ZVF-350 Intermittent Motion Vertical Packaging Machine

When it comes to efficient packaging, there is no better choice than the ZVF-350 Intermittent Motion Vertical Packaging Machine from Qualipak. It is the right tool for many industries due to its accurate control, versatile packing methods, and dependable output. Increase your output by employing this machine that has a well-developed interface and strong construction materials. Our packaging solutions are simply unbeatable since they are customized specifically for you by Qualipak.
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Specification Details
Model ZVF-350
Packaging Type Vertical
Motion Type Intermittent
Maximum Film Width 350 mm
Bag Length Range 80 – 400 mm
Bag Width Range 50 – 175 mm
Film Roll Diameter Max. 320 mm
Packaging Speed Up to 60 bags per minute
Power Supply 220V, 50Hz or customized
Power Consumption 2.2 kW
Air Pressure 0.6 MPa
Air Consumption 0.4 m³/min
Machine Weight Approx. 550 kg
Overall Dimensions (LxWxH) 1200 x 900 x 2150 mm (may vary based on options)
Control System PLC control with touchscreen interface
Material Stainless steel SUS304
Optional Features Nitrogen flushing, date coder, hole puncher, etc.

Introduction for ZVF-350 Intermittent Motion Vertical Packaging Machine

ZVF-350 Intermittent Motion Vertical Packaging Machine is a modern packaging solution, which enhances packaging in the manufacturing industry. It amalgamates sophisticated technology with precision engineering to optimize speed, accuracy, and dependability.

Working Process of ZVF-350

The working process of the ZVF-350 can be broken up into several key stages:

Product Feeding: The first step is feeding products into the machine. They are loaded manually or automatically depending on the system or application.

Bag Forming: Afterward, bags are made out of rolls of packaging materials mostly plastic paper or aluminum foils.

Filling: Thereafter bags are filled with the required amount of product. This process is adjustable to meet different sizes and weight of products.

Sealing: Once filled, the bags are sealed for freshness purposes and leak prevention; it could either use heat sealing, ultrasonic sealing, or other ways depending on what type of material one uses to pack their products as well as its nature.

Cutting: Once you have sealed your bags you will have to cut them from this roll before going ahead to package your goods with uniformity bag size and shapes in mind.

Packaging: All packed goods will finally come out through the machine ready for distribution or any other subsequent processing stages that may be deemed necessary.

Applications of ZVF-350

ZVF-350 Intermittent Motion Vertical Packaging Machine has various applications across different industries such as:

a) Food Industry: The ZVF-350 can package a variety of food items ranging from snacks and confectionaries to grains and spices effectively.

b) Pharmaceutical Industry: In this area, pill capsules powder among others can be wrapped precisely while maintaining hygiene using this machine.

c) Cosmetics and Personal Care: Shampoos, lotions, and creams are examples of beauty and personal care products that can be easily packaged using ZVF-350 without compromising their quality.

d) Hardware and Electronics: Precisely, this machine is employed in the packaging of hardware components and industrial products including electronic devices.

e) Agriculture: The ZVF-350 is used in agriculture to package seeds, fertilizers, pesticides, etc securely and efficiently.

Using Methods of ZVF-350

ZVF-350 Intermittent Motion Vertical Packaging Machine has diverse utilizing methods thereby allowing a person to customize them depending on the specific packaging requirements:

Programmed Settings: Hence users can program the machine according to bag size; and filling quantity among other adjustments like sealing temperature or cutting speed that suits their products perfectly.

User-Friendly Interface: Consequently, this machine has a user-friendly interface through which operators can conveniently monitor and operate it thus reducing the need for extensive training.

Remote Control and Monitoring: Some versions of ZVF 350 could enable remote control and monitoring to improve convenience as well as efficiency by allowing an operator to observe the process of packing items from a distance.

Functions of ZVF-350

The ZVF-350 Intermittent Motion Vertical Packaging Machine is equipped with advanced functions that contribute to its efficiency as well as versatility:

Automatic Bag Forming: By automatically forming bags from a roll of packaging material, human intervention is minimized while productivity gets maximized with minimum manual inputting required.

Precise Filling: To avoid wastages due to incorrect dosing or unevenness of the product in the package, these machines have been fitted with accurate filling mechanisms therefore guaranteeing consistent packaging.

