ZVF-350B Automatic Vertical Packaging Machine

We are pleased to introduce our clients to Qualipak’s latest ZVF-350B Automatic Vertical Packaging Machine! This machine allows you to streamline your packaging process, and increase accuracy and efficiency. Many companies resort to this cutting-edge technology to achieve repeatable results at the highest possible speed and within a wide range of packaging alternatives. You will effortlessly be able to increase production rates while still maintaining quality levels. Move up a notch in your packaging with the state-of-the-art solution from Qualipak that we have for you.
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Parameter Specification
Model ZVF-350B
Packaging Speed 20-50 bags/min
Bag Length 50-300mm (adjustable)
Bag Width 80-200mm (adjustable)
Film Width ≤ 420mm
Packing Material Composite film, aluminum foil film, etc.
Sealing Type Pillow seal
Power Supply AC220V/50Hz/2.2kW
Machine Dimensions (LxWxH) 1150x1795x1650mm
Machine Weight 450kg
Control System PLC control
Touch Screen 7-inch color touch screen
Packaging Material Thickness 0.04-0.08mm
Air Consumption 0.6MPa 0.5m³/min
Optional Equipment Date printer, nitrogen flushing device, etc.
Application Suitable for packaging various solid items
such as food, hardware, electronics, etc.

Introduction to ZVF-350B Fully-automatic Vertical Packaging Machine

Time is of the essence in manufacturing and you have to be efficient to compete. That’s where the ZVF-350B Automatic Vertical Packaging Machine comes in, a technological marvel that is designed to reshape how packaging is done. This state-of-the-art machine epitomizes accuracy, durability, and flexibility as it provides an all-inclusive packaging solution for businesses.

The ZVF-350B uses advanced automation technology that enhances efficiency at every stage of product packaging like no other system. It ensures consistency and accuracy from product feeding up to final discharge, which makes sure maximum throughput is achieved whilst producing a minimum amount of waste. For instance, its versatility and friendly user interface make it adaptable for use in different products as well as a variety of packaging forms thus helping meet diverse demands from industries such as food processing, and cosmetics manufacturing companies among others.

With its multiple material handling capability, precise filling functions, as well as extra features such as nitrogen purging or date coding units; the ZVF-350B will take packing operations to another level. In this article, we shall explore various aspects of this impressive machine by going into detail on its functions, applications, and significance in modern manufacturing processes.

How It Works

ZVF-350B Automatic Vertical Packaging Machine works based on sophisticated principles of automation that facilitate accuracy and efficiency throughout the entire process of packaging. Here’s how it works:

Product Feeding: At first, products being packed are brought onto the machine for this purpose such as grains powders liquids, or solid materials.

Film Unwinding: Simultaneously with the previous step actual packing film usually made using polyethylene polypropylene laminates among others is taken off a roll.

Film Forming and Sealing: The film rolls into a tube shape while the bottom gets sealed to form pouches. Into these pouches, the product gets dispensed.

Filling: Accurate quantities of the product are introduced into the pouch. This is adjustable and it depends on what weight or volume one wants.

Sealing and Cutting: The top part of the packing is sealed, and then the excessive film gets cut off thereby creating a well-sealed package.

Optional Additional Processes: There could also be extra procedures such as nitrogen flushing, date coding, or labeling that can be included in the machine depending upon the specific model and set-up.

Final Product Discharge: Finally, finished packages – all sealed – are discharged from this mechanism to transport lines for distribution purposes.

Packaging Process of ZVF-350B Fully-automatic Vertical Packaging Machine

The packaging process facilitated by the ZVF-350B Automatic Vertical Packaging Machine is highly efficient and precise. Each package is hermetically sealed so that its contents are not compromised after they are packed in. These steps usually feature in this process:

Product Loading: Products intended for packaging are put into the loading system of this machine either manually or through automatic feeding methods.

Film Unwinding and Forming: Films used in packaging pass through the unwinding stage whereby they come out of their rolls before transforming into tubes with their bottoms being sealed off to create bags.

Product Filling: Into these created pouches, products get filled. It doesn’t matter if it is done based on weights volumes or numbers; the machine will still fill accurately.

Sealing and Cutting: After filling them up, pouches are made air-tight by sealing at the top ends while excess films get trimmed. This way, whatever has been packed remains intact without fear of spoiling it.

Optional Additional Processes: In addition to what has already been stated above about nitrogen purging for maintaining food freshness date coding which supports traceability branding labels amongst other things may as well be integrated hence making it optional for example based on particular type/make/version/configuration of the unit concerned during final stages of packaging operations.

Quality Control: The machine may have sensors and quality control mechanisms that it uses to ensure every package is of a certain standard.

Discharge and Packaging: After production, the final packages are saved from the machine and can be packed into larger containers or directly distributed to customers.

Applications of ZVF-350B Fully-automatic Vertical Packaging Machine

The ZVF-350B Automatic Vertical Packaging Machine is versatile enough to be used in many industries. Some key sectors where this machine is widely used include the following:

Food Industry: From snacks, cereals, and confectionery items to frozen foods and fresh produce, ZVF-350B covers all aspects of the food industry.

Pharmaceuticals: In the medical sector, it ensures the safe packaging of tablets, capsules, and powders among other medicines

Cosmetics and Personal Care: Several beauty care creams lotions shampoos gels etc. can be efficiently packaged using this machine while at the same time maintaining product quality and consistency.

Chemicals & Industrial Products: Chemicals/Detergents/Fertilizers/Other industrial products require sturdy packaging solutions which this model offers with accuracy as well as dependability.

