Coffee Vacuum Brick Bag Packing Machine

Introducing Qualipak’s Coffee Vacuum Brick Bag Packing Machine: Your solution for precision packaging. Seamlessly sealing coffee into brick bags, this machine ensures freshness and quality with every pack. Boost productivity and elevate your brand’s image. Invest in excellence with Qualipak.

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Parameter Specification
Machine Model CVBP-500
Bag Types Supported Vacuum brick bags for coffee
Bag Dimensions Length: 120mm – 220mm<br> Width: 70mm – 120mm
Vacuum Degree -0.08 MPa (-600 mmHg)
Speed Up to 30 bags per minute
Power Supply 220V/50Hz or 380V/60Hz, 3 phase
Power Consumption 2 kