ZH-110 Horizontal Form Fill Seal Machine Manufacturer

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Model ZH-110
Machine Type Horizontal Form Fill Seal (HFFS)
Operation Automated
Packaging Material Various films (e.g., polyethylene, polypropylene)
Maximum Film Width 1100 mm
Bag Length 80 – 450 mm
Bag Width 80 – 260 mm
Film Thickness 0.04 – 0.12 mm
Speed Up to 100 bags per minute
Power Supply 220V, 50Hz
Power Consumption 5 kW
Air Pressure 0.6 MPa
Air Consumption 0.6 m³/min
Machine Weight 1200 kg
Overall Dimensions (LxWxH) 4600 x 950 x 1600 mm
Control System PLC with a touchscreen interface
Optional Features Date printing, Gusseted bag formation, Gas flushing, Hole punching, Batch cutting
Application Suitable for packaging various products including snacks, grains, powders, and liquids

The ZH-110 Horizontal Form Fill Seal machine manufactured by a top packaging company is an embodiment of invention and dependability. This manufacturer is known for making precise and modern machines, which makes them the best source of advanced packing solutions. The ZH-110 HFFS Machine represents the high standards that this manufacturer has set in ensuring that it delivers to its customers’ expectations optimally as well as offering seamless integration, versatility, and outstanding performance in diverse applications. The maker has continued to be a trailblazer in the packaging machinery sector by maintaining a focus on quality, efficient processes, and customer satisfaction thereby enabling their clients to attain optimal production process efficiency while adapting to ever-changing market trends. Even with food pharmaceuticals or cosmetics among others, innovation driving progress and success for businesses worldwide remains the hallmark of the ZH-110 Horizontal Form Fill Seal Machine Manufacturer

Key Components and Features

Film Unwinding System: The initial step entails unwinding a roll of packaging film that serves as the main raw material for fabricating the bags. This assures smooth feeder motion and constant film supply which are achieved using the Film Unwinding system.

Forming Section: In this stage, film is transformed into a tube shape that is sealed at the bottom end to form individual bags. Heat sealing bars and precise control systems are used at this stage to ensure that bag creation follows set rules accurately.

Filling Station: After bag formation, they proceed to a filling station where materials are put in them. Auger filling, volumetric filling, liquid filling as well as others all complementarily may be used depending on what is specific to various application demands.

Sealing Mechanism: Finally, after closing fillers tightly inside packages; they should be sealed back. It does so by applying heat and pressure onto them making sure they become air-tight sealed; hence maintaining freshness and quality of products.

Cutting and Discharge: The final stage involves cutting open these packed items so that they can be removed from the equipment and ready for handling or distribution elsewhere. Importantly, the knife-like device cuts off each package separately without interfering with their integrity.

Control System: An advanced control system allows operators to regulate different parameters including lengthwise size of each packet among others such as sealing temperature etc., depending on product type being handled using this machine among others.

Modular Design: To suit particular production requirements in terms of extra parts or components, the machine can be customized as it has a modular design.

Sanitary Construction: The ZH-110 is built specifically for food and pharmaceutical applications from materials and finishes that can be easily cleaned and maintained to reduce the risk of contamination.

How It Works

Film Feeding: As a first step, this consists of unwinding a roll of packaging film that keeps on being fed into the forming section.

Bag Forming: The film is transformed into a tube shape in which it is sealed at the bottom to form individual bags. Lengths can be adjusted to satisfy specific packaging demands.

Product Filling: After bag formation takes place, they are transported over to a filling station where different products are placed inside. Here, filling may be modified depending on serving sizes and the nature of each product.

Sealing: To close each bag after filling them up, the upper ends are also sealed. While heat together with pressure from this mechanism melts together films’ layers making strong seals that are leak-proof.

Cutting and Discharge: These filled packages are then cut open by removing them inside for onward distribution or other purposes elsewhere. Notably, each package must be separated in such a way that does not interfere with theitstegrity.

Bagging Process

The ZH-110 HFFS Machine facilitates several advantages during the bagging process.

