Double head 1L turnover linear weigher equipment

Grab Qualipak’s Double Head 1L Turnover Linear Weigher Equipment for unsurpassed productivity and accuracy. Get rid of the inefficiency in your packaging process and ensure you have the right weight for your products. It is built to be reliable and perform well, making it an ideal solution for improving the performance of your production line. For unparalleled quality as well as innovation, move up with Qualipak.
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Specification Details
Model Double Head 1L Turnover Linear Weigher
Capacity Up to 1 liter per head
Number of Heads Two
Weighing Range 100g – 1000g per head (adjustable)
Accuracy ±0.1 – 0.5g (depending on product characteristics)
Speed Up to 80 packs per minute (per head)
Power Supply 220V, 50/60Hz
Power Consumption 1.5kW
Material Stainless steel construction
Display LCD touch screen
Control System PLC control
Hopper Capacity 15 liters per head
Dimensions (L x W x H) Customizable, depending on the configuration
Weight Approx. 300 kg
Certification CE Certified

Introduction to Double Head 1L Turnover Linear Weigher

Somehow, the Double Head 1L Turnover Linear Weigher of a machine is used in an exact determinative way for measuring and releasing diverse commodities for packaging. This implies that it has been designed with modern technology, which enhances its ability to measure accurately as well as pour precisely into the containers thus making it essential in food, pharmaceuticals, and chemicals among other industries.

Working Processes of Double Head 1L Turnover Linear Weigher

The working principle of the Double Head 1L Turnover Linear Weigher revolves around the use of two weighing heads operating in tandem. The product is fed into the machine’s hopper, where it is then evenly distributed onto the weighing trays. Load cells beneath each tray measure the weight of the product in real time, allowing the system to adjust and optimize the filling process automatically.

After this stage is achieved such that there is enough mass in the container below it discharges whatever has been put inside by using gravity so that it can fill up another one again because everything about this whole thing has been programmed into what still looks like a computer but controls this process till all products are weighed and packed.

Once the desired weight is reached, below this point, there will be a packaging container ready to receive some kind of products after they have been taken from those trays with their weight being measured at the same moment by load cells fixed under them through which information goes straight to control system hence immediately adj the ust volume of input or output materials accordingly before being filled.

Parts of Double Head 1L Turnover Linear Weigher

Hopper: The hopper serves as an entry point through which products are fed into a machine without disturbing how fast or slow one wants these things done.

Weighing Trays: These trays take care of uniformly putting down something somewhere so that the next step can be when the accurate level will finally show results.

Load Cells: Precision load cells measure the weight of the product on each tray, providing real-time feedback to the control system.

Discharge Chute: At this point weighing has been completed and therefore, products are passing through a chute into a packaging container.

Control Panel: This panel is located at the front of a machine for monitoring as well as adjustment purposes during its operation by whoever is in charge.

Operating Process of Double Head 1L Turnover Linear Weigher

Operating the Double Head 1L Turnover Linear Weigher is straightforward, thanks to its user-friendly interface. Operators can input parameters such as target weight, speed, and batch size via the control panel. Once the machine is set up, it can run continuously, automatically adjusting its operation to maintain accuracy and efficiency.

Henceforth you just require little or no special skills because everything has been simplified for that matter through an easy-to-use program that enables one to key some figures concerning how fast he or she wants it done including how much should be done at once whenever double head 1l turnover linear weigher becomes ready (one simply needs push button).

On top of that, there will never be any need for consumables while looking after such machines so every other day they have undergone cleaning (first) and calibration (second) hence contributing toward higher operational speeds along with minimized downtime thus achieving the best possible results.

Applications of Double Head 1L Turnover Linear Weigher

The versatility of the Double Head 1L Turnover Linear Weigher makes it suitable for a wide range of applications, including:

Food Packaging: Ideal for weighing and filling various food products such as grains, nuts, snacks, and confectionery.

