ZVF-375 Vertical Form Fill & Seal Machine

Want to make your packaging process more efficient? Choose Qualipak’s ZVF-375 Vertical Form Fill & Seal Machine. It makes packs, and seals your products in such a way that assures high quality and a good image. Take your packaging a notch higher with Qualipak’s modern solution.
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Parameter Specification
Model ZVF-375
Machine Type Vertical Form Fill & Seal (VFFS)
Bag Types Pillow, Gusseted, Flat Bottom, Quad Seal
Film Width Up to 375mm (14.76 inches)
Bag Length 50mm – 400mm (1.97 inches – 15.75 inches)
Speed Up to 80 bags per minute
Control System PLC with touchscreen HMI
Material of Construction Stainless Steel AISI 304
Power Supply 220V, 50/60Hz, 1 phase or 3 phase
Air Pressure 0.6MPa (6 bar)
Air Consumption 0.4m³/min (14.1 CFM) at 0.6MPa (6 bar)
Machine Weight Approximately 700kg (1543 lbs)
Dimensions (LxWxH) 1300mm x 1600mm x 1700mm (51.18″ x 62.99″ x 66.93″)

Introduction to the ZVF-375 Vertical Form Fill & Seal Machine

The ZVF-375 VFFS Machine is an important technology in modern packaging. With precision engineering and advanced automation, this machine organizes the process of packing from bag formation, to product filling and secure sealing it. Its vertical configuration ensures optimized floor use thus making it ideal for limited spaces occupied by facilities.

How Does the ZVF-375 Work?

Several key stages define the operation of the ZVF-375:

a) Film feeding: The equipment begins with unwinding a roll of film that will be used as packaging material to form bags. The film is then fed downward through rollers and tension control systems to ensure smooth and even feeding.

b) Bag forming: This entails passing down the film through several sets of forming tubes or collars which are designed to give it a particular bag shape if desired. The sizes of these bags are determined by specifications set in the machine’s control system.

c) Product filling: When fully formed, bags move away from the forming station into the filling station where they are filled with products. Depending on its application, different fill mechanisms may be applied like volumetric fillers, auger fillers, or multi-head weighers among others. Because it can accommodate various filling methods, including solids, liquids powders, and granules thus can work well with numerous types of products.

d) Sealing: To avoid leaking and contaminating packed items after filling up has been done with them, every bag proceeds to the sealing area where an assured seal is put across. Heat sealing or ultrasonic sealing are the common types employed depending on the type of packaging material in question. Temperature control systems that operate at a high level of accuracy so as not to impair item quality during closing processes have been put in place.

e) Cutting And Discharge: Once sealed, cut from continuous film roll happens followed by discharge as they exit the machine ready for further handling and distribution. A cutting mechanism, therefore ensures accurate and clean cuts that lead to well-finished packages.

Filling and Sealing Process

The filling process, as well as sealing, is efficient and precise on the ZVF-375. Each stage is examined in detail below:

a) Filling

Versatile filling options available include volumetric, auger, and weigher-based systems with the ZVF-375.

Volumetric fillers work best for consistent products like grains while powders and granules are excellently handled by auger fillers.

Weigher-based systems guarantee exact filling through dynamic adjustment of fill amount concerning weight.

b) Sealing

Advanced heat sealing or ultrasonic sealing technology is used in the sealing mechanism of the ZVF-375.

Heat sealing involves regulated applications of controlled heat that cause the packaging material to melt together thereby creating a tight seal.

Ultrasonic bonding depends on ultrasonic vibrations which weld package materials together consequently imparting advantages like quick closure time thus minimizing energy consumption.

Applications of the ZVF-375

The flexibility of the ZVF-375 means it can be used in numerous industries such as;

a) Food Industry

Packaging snacks, confectionery, frozen foods as well as fresh produce.

Food safety via seal integrity which extends shelf life.

b) Pharmaceutical Industry

Packaging pills, tablets, capsules including other pharmaceutical items.

Adheres to hygiene/safety requirements dictated by regulation.

c) Chemical Industry

Packaging powders, granules including liquids meant for industrial or household chemicals.

Seal resistance towards leakage or contamination.

d) Cosmetics Industry

Packaging creams, lotion gels among other beauty products.

