during the operation of 8 Head 1.2L High-Speed Linear Weigher;

Product Loading: At this point, the operator places goods within the hopper’s funnel mouth

Weighing: To identify the product’s mass, it is run through a distribution system where eight weighers are installed.

Data Analysis: The weight data from the weighing heads is analyzed by the control system, and the optimal combination is determined.

Discharge: According to the required amount of material to be released into the packaging line, this function of establishing is done.

Repeat: The process continues in a continuous loop, ensuring a steady flow of accurately weighed products.

This automation ensures minimal downtime and maximum productivity, making it ideal for high-speed packing lines.


The 8 Head 1.2L High-Speed Linear Weigher is applicable across several sectors including:

Food and Beverage Industry – mainly concerned with snacks such as nuts or candies as well as frozen foods and fresh vegetables

Pharmaceuticals – used for accurate dosage measurements in packing medications or supplements

Chemicals: powdered or granulated substances employed in the chemical manufacturing industry can be measured here.

Hardware: This machine can be used to package small components and fasteners for accurate measurements hence saving time when doing it manually.

With its flexibility, it is considered valuable in any factory setup that depends on accuracy during weighing processes.


Among these are some main duties of 8 Head 1.2L High-Speed Linear Weigher;

Weighing: It has load cells that enable products to be weighed more accurately than ever before

Distribution: To acquire consistent results, the commodity is distributed evenly among all eight weighers’ heads

Calculation: As per above, weight values are evaluated and the most advantageous combinations are chosen to achieve the target mass value

Discharge: The release gate manages quantities supplied on the conveyance line to maintain preciseness on the same

These functions operate together smoothly to streamline the packaging process and keep track of product quality.


There are numerous benefits associated with the adoption of the 8 Head 1.2L High-Speed Linear Weigher including:

Increased Efficiency: This enables high-speed weighing and packaging thereby reducing production time and costs.

Accuracy: This ensures accurate measurement of product weight hence minimizing wastage as well as rework.

Versatility: It is suitable for a wide range of products making it flexible in changing production needs.

Automation: This reduces over-reliance on manual labor hence improving consistency and eliminating human error.

Quality Assurance: This maintains product quality and consistency thus enhancing customer satisfaction as well as brand reputation.

Therefore, manufacturers looking to optimize their packaging processes will find the 8 Head 1.2L High-Speed Linear Weigher an invaluable investment.


Within a manufacturing environment, the 8 Head 1.2L High-Speed Linear Weigher plays several important roles such as:

Weighing– Accurately measures the weight of products to comply with packaging standards and regulations.

Sorting– Divides products based on their weight enabling uniform batches to be packaged.

Integration–Links with packing machines conveyors among other devices creating a smooth production line.

Optimization– This minimizes product giveaways while maximizing throughput thus enhancing efficiency in packing

It is a must-have equipment for any modern factory due its the various roles it plays in its operations.


What is the maximum throughput of the 8 Head 1.2L High-Speed Linear Weigher?

Maximum throughput depends on factors such as product size and weight but can vary between 60-120 weighments per minute.

Can the 8 Head 1.2L High-Speed Linear Weigher handle fragile products?

Yes, it has gentle handling mechanisms that protect delicate products from damage during the weighing process.

How frequently does calibration of the 8 Head 1.2L High-Speed Linear Weigher take place?

Calibration needs may differ based on usage patterns and environmental factors but usually after every few months to maintain accuracy.

Is the 8 Head 1.2L High-Speed Linear Weigher easy to clean and maintain?

Yes, some parts have been made accessible for cleaning purposes and also user-friendly interfaces in that case.

Can the machine be integrated with other machines within an existing packaging line?

The machine can be integrated into existing production lines without disrupting workflow continuity.

Does the interface of this device support different languages?

This means that its interface can be customized for use in multiple languages making it easier to operate in diverse work environments.

What safety features are incorporated into the machine?

These include emergency stop buttons, safety interlocks, and guarding among others that ensure operator safety.

Can this equipment be used safely in hazardous environments?

It is possible to configure custom iterations of the machine for utilization in dangerous areas to comply with particular safety standards and regulations.

Is it possible for a 1.2L High-Speed Linear Weigher with 8 Heads to offer remote monitoring?

Some models may have a capacity of remote monitoring and diagnostics allowing real-time performance tracking and troubleshooting.

What kind of training is needed to run the 8 Head 1.2L High-Speed Linear Weigher?

Training requirements differ but usually involve instructions on how to operate the machine, and maintain it as well as safety measures that can be offered by its manufacturer or distributor.