Pharmaceutical Packaging: Ensures precise dosing of pharmaceutical powders, tablets, and capsules.

Chemical Packaging: Accurately measures and dispenses chemicals and powders for industrial and commercial use.

Agricultural Packaging: Facilitates the packaging of seeds, fertilizers, and other agricultural products.

Functions of Double Head 1L Turnover Linear Weigher

There are several main functions of the Double Head 1L Turnover Linear Weigher and these include:

Weighing: Accurately measures the weight of the product in real time.

Filling: Dispenses the measured product into packaging containers.

Sorting: Can sort products based on weight or other specified criteria.

Data Logging: Records production data for quality control and analysis.

Self-Calibration: Automatically calibrates to ensure accuracy and consistency.


Purchasing a Double Head 1L Turnover Linear Weigher brings multiple advantages to manufacturers including:

Increased Efficiency: Automates the weighing and filling process, reducing labor costs and cycle times.

Improved Accuracy: Precision load cells ensure consistent and accurate measurements, minimizing product waste.

Versatility: Can handle a wide range of products and packaging formats, offering flexibility for diverse production needs.

Quality Assurance: Ensures uniformity and consistency in product packaging, enhancing brand reputation.

Cost Savings: Reduces product giveaways and rework, leading to higher profitability over time.

Roles of Double Head 1L Turnover Linear Weigher

The Double Head 1L Turnover Linear Weigher plays various crucial roles in the manufacturing process:

Weighing and Filling: This makes sure that precise measurement takes place before dispensing products into packages.

Quality Assurance: This is for the inspection of product weight and consistency.

Production Optimization: By bringing automation to repetitive tasks this system ensures maximal efficiency and throughput.

Compliance: Helps manufacturers meet regulatory requirements for accurate product labeling and packaging.


Also, the Double Head 1L Turnover Linear Weigher has several advantages over traditional weighing and filling methods in terms of its specific benefits and roles

Speed: Enables higher production capacities due to high throughput rates achievable by the machine.

Precision: Minimizes errors in small quantities through exact measurements hence reducing product giveaway.

Dependability: Made from durable materials suitable for heavy-duty operations within demanding production environments

Adaptability: It can either be integrated into existing lines or customized according to the specifications.

Future-Proofing: This is built with advanced technology capable of scaling up as well as providing a long-term performance guarantee.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can the Double Head 1L Turnover Linear Weigher handle fragile products?

Yes, but it must be set right so that it does not break or damage such kinds of products in transit while being processed.

What is the maximum weight capacity of the machine?

In general, this depends on factors like how voluminous or dense is a particular item; thus, capacity should vary from some grams to kilograms based on actual situations.

How often does the machine require calibration?

Calibrations are recommended now and then but frequency depends on usage patterns among other factors affecting performance accuracy such as prevailing environmental conditions.

Is the machine easy to clean and maintain?

YES, it’s EASY TO CLEAN AND MAINTAIN, there are no complicated procedures involved during cleaning; hence the operator can do it easily without any help.

Can the machine handle multiple products simultaneously?

Yes, one can adjust it to match with different kinds of products thereby allowing handling of varied ranges simultaneously.

Can the machine be integrated with existing packaging equipment?

Yes, so that more automation features are brought into the production line and efficiency is achieved due to faster working speed.

What safety features does the machine have?

The machine is operated safely since it has relevant safety guards, and emergency stop buttons among others which ensures that operators’ lives are not endangered at any time they use it.

How does the machine handle product variations in size and shape?

The way this filling and packing system handles filling takes care of all product size or shape differences as long as these have been set correctly into its program at start-up; hence maintaining uniformity in content regardless of such specifications.

Can the machine be operated remotely?

Some are remotely operated for instance some versions may support remote monitoring or control for added convenience.

What is the typical return on investment (ROI) for the Double Head 1L Turnover Linear Weigher?

Different factors like product value or labor costs alongside volume of production influence ROI; Nevertheless, many businesses achieve significant returns within a short period.