ZVF-260 Vertical Form Fill Seal Machine

The ZVF-260 Vertical Form Fill Seal Machine by Qualipak is here. This advanced invention packages your products accurately and fast. It is designed for bags of different sizes and types, to guarantee the best packaging results for your merchandise. For elevated packaging services, go for Qualipak’s ZVF-260.
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Feature Specification
Machine Type Vertical Form Fill Seal (VFFS)
Model ZVF-260
Bag Width Range 80mm – 260mm (3.15″ – 10.24″)
Bag Length Range 100mm – 350mm (3.94″ – 13.78″)
Film Width Max. 520mm (20.47″)
Film Thickness 0.04mm – 0.12mm (40 – 120 microns)
Packing Speed Up to 80 bags per minute (Depending on product)
Power Supply 220V, 50Hz/60Hz, 3.0KW
Air Pressure 0.6MPa (6 Bar)
Machine Weight Approx. 550kg (1212 lbs)
Overall Dimensions (LxWxH) 1400mm x 1100mm x 1700mm (55.12″ x 43.31″ x 66.93″)
Control System PLC control, Touchscreen interface
Material Stainless Steel (SUS304)
Optional Accessories Date printer, Hole punch device, Gas flushing system, etc.

Introduction to the ZVF-260 Vertical Form Fill Seal Machine

The ZVF-260 vertical form fill seal machine is a modern packaging system that helps in the efficient and effective packaging of various products. It integrates forming, filling, and sealing functions into a single automated process thus enhancing productivity while reducing manual intervention.

Sealing Processes of the ZVF-260

The sealing processes of ZVF-260 are carefully designed to ensure perfect seal performance. This machine employs a range of sealing techniques depending on the specific requirements of the packaged product:

Heat Sealing: The most common method this device utilizes for sealing its packages is heat sealing, where heat is applied to thermoplastic packaging materials resulting in a secure seal. This process is suitable for packaging applications where there is a need for an airtight seal to preserve the freshness and integrity of foodstuffs.

Ultrasonic Sealing: In some applications where product or packaging material may not tolerate heat, ZVF-260 can also perform ultrasonic sealing instead. To obtain an air-tight hermetic seal without using any heat, this technique uses high-frequency ultrasonic vibrations to bond together layers of packing materials.

Cold Sealing: When working with temperature-sensitive products or materials, cold sealing can be done by utilizing the ZVF-260. Cold-sealed items are produced without warming up pressure-sensitive adhesives or tapes to protect their content against any adverse effects that might arise from the packaging process.

Applications of the ZVF-260 Vertical Form Fill Seal Machine

The versatility of the ZVF-260 makes it suitable for a diverse range of packaging applications across various industries. Some common applications include:

Food Packaging: Foods like snacks, confectionery grains coffee frozen foods, etc., are always packed using ZVF – 260 machines widely known in the food industry. Hermetics guarantees longer shelf life as well as freshness properties among other things that make them important.

Pharmaceutical Packaging: In the pharmaceutical industry, tablets, capsules, powders, and other medical products are packaged using the ZVF-260. Its sanitary design and precise sealing capabilities meet the stringent requirements of pharmaceutical packaging.

Cosmetics Packaging: Creams, lotions, gels, and powders are some of the cosmetic products that can be efficiently packed by employing the ZVF-260. It is also designed to accommodate a variety of packaging materials and sizes used in the cosmetics industry.

Industrial and Hardware Packaging: The ZVF-260 is also used for packing industrial components, hardware items, and automobile parts. This machine is built strongly enough to package a wide range of products with different packaging specifications as per their customers’ needs.

How to Operate the ZVF-260 Vertical Form Fill Seal Machine

Operating this machine is an easy process due to its user-friendly interface as well as intuitive controls hence making it possible for even operators who have never come across such devices before to use them. Here are some basic steps in operating such equipment:

Setup: Adjust machine settings such as bag length, sealing temperature, Filling volume, etc., to fit specific product packaging requirements.

Loading: Mount roll of packing material on film unwind shaft of machine and thread through forming section into seal section of machine.

Product Feeding: Manually feed it into a filling tube or hopper if you have manual filling or automatically feed it depending on what you’re packaging.