Attractive appearance due to customization of packing designs.

Seed, fertilizer, pesticide, and agricultural produce packaging.

Strong package to withstand harsh environmental conditions.

Using Methods and Functions

The ZVF-375 has an easy-to-use interface as well as many other functions that can cater to different types of packing needs:Touch Screen Interface: This allows operators to set parameters, check the status of operation, and make adjustments easily.

Programmable Logic Controller (PLC): The PLC is used to provide consistent control during packaging hence maintaining reliability and consistency.

Multiple Filling Options: Different fill methods are available for use on this machine since it can handle various products.

Quick Changeover: Rapid changeover means less downtime between packages with tool-free mechanisms for changing and adjusting to different sizes and formats.

Integrated Quality Control: Monitoring systems with built-in sensors detect any defects or abnormalities in the process of making a package by checking its quality during manufacture.

Roles and Significance in the Packaging Industry

The ZVF-375 plays an important part in the packaging industry through the provision of;

Efficiency: Smoother packaging processes help cut down on production duration, and labor costs thus raising overall efficiency levels.

Versatility: It can deal with diverse kinds of goods or packaging options which make it a flexible solution for many industries.

Quality Assurance: Precise filling, sealing, and cutting elements result in uniformity in producing packages thereby ensuring quality is maintained within them.

Compliance: Adhering to standards imposed by authorities within their given field makes companies ensure safety requirements regarding products are met.

Innovation: Consequently, the ZVF-375 leads all these innovations through technology development while designing, which promotes industrial standards advancement forward during packaging operations.

Most Commonly Asked Questions

What Kind Of Products Can Be Packaged In The Zvf-375?

It can be utilized to package a variety of items including solids, liquids, powders, granules, etc. In addition to that versatility of this equipment makes it suitable for different segments: food industry, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, cosmetics, and agriculture.

Can Zvf-375 Be Used For Small-Scale Production?

Yes, the ZVF-375 could be used either on small or large-scale productions. Due to its modular design and flexible configuration options, it fits businesses of all sizes.

How Does The Zvf-375 Ensure Packaging Quality?

With the help of modern sensors together with monitoring devices in place as well as quality control measures defects are identified and packaging quality is maintained throughout. To ensure product integrity accurate filling, sealing, and cutting processes are achieved.

Can The Zvf-375 Handle Customized Packaging Designs?

It can offer customizable packaging designs such as different sizes or shapes of bags or any other printing features. This also allows businesses to come up with their own branded packages depending on marketing needs through a flexible layout.

What Are The Advantages Of Ultrasonic Sealing Over Heat Sealing?

In comparison with the traditional heat sealing methods ultrasonic sealing ensures faster times during the process of achieving tight seals that are much stronger due to reduced energy consumption. When working with materials sensitive to high temperatures such as hermetic sealant is preferred thereby making it more relevant in this case.

Does The Zvf-375 Require Extensive Maintenance?

To maintain reliability and ease maintenance operations were required during the development of the machine. The machine can also undergo regular preventive maintenance like cleaning and lubrication thus ensuring optimal performance and longevity as well. Furthermore, the presence of diagnostics minimizes downtime by making troubleshooting easy.

Can The Zvf-375 Accommodate Various Types Of Packaging Materials With Different Properties?

The IVF – 375 can work with a range of packing stuff including polyethylene polypropylene laminates etc. It has adjustable sealing parameters which make it possible for utilization of various fillers hence adapting it for use with different types of materials and their thicknesses.

What Safety Features Are Incorporated In The Zvf-375?

There are many safety features on the ZVF-375, such as emergency stop buttons, interlocking safety guards, and overload protection systems that ensure the operator is safe during its operation. It also meets relevant safety standards and regulations.

Is there training to operate the ZVF-375?

Yes, manufacturers or distributors usually offer extensive training to make users feel at home with the operations of ZVF-375, its maintenance procedures as well as troubleshooting it. This way, employees gain more competence in their professional tasks thus providing a safer workplace.

Can I integrate my production line with ZVF-375?

Surely, this appliance can be easily inserted into any existing production line. It has a small area covered and flexible parameters which enable it to be conveniently put together as well as installed alongside other filling machines, packaging equipment, or conveyors.