Multiple Sealing Options: As per the packaging material and product requirements, the machine has a variety of sealing options such as heat sealing, and ultrasonic sealing among others.

Adjustable Parameters: Users can optimize the packaging process for different products by adjusting filling speed, sealing temperature, and cutting length among other parameters.

Fault Detection and Alarm: Faults like improper sealing or low product levels are detected by sensors and detectors installed in the machine leading to alarms to inform operators and prevent packaging errors.

Benefits of ZVF-350

There are numerous benefits that manufacturers gain from ZVF-350 Intermittent Motion Vertical Packaging Machine such as:

Increased Efficiency: In terms of production, the machine enhances efficiency through automation hence reducing labor costs as well as cycle times

Improved Product Quality: Through precise filling and sealing the machine ensures consistently high-quality packaged products that meet stringent standards.

Versatility: The ZVF-350 can handle a wide range of products across various industries thus making it very versatile thereby being an important component for businesses with diversified product lines.

Cost-Effectiveness: Despite its advanced features, The ZVF-350 machine is reasonably priced hence producing enough profit in the long run compared to its productivity level or packaging waste reduction.

Hygiene and Safety: The design of this machine allows it to conform to strict hygiene guidelines while ensuring packaged product’s integrity and safety especially when used in food processing plants and pharmaceutical companies.

Roles of ZVF-350 in Packaging Industry

The following are some important roles played by the ZVF-350 Intermittent Motion Vertical packaging Machine in the packing industry:

Enhancing Productivity: By automating their packaging processes, they improve their productivity which enables them to match up with rising demands.

Ensuring Quality Control: Precise dosing and sealing capabilities enable strict quality control efforts using this machine hence minimizing packaging errors and wastage of products.

Facilitating Innovation: The ZVF-350 is a versatile machine with customizable features that promote innovative packaging design across various industries thus enabling manufacturers to keep up with the changing market trends.

Promoting Sustainability: It helps in optimizing packaging materials while reducing waste, which promotes sustainable packaging practices in line with global efforts towards environmental preservation.

Driving Competitiveness: In a market that gets more competitive by the day, the ZVF-350 rewards businesses for their streamlined packaging operations with high-quality finished items ready for market consumption.

Most FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What types of products can be packaged using the ZVF-350?

The versatility of ZVF 350 enables it to handle foodstuffs, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, hardware items as well as agricultural products among other things.

Is the ZVF-350 suitable for small-scale as well as large-scale production?

Yes, because it has customizable settings and adjustable parameters, the ZVF-350 is ideal for both small and big-scale methods of production.

Can the ZVF-350 handle different types of packaging materials?

As such, plastic materials like polyethylene film; paper; aluminum foil, and laminated films are some examples of what this machine handles due to its adaptability to various product requirements.

How easy is it to change settings and adjust parameters on the ZVF-350?

Additionally, user user-friendly screen makes it simple to adjust settings or alter various parameters so all this can be done within a short period unlike when there could have been downtime since time could have been wasted setting up again.

Does the ZVF-350 require regular maintenance?

Maintaining optimal operation conditions requires regularly servicing all machinery including this one which, however, can be easily done by operators.

Is it possible to integrate the ZVF-350 with existing production lines?

A6. Yes, the ZVF-350 can be easily integrated into existing production lines for cost-effective ways of improving packaging capabilities.

Does the ZVF-350 offer any options for custom packaging designs?

Yes, the ZVF-350 offers choices for custom packaging design, thereby allowing businesses to develop distinctive and attention-grabbing packs.

What safety features does the ZVF-350 have?

The incorporation of several safety measures such as sensors, emergency stop buttons, and safety guards is carried out in the VFZ-350 to enhance operator security and prevent accidents.

Can I use a remote control on my ZVF 350?

Some versions of the VZF 350 may provide a remote controller option which helps in monitoring as well as controlling from different locations depending on the model.

What is usually considered as life expectancy of an Intermittent Motion Vertical Packaging Machine type ZVF 350?

If given proper maintenance and care, a good lifespan could be that of some years; this means consistent performance and high return on investment (ROI) are attainable by using this machine type;