Hardware & Electronics: Even delicate items like electronic components hardware small appliances can also be safely packaged using this machine thus protecting them from damage during transit or storage.

Pet Food & Animal Feed: It also has capabilities of packing pet food animal feed etc. in a way that maintains freshness and shelf life stability

Miscellaneous: Additionally it caters to manufacturers’ diverse needs such as seeds nuts coffee beans etc being packed with this machine.

How to Use

Although ZVF-350B Automatic Vertical Packaging Machine incorporates advanced technology; its operation is user-friendly. The following section guides how to use the device effectively:

Setup: Begin by setting up the machine in an appropriate location with adequate space requirements together with power supply accessibilities.

Initial Configuration: Based on your particular packaging job’s requirements adjust some settings like fill volume, sealing parameters, and optional features e.g. date coding or labeling.

Loading Products: Place the products to be packed inside the feed system of this machine. Ensure that the feeding system is adjusted so that it can accommodate the product size and shape.

Film Installation: Install a roll of packaging film on the machine’s film unwinding system. Make sure that the film has been correctly positioned and attached securely to avoid any misfeeds or wrinkles from occurring.

Start-up Sequence: Turn on your machine now and start the procedure. It will perform self-checks as well as calibration procedures to ensure proper functioning.

Monitor Operation: Once in motion, observe keenly how it is working to guarantee a well-ongoing packaging process and therefore do not overlook fill levels, sealing quality, or other possible problems that might come up.

Adjustments & Troubleshooting: If necessary, adjust machine settings or address issues during operations arising from them such as incorrect settings, etc. Most of these machines have user-friendly interfaces and controls for easy adjustment & troubleshooting purposes

Maintenance: The device must be maintained regularly for it to maintain high operating standards at all times. Follow manufacturer recommendations for cleaning, lubrication, and inspection to extend its useful life while minimizing downtime due to repairs

Shutdown Procedure: After completion of packaging activities, always put off this equipment nicely by following the correct shutdown procedure in order to safely stop it.

Function and Roles of ZVF-350B Fully-automatic Vertical Packaging Machine

Packaging processes are improved by their efficiency and effectiveness by several crucial roles that the ZVF-350B Automatic Vertical Packaging Machine plays. Some of its important functions and roles include.

Automated Packaging: It automates the entire packaging process from product feeding to final sealing and discharge, thus reducing labor costs and improving throughput.

Precision Filling: The machine guarantees each package has an equal volume or weight through precise control, thereby minimizing product giveaways and maximizing packaging efficiency.

Sealing and Cutting: In addition to ensuring that no leakage or contamination of products occurs, it seals each packet as well as cuts excess film leading to neat packages ready for distribution purposes.

Versatility: This machine is a highly versatile one that can be used in many different industries or applications due to its compatibility with various products and packaging formats.

Quality Control: By integrating sensors and quality control mechanisms into the system, this machine ensures high standards of packing quality by detecting any defective packs present on a production line before rejecting them.

Efficiency Enhancement: The overall efficiency is enhanced by the machine when it automates packaging processes hence lowering production costs, reducing errors, and increasing output.

Integration Capabilities: It can be integrated into existing production lines with ease and can also be combined with other devices such as conveyors, check weighers, or metal detectors for a complete packaging solution.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What kind of products can be packaged using the ZVF-350B Automatic Vertical Packaging Machine?

The machine is capable of packaging a wide range of products including dry goods, liquids, powders, and granules among others. Its versatility allows it to accommodate different types of materials and packaging formats.

Can the machine package perishable goods?

Yes, it may come with features like nitrogen flushing that ensure perishable items are preserved as fresh as possible thereby making sure products in packages stay fresh longer than they would have without such feature which might also make them suitable for long-distance deliveries when packed well.

What’s the maximum speed at which the ZVF-350B can pack?

Though its rate depends on variables such as product type, fill volume, or packing format, its packing speed is high enough to run 30 to 120 packets every minute.

How easy is it to switch between various packaging forms?

The machine is designed to facilitate quick and efficient changeovers between different types of packaging. Most adjustments are made through user-friendly controls that do not require complex reconfiguration processes.

Do we offer cleanroom-compliant machines (e.g., ISO Class 7)?

Yes, you will just need to make a note about your requirements when asking for an offer on this particular model. This way we will build your unit according to our customer’s specifications

Is there maintenance required by this system?

Of course yes there must be regular scheduled maintenance if one wants the plant machinery to run smoothly from period T1-T2. The best practices include regular cleaning, lubrication, and key components inspection besides technical assistance whenever needed so that during downtime all company operations go on smoothly.

Can the machine be incorporated within my current manufacturing systems?

Certainly, the system is designed in a way that allows easy integration into existing production lines. It can be synchronized with other equipment to create a cohesive and efficient packaging system.

What safety features can be found on the ZVF-350B?

There are different safety features fitted on this equipment such as emergency stop buttons, interlocks, and safety guards all of which are meant to ensure that there are no accidents during its operation and guarantee operators’ welfare.

How much customization is possible for the ZVF-350B according to production needs?

This machine can be tailored to suit particular production requirements like industry standards, packaging specifications, or even output productivity. Some machine makers give a range of customization choices so that a client’s specifications can be met.

Which technical support alternatives do the users of ZVF-350B have access to?

The supplier or manufacturer is accessible in case customers require technical support services. It may offer things like training courses, onsite maintenance assistance or possibly remote helpdesk aids to make sure that operators have fully mastered the way this equipment is used.