ZL50F-25KG Automatic bagging machine

Introducing the ZL50F-25KG automatic packing machine by Qualipak! Speed up your packaging with accuracy and speed. The state-of-the-art machine has adjustable bagging speeds, ±0.2% precision, and multi-size bag choices. Made using stainless steel and a PLC control this means that one can depend on it for a long time to come without having any issues whatsoever as far as its operation is concerned. Get the best in packaging from Qualipak today!
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Specification Details
Model ZL50F-25KG
Bagging Capacity 25 kilograms (55 pounds)
Bagging Speed Adjustable, typically 300-600 bags/h
Bagging Accuracy ±0.2%
Bag Material Polyethylene (PE) bags
Bag Size Range Length: 500-1200mm; Width: 300-600mm
Power Supply 220V/380V, 50Hz/60Hz, 3-phase
Power Consumption 3 kW
Compressed Air Supply 0.6 MPa (6 bar, 87 psi)
Air Consumption 0.5 m³/min (18 CFM)
Control System PLC control system
Operator Interface Touchscreen HMI
Material Contact Parts Stainless steel or food-grade plastic
Dimensions (LxWxH) Varies based on configuration
Weight Varies based on configuration
Optional Features Vacuum sealing, nitrogen flushing,
bag conveyors, palletizing system,
automatic label applicator, etc.

Introduction to ZL50F-25KG Automatic Bagging Machine

ZL50F-25KG Automatic Bagging Machine is an advanced packaging solution that was designed to automate the bagging process with high precision and speed. It has been developed by leading experts in the field who have integrated state-of-the-art technology aimed at improving the efficiency, reliability, and versatility of packaging operations.

Bagging Processes

The following are steps involved in the bagging process using the ZL50F-25KG Automatic Bagging Machine which are meticulously executed to achieve the best possible results:

Feeding of material: The machine is charged with bulk material such as grains, seeds, fertilizers, or chemicals through a designated inlet.

Placing Bags: Empty bags are put into the machine or fed automatically positioned for them to receive the materials.

Weighing & Filling: This involves accurate measurements of specific quantities of materials for filling up bags. Advanced sensors and control systems ensure their accuracy levels remain high while minimizing errors.

Sealing: After being filled, the bags are sealed tightly so as not to spill out when handled during transportation or any other movements.

Labeling and Coding: In case they want to do this, they may use inbuilt printing or labeling systems. This can be done on bags so that they bear important information like product details, batch numbers, and expiry dates among others.

Palletizing: Once completed, these bags can either be stacked on pallets for storage or shipping with the aid of integrated palletizing mechanisms; otherwise, transferred to the subsequent stage of packaging.


For example; the ZL50F-25KG Automatic Bagging Machine has wide applications within various industries including but not limited to;

Agriculture; packaging fertilizers, seeds, animal feedstuff as well and grains

Chemicals; packing powdered/granular chemical containers for distribution/retail

Food processing; rice, flour sugar spices, etc

Construction industry; cement, sand, gravel among other raw materials.

Pharmaceuticals; bagging pharmaceutical powders and granules that comply with tight regulatory demands.

Logistics; Packaging processes for diverse products in warehouses and distribution centers can be streamlined.

Functions of the ZL50F-25KG Automatic Bagging Machine

The ZL50F-25KG Automatic Bagging Machine comes with a host of functions to cater to the wide-ranging needs of modern packing operations:

High-Speed Bagging: It is capable of high-speed bagging due to its advanced mechanisms as well as automation capacities thereby maximizing productivity and throughput.

Precision Weighing: Material wastage due to inaccurate measurement and filling is minimized by this machine which has precision weighing scales and sensors. Consequently, cost efficiency is maximized.

Customizable Settings: These are some settings that can be adjusted by operators like bag size, filling quantities, and sealing options depending on different types of products or packaging requirements.

User-Friendly Interface: The presence of user-friendly controls alongside digital displays on the device permits easy operation during the bagging process, while it monitors the program.

Safety Features: During operation built-in safety features and sensors minimize downtime due to malfunctions as well as prevent operators from harm.

Remote Monitoring and Control: Models are offering remote monitoring capabilities that enable managers to oversee all aspects of their machinery’s functioning from any location where there is internet connectivity.

How to Operate ZL50F-25KG Automatic Bagging Machine

Operating instructions for the ZL50F-25KG Automatic Bagging Machine are straightforward because it has an intuitive layout with a simple interface. To accomplish this here are the following steps one should take when operating the equipment:

Preparation: Proper installation and calibration of this machine should be done according to guidelines provided by the manufacturer. Also, check whether there are bags or labels needed to start the packaging process.

Bag Placement: Load empty bags into the bagging area of the machine, ensuring they are well placed and positioned to receive the material.

