ZTCK-25 Automatic Woven Bag Packaging Machine

Qualipak has introduced the ZTCK-25 Automatic Woven Bag Packaging Machine. It will make your wrapping process simpler and more efficient by accomplishing precision. This inventive device guarantees constant quality, quick packaging as well as adaptability to various products. Boost efficiency and develop your brand with the trustworthiness of Qualipak’s technology. Achieve seamless packaging perfection today!
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Feature Specification
Model ZTCK-25
Packaging Material Woven bags
Capacity Up to 25 bags per minute
Bag Size Range Length: 600-1100mm, Width: 400-600mm
Power Supply 380V/50Hz/3Phase
Power Consumption 3 kW
Air Pressure 0.6-0.8 MPa
Air Consumption 0.5 m³/min
Weight Approx. 1200 kg
Dimensions (LxWxH) 2700mm x 1400mm x 2300mm
Control System PLC control with touch screen interface
Optional Features Printing device, automatic bag folding system
Certification CE, ISO9001

Introduction to The ZTCK-25 Automatic Woven Bag Packaging Machine

Today, our industrial world is such a fast-moving one that efficiency and accuracy have become highly valued. The need for speed, precision, and consistency in product packaging has seen the demand for automated packing solutions rise sharply. One of these is the ZTCK-25 Automatic Woven Bag Packaging Machine that has been invented to improve packaging processes across various industries.

Packing Processes

The ZTCK-25 Automatic Woven Bag Packaging Machine is designed with the ability to handle different types of packing processes smoothly. This machine ensures smooth flow from filling to sealing stage hence optimal efficiency as well as product integrity. The packing processes typically involve:

Feeding: Here bulk materials are fed into the packaging area through a specific inlet.

Filling: Inside, the material is measured accurately and filled into woven bags swiftly.

Sealing: After filling them, bags are sealed tightly so as not to spill or contaminate them in order to keep their quality and freshness.

Coding and Labeling: For easy identification and traceability of packed items, some models of ZTCK-25 are equipped with coding as well as labeling functionalities.


The versatility of the ZTCK-25 Automatic Woven Bag Packaging Machine makes it indispensable across a multitude of industries. Some common applications include:

Agriculture: Packing seeds, grains, fertilizers among other agricultural products

Chemicals: Powders granules chemicals etc packed for distribution or sale

Food & Beverage: Sugar rice flour salt etc. wrapped for industrial use or retail purposes

Construction: Cement sand other construction materials packed for transportation storage purposes

Pharmaceuticals: Pharmaceutical powders and granules meeting strict hygiene sanitary requirements


Improved Efficiency: By minimizing the time it takes to package products and at the same time, saving on wages for workers, this machine leads to increased efficiency.

Reduced Costs: Long-term gains can be achieved by manufacturing firms through minimizing scrap and increasing efficiency.

Better Product Quality: This is attributed to a machine that is precise when packaging thus causing standardization of the products packaged making them marketable due to their consistent nature.

Higher Safety Standards: The issue of injuries related to manual handling is reduced and safety regulations are adhered to through automated packaging measures.

Scalability: Companies can choose how many units they want the machine to handle without having any form of trouble as they grow in size gradually.

Competitive Advantage: Automated packaging technology helps businesses save costs, improve efficiency and innovation, ultimately positioning themselves as industry leaders on both fronts.

Machine Operation

The ZTCK-25 Automatic Woven Bag Packaging Machine is easy to operate since it has a very user-friendly design. The following are the steps:

Setting up: Ensure that the machine is installed correctly and calibrated according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Prepare Materials : It should be ensured that materials being packed are clean, dry and free of any contaminants.

Adjustment of Settings: Adjusting sliding doors, for example, bag size, filling volume and sealing parameters in line with packaging requirements.

Switch on the Machine: Activate machine by inserting materials into specific inlet and let it fill bags with them by its own automatically.

Monitoring: Monitor operations closely during the process to detect any glitches or signs of malfunctioning.

Maintenance work should be carried out regularly as per manufacturer’s recommendation for maximum performance and durability of this machine.

Advantages of ZTCK-25 Automatic Woven Bag Packaging Machine 

For companies, employing ZTCK-25 Automatic Woven Bag Packaging Machine has myriad advantages such as:

Improved Efficiency: Through automating packaging processes, manual labor demand is reduced thus enhancing overall efficiency.

Cost Saving: Lowering material waste and maximizing production will result in significant savings over time for businesses.

Better Product Quality: This device ensures uniform packing quality through preciseness thus improves attractiveness and marketability traits of products.

Increased Safety Measures: Automated packaging prevents issues like handling injuries while still keeping up with safety protocols.

Expandability: When companies scale their activities flexibly, this machinery allows for different levels of outputs.

Competitive Advantage: Investment in automated packing technology can enable business owners stay ahead of their rivals in terms of their efficiency as well as innovative approach.

ZTCK-25 Automatic Woven Bag Packaging Machine Roles

In an industrial environment, ZTCK-25 Automatic Woven Bag Packaging Machine performs several important roles:

Efficiency Provider: This equipment simplifies production processes by automating its packaging,

Quality Custodian: It ensures that products are packed consistently and accurately hence contributing towards their maintenance in proper quality shape.

Technology Driver: With advancement in technology; therefore, the incorporation of new features entails evolution of the machines which enhances innovation within the packing industry.

Growth Partner: The machine typically evolves with changing business demands hence ensuring smooth growth paths even during expansions while responding effectively towards companies’ needs change.

Safety Guardian: Through its automated system; this machine guarantees safety against risks that may arise from human management during packing and also secures people or items involved in such process.  

Question and Answers

Can small scale businesses consider ZTCK-25 Automatic Woven Bag Packaging Machine?

Yes, there are different versions available for all types of industries ranging from small –scale operations too much larger multinational enterprises.

Can it take on different types of materials?

Yes, the machine is highly adaptable and can handle a variety of substances like powders, granules, grains among others.

What are the maintenance procedures I should be aware of concerning the machine?

For effective performance, there is a need for regular cleaning as well as lubrication and inspection exercises. Specific guidelines from the manufacturer are available to guide you through any maintenance complications.

Does it require specific training before using it?

Even though basic training would help operators become conversant with how this tool functions, its user interface allows for easy use by anybody who has had experience in handling machines.

Can it be integrated into existing lines?

Indeed, manufacturers have incorporated measures that allow for flawless incorporation of the same into already existing production units thereby improving efficiency without affecting normal functions.

Mention some safety features that this machine possess?

The machine comes with required numbers of safety sensors; emergency stop buttons and protective covers that are meant to safeguard users against accidents.

Are remote monitoring options applicable to all models?

Consult the manufacturer for specifics about which models have remote monitoring capabilities.

How long does installation take?

The time taken depends on various factors such as site conditions and configuration settings; however, with proper planning and preparation setup can usually be done within few hours.

Do these machines accommodate custom packaging requirements?

This model provides certain changes under different Types bags or package sizes and materials sealing methods etc.