Corner Valve Horizontal Form Filling & Sealing Pouch Machine

Unlock unparalleled efficiency with Qualipak’s Corner Valve Horizontal Form Filling & Sealing Pouch Machine. Engineered for precision, this state-of-the-art equipment delivers seamless packaging solutions. From food to pharmaceuticals, streamline your production process with ease and reliability. Elevate your brand’s packaging standards and meet market demands effortlessly. Trust Qualipak for innovative solutions that redefine excellence in packaging machinery.

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Specification Details
Machine Type Horizontal Form Filling & Sealing Pouch Machine
Application Packaging of corner valve pouches
Pouch Type Corner valve pouches
Packaging Material Flexible packaging materials (e.g., plastic)
Filling Type Automatic
Sealing Type Heat sealing
Capacity Variable, depending on pouch size and product
Power Supply 220V/380V, 50Hz/60Hz
Power Consumption Depends on the machine model
Control System PLC (Programmable Logic Controller)
Operating Interface Touchscreen
Material Contact Parts Stainless steel 304 or food-grade materials
Pouch Size Customizable, typically specified by the client
Machine Dimensions (L x W x H) Variable depends on the machine model
Wfilm-forming le depends on the machine model
Optional Features Date coding, batch printing, gas flushing, etc.
Safety Features Emergency stop, safety guards, interlocks
Certification CE certified (may vary based on manufacturer)
Warranty Typically 1 year, varies by manufacturer

The best packaging technology is represented by the Corner Valve Horizontal Form Filling & Sealing Pouch Machine which can be conveniently described as a versatile and high-speed machine for forming, filling, and sealing pouches with utmost accuracy. It has also improved traditional packaging machines through its unique corner valve design that widens its functionality and versatility.

How It Works

The operation of the Corner Valve Horizontal Form Filling & Sealing Pouch Machine involves several key steps:

Film Unwinding: As a primary material for making pouches the machine unwinds a roll of packaging film.

Forming: The next step is feeding the packaging film into the film forming area where it is formed into pouches in various sizes and shapes as predetermined.

Filling: Afterwards, they are filled at the filling station, with each bag receiving an appropriate amount of product based on some customization parameters specific to such products. This process can be customized to meet different requirements associated with specific goods being packaged

Sealing: Pouches that have been filled move from there to the sealing station where they are sealed hermetically hence protecting them from spoilage or contamination; it could be heat sealed, ultrasonically sealed among others subject to characteristics of both materials used in this case, and what kind of product it encloses.

Cutting and Discharge: Finally, cut-sealed pouches are removed from the continuous web to allow processing or further distribution.

Bagging Process

Film Unwinding: The process of bagging is initiated by the unwrapping of film that is used in packaging. The pouches are formed from this film as it serves as a main ingredient.

Forming Pouches: This means that pouches can be designed in several sizes and shapes using these films. This versatility enables it to produce different shapes of bags conforming to different types and sizes of products.

Filling: In this phase, each product to be packed goes into one pouch at a time. The filling system for such phascts can be modified according to their specific needs; thus exact dosing is achieved while waste is reduced.

Sealing: At this point, hermetic sealing takes place to maintain product freshness and integrity. The method used for sealing may involve heat sealing, ultrasonic sealing, or any other applicable method depending on the material used and requirements of a given commodity.

Cutting and Discharge: Then cut pouches are removed from the running film during its discharge from a continuous motion machine.


The Corner Valve Horizontal Form Filling & Sealing Pouch Machine is a highly versatile machine and can be used in many industries as well as for different products. Some examples of its common applications include:

Food Industry: This machine is extensively employed in the packaging of snacks, confectionary products, dry fruits, spices and other food items. Its ability to retain product freshness and increase shelf life have made it indispensable to food processors.

Pharmaceutical Industry: The pharmaceutical industry uses this machine fforpackaging tablets, capsules, powders, and other medical items. It complies with strict hygienic requirements in terms of design and unique filling capabilities.

Cosmetics and Personal Care: A wide variety of cosmetics and personal care products are packaged using this machinery such as lotions creams, and shampoo among others. It enhances product presentation through its attractive pouches that never leak.

Household Products: Such household supplies like cleaning agents, and detergents require efficient packaging provided by this machinery The machine has a durable structure that can deliver consistent performance even under high-volume production demands.