Speed and Efficiency: The machine can produce many filled and sealed bags within a short duration of time leading to increased general productivity.

Consistency: ZH-110 automates the packaging process giving it consistent bag qualities that are well sealed hence minimizing any risks of errors or defects.

Versatility: With its capability to handle different sizes and types of bags, the machine is usable in different packaging circumstances.

Hygiene and Safety: It meets high sanitary requirements because of an enclosed design as well as hygienic materials with which it is made hence it can achieve high product integrity, ly for food and pharmaceutical products.


Food and Beverage: From snacks and confectionery to frozen foods, beverages, etc., the ZH-110 is appropriate for packaging a wide variety of food items.

Pharmaceuticals: It can be used for packaging such pharmaceuticals as tablets, capsules, powders due and to its precision and hygienic features.

Cosmetics and Personal Care: Therefore, lotions, creams, and shampoos are some examples of personal care products that may be packed economically using the zH-110 maintaining their freshness and quality intact.

Household Products: Thus, reliable packing provided by ZH-110 benefits detergents, pet foods, gardening, and g supplies among others. 

Using Methods

Setup: The equipment should be installed correctly according to the manufacturer rider’s specifications with calibration carried out before initializing operation. 

Material Preparation: When loading the film onto these machines make sure that you have properly aligned it while ensuring that there is perfect tension.  

Parameter Settings: Depending on what needs are supposed to be met by the product being packaged; set up this machine with concerning specifications including bag length filling volume sealing temperature among others. 

Startup: Then start running the machine; at this point, track it closely in orto sure that it is functioning normally.

Quality Control: While checking the bags for any defects or inconsistencies, ensure that machine settings are as per necessary adjustments.

Maintenance: Hence, for the machine to be in proper working condition and avoid breakdowns during production, normal cleaning, and lubricin, replacing of parts done at are intervals.

Functions and Roles

Forming: This facilitates uniformity by shaping the film into bags or pouches with specific sizes. 

Filling: The machine dispenses each bag with an accurate quantity of product using controlled volumes.

Sealing: For this reason, such a model has its edges sealed by heat and pressure hence preventing loss of contents through leakage owing to contamination and refreshing products intactness.

Cutting: In the same respect, filled bags are separated from continuous film since they are ready to be discharged for additional packaging steps. 

Control and Monitoring: The availability of advanced control systems enables it to regulate various parameters while monitoring real-time packaging activities facilitates necessary corrections during such operations.


What kind of packaging films does ZH-110 Hthe FFS Machine take?

The machine works well with different types including polyethylene materials like polypropylene, laminates, and others. 

Can this equipment handle liquids and viscous products effectively?

ZH-110 comes with filling systems that can only accommodate very thick substances like pastes, creams, and gels as well as liquids.  

Is this device easy to maintain and clean?

Safand ety requirements are adhered to and the device may have various features like emergency stops, physical guards, as well as interlocks that prevent accidents and ensure operator safety. 

Can the ZH-110 be used on existing production lines?

Yes, it can be customized to fit in with already established structures and the flow of the work for efficient operations.

What is the highest speed at which the ZH-110 can manufacture its products?

The production rate depends on factors like bag size, filling volume, and kind, of product among others but it has the potential for high speeds necessary to satisfy demanding manufacturing needs.

Is multi-lane packaging offered by ZH-110?

Yes, different models or configurations can handle a number simultaneously packing multiple items or varieties.

Can the machine accommodate printing or labeling functions?

Yes, there are, optional accessories such as printers or labelers which can be installed into this machine to enable printing or labelinlabelinges for purposes of product branding and identification.

Are there provisions for training on how to operate ZH-110 the FFS Machine?

Yes normally, manufacturers provide extensive training programs for operators or alternatiuthorized distributors that will train their staffs onstafftive operation and maintenance practices of this appliance.

What is the warranty term for ZH-110?

Warranty The warranty could differ from one manufacturer to another depending upon exact contractual agreements. You should refer to warranty details from the manufacturer user supplier.