Operation: Start-up the device and monitor formation filling and then sealing events during which adjustments may be made for better performance

Quality control: Inspect the sealed packages regularly to ensure they satisfy seal integrity, look and weigh standards.

Maintenance: Carry out routine maintenance activities such as cleaning, lubrication, and inspection to keep the machine in good performance.

Troubleshooting: In case of any breakdowns or problems, refer to the equipment’s user manual for troubleshooting instructions or seek technical support.

Benefits of the ZVF-260 Vertical Form Fill Seal Machine

The ZVF-260 Vertical Form Fill Seal Machine has many advantages that make it a popular choice among packaging companies:

High Efficiency: The ZVF-260 combines different packaging functions into a single automated process thus enhancing production effectiveness and reducing labor costs.

Versatility: It can handle various packaging materials, sizes, and product types hence applicable in different industries.

Consistent Seal Quality: The ZVF-260 guarantees uniform seals, minimizing chances of spoilage by ensuring that the container cannot be contaminated or tampered with leading to leakage.

Customization: With customizable settings and features, specific preferences for packing styles are allowed by this model number ZVF-260.

Space-saving Design: This design occupies little space on the floor plan due to its compactness and its being built vertically which makes it ideal for small workspace environments in manufacturing facilities.

Cost-effectiveness: Despite its advanced capabilities, the ZVF-260 offers a cost-effective packaging solution with a moderate total cost of ownership over its lifetime.

Enhanced Product Presentation: The machine’s precise forming and sealing processes result in highly attractive well-packaged products that enhance brand image and consumer satisfaction levels.

Roles and Advantages of the ZVF-260 Vertical Form Fill Seal Machine

The key roles played by the ZVF-260 Vertical Form Fill Seal Machine during packaging come with several benefits attached:

Forming: To produce bags that are alike in shape and appearance thus creating uniformity across all the packages formed by such machinery.

Filling: Ensuring minimal wastage of products, by filling the bags formed with accurate amounts as specified resulting in product consistency.

Sealing: The ZVF-260 seals the filled bags tightly, thus preventing access to contaminants, leaks, or tampering required for their maintenance and freshness.

Labeling and Coding: Some models of the ZVF-260 can be equipped with optional labeling and coding systems to apply direct product labels or date codes onto the packages thus simplifying further this operation in packaging.

Batching and Counting: The more advanced versions of the ZVF-260 could offer batching and counting capabilities that would allow one to control very precise quantities of a particular product going into it on each occasion.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What types of packaging materials can be used with the ZVF-260?

It is possible to use a variety of packing materials including polyethylene, and polypropylene laminates among others on ZVF-260 machines.

Can different bag sizes fit into the ZVF-260?

Yes, it is possible since forming/sealing adjustments are available and also be customized through settings.

Is the ZVF-260 suitable for packaging perishable food items?

Of course yes. Airtight seals are achieved when using this brand because it can package perishable foods and hence give them longer shelf life ensuring they remain fresh.

How long does it take to set up and calibrate the ZVF-260?

It takes some time depending on certain factors such as product requirements and operator experience but typically takes a short period before finalizing everything.

Does the ZVF 260 require regular maintenance?

Oh yes, just like any other industrial machine, the ZVF-260 requires regular maintenance to ensure its optimal operation and durability. Regular duties like cleaning, greasing, and inspecting are recommended.

Is it possible to fit the ZVF-260 into an existing production line?

Yes, the ZVF-260 is adaptable to different production line designs and can be easily inserted in running workflows with minimal interruptions.

What safety features does the ZVF-260 offer?

The ZVF-260 comes equipped with multiple security aspects such as emergency stop buttons, safety guards as well as sensors aimed at ensuring staff’s well-being and averting accidents.

Can it handle liquid products?

Yes, optional liquid filling systems can be fitted on the ZVF-260 which will allow for the processing of items such as sauces, oils, and drinks.

Is there any training provided for people who want to operate this machine?

Yes, most manufacturers or authorized dealers offer training programs that help operators become proficient in using the device safely and efficiently.

What kind of warranty is offered on a purchase of this equipment?

Warranty conditions vary from producer to producer. However, usually, a standard warranty period is included in the purchase price with options for extended coverage.