Industrial Goods: The Corner Valve Horizontal Form Filling & Sealing Pouch Machine also packages industrial components, hardware, and spare parts among other things the ith an allowance to make different pouch sizes and configurations depending on the needs of various goods

Using Methods

Corner Valve Horizontal Form Filling & Sealing Pouch Machine requires specialized training and expertise to operate. Manufacturers normally provide comprehensive user manuals alongside training programs aimed at guiding in how best one can operate or maintain the equipment properly when it starts functioning at premises. Key steps involve;

Set-up: Adjust the machine parameters, such as sealing temperature, filling volume, and pouch size according to the specific product requirements.

Loading: Load the packaging film on the machine ensuring that it is properly aligned and tensioned for smooth running.

Filling: Feed into the machine’s system control panel, the desired filling parameters, and monitor this process of filling so accuracy can be maintained and consistency provided.

Sealing: Prevent leakage or contamination of package by adjusting sealing parameters to ensure optimal seal strength and integrity.

Monitoring: Continuously adjusting while observing its performance to keep it at peak operational efficiency and maintain quality outputs from the device.


The Corner Valve Horizontal Form Filling & Sealing Pouch Machine has diverse functions that have been developed to optimize the packing process and increase productivity. Notably:

Forming: The machine can form pouches of various shapes and sizes to fit different products as well as packaging needs.

Filling: Accurate volumetric or gravimetric filling ensures consistent product dosing & minimizes waste.

Sealing: Hermetic sealing prevents air and moisture ingress thus maintaining the freshness of products & extending shelf life.

Cutting: Precise cutting mechanisms ensure clean, uniform pouches ready for packaging & distribution

Control Systems: Operators can monitor temperature, pressure or even filling speed using modern control systems to achieve optimal working conditions


There are several crucial roles played by the Corner Valve Horizontal Form Filling & Sealing Pouch Machine in the packaging industry which include:

Efficiency: By automating packaging processes, this equipment enhances efficiency while minimizing costs associated with labor used in manual packaging activities

Precision: Accurate filling and sealing mechanisms assure consistent product quality thus reducing the amount wasted due to overfilling and leaks that may occur during transportation

Versatility: Given its ability to handle a variety of packaging materials and products, the machine is a versatile solution for different industries and applications.

Compliance: Firm regulation of sealing temperature and pressure among other parameters ensures safe operation and compliance with standards in specific sectors.

Innovation: This machine’s technology is continuously evolving to drive innovation within the industry, enabling manufacturers to remain competitive and meet growing consumer demands.


What kinds of products can be packaged using the Corner Valve Horizontal Form Filling & Sealing Pouch Machine?

The machine can be used to package various types of products such as foodstuffs, pharmaceutical drugs, cosmetics, household goods including detergents among others, as well as industrial goods like automotive parts.

Can the machine deal with different packaging materials?

Yes. Thus it can process many packaging mate tthermalsmade from plastic films or laminates that are non-recyclable or recyclable respectively

Is this equipment easy to use?

While there is a need for specialized training and skills required for its operation, manufacturers often provide comprehensive user manuals and training programs to enforce proper usage.

How does this machinery ensure product quality and safety?

The machine performs precise filling and sealing mechanisms that result in the integrity of products while complying with regulatory standards.

What are some key benefits of using a Corner Valve Horizontal Form Filling & Sealing Pouch Machine?

Benefits such as improved efficiency, precision packaging, versatility, compliance, and innovation within the packaging industry are some advantages associated with this equipment.

Can the device accommodate custom packing requirements?

Yes. It can be customized according to specific customer needs which could include dimensions like size or shape of pouches etc.

How does the machine contribute to sustainability?

The machine’s recyclable material handling and packaging efficiency optimization contribute to reduced waste and lessened environmental impact.

Is maintenance of the machine difficult?

Proper maintenance is necessary for optimum performance and longevity of the machine. Manufacturers usually provide instructions on how to maintain such machines.

What factors should be considered when selecting a Corner Valve Horizontal Form Filling & Sealing Pouch Machine?

Considerations in selecting this kind of machine include production volume, packaging materials’ compatibility, filling precision, sealing strength, and regulatory compliance.

Can the machine be integrated into existing production lines?

Yes, it can be done as an extension of existing lines aimed at improving production efficiency.