Set Parameters: Set up desired features such as bag size, filling quantity, and sealing options through the control panel of the machine.

Initiate Operation: Commence operation by activating appropriate controls or buttons. Observe the bagging process to ensure it runs smoothly and promptly address any problem that may arise.

Quality Checks: Regularly examine filled bags to avert any defective ones or those that are not properly sealed or accurately filled. Adjusting machine settings can be done at this point if necessary.

End Of Operation: When enough bags have been packed and sealed, stop the machine then remove the finished bags from its bagging area. Optionally, palletize for storage or shipping purposes.

Benefits of Using ZL50F-25KG Automatic Bagging Machine

The ZL50F-25KG Automatic Bagging Machine has several advantages aimed at improving efficiency, productivity, and overall operational performance.

Increased Efficiency: The automation in bagging eliminates human labor which hastens throughput thus faster production cycles and packing cycles than before.

Enhanced Accuracy: The accurate measurement and filling features guarantee constant quantities in each packet minimizing variances thereby ensuring quality control.

Cost Savings: Diminished material wastage, low labor costs as well, and no downtime throughout operations translate to remarkable long-term cost savings hence better profitability.

Versatility: This device is dynamic enough with programming options that make it able to accommodate various types of products as well as packaging needs making it adaptable to changing market conditions.

Improved Safety: For instance, there are built-in safety features together with sensors assisting to minimize accidents related to manual handling thereby making workplaces safer.

Quality Assurance: Maintaining the integrity of items through uniform sealing along with labeling techniques guarantees observance of regulatory standards increasing satisfaction among consumers while protecting a firm’s reputation.

Scalability: The modules installed on machines like this one make it possible to incorporate them into other production lines and room for future expansion or upgrading.

Roles and Advantages in Various Industries

The ZL50F-25KG Automatic Bagging Machine plays a major role in enhancing efficiency, productivity, and competitiveness in various sectors:

Agriculture: In agriculture, the machine supports the efficient packing of fertilizers, seeds, and grains that optimize crop yields and farm productivity.

Food Processing: The accuracy with which food is weighed and sealed ensures compliance with food safety regulations while preserving the freshness of products by the machine.

Chemical Industry: The device helps chemical companies to automate packaging processes for powdered or granular chemicals which would enhance operational effectiveness as well as product uniformity.

Construction Sector: Packaging construction materials like cement, and aggregates among others by using such a machine makes it easy for construction firms to facilitate a smooth construction process within the shortest time possible.

Pharmaceuticals: In the pharma industry similar machines ensure accurate dosing & packaging of pharmaceuticals taking into account strict quality standards and regulatory requirements imposed on manufacturers.

Logistics and Warehousing: It assists in packaging various goods that are kept in stores thus reducing handling costs as well as transit time during the shipping of different items throughout the logistics department.

Most Frequently Asked Questions

Can the ZL50F-25KG Automatic Bagging Machine accommodate different sizes of bags?

Yes, it can handle different materials and bag sizes because it is tailorable thus providing flexibility when packing.

How accurate is the weighing system of the machine?

The machine has an extremely precise weighing system that ensures proper measurements are taken during the filling of bags to meet the quality specifications required by relevant authorities.

Is the machine easy to maintain and service?

There is also the fact that the machine is made in a way that makes it easy to maintain and service with the components being accessible, and finally, comprehensive user manuals provided by the manufacturer.

Can this machine be integrated into existing production lines?

Yes, because its modular design allows it to be easily fitted into current production lines as well as reducing any interruptions or downtime during installation.

Does the machine offer remote monitoring and control capabilities?

The machines have some models that come with remote monitoring & control features, which permit operators to remotely oversee and manage bagging processes for improved ease and productivity.

What safety features are incorporated into the machine?

The machine contains various safety measures such as emergency stop buttons for accidental situations and interlock with sensors for preventing accidents while working.

Are there options for customization according to the specific packaging needs of different users?

Yes, operators can modify parameters to suit specific packaging requirements. They can customize various aspects of their bagging operations based on their preferences using this feature thus making tailor-made solutions possible in this case.

What is the maximum capacity of the machine in terms of bags per hour?

It depends on factors such as product type, bag size, and operational settings among other things. Indeed, throughputs reaching hundreds of bags per hour are achievable by several models.

Does the machine require specialized training to operate?

However, it comes with an intuitive design supported by a user-friendly interface hence easy-to-use even for new operators although basic training aiming at getting them acquainted with how it operates may be necessary too.

What after-sales support and warranty options are available for the machine?

Such assistance includes but is not limited to technical guidance; spare parts availability; warranties etc., so that performance remains intact even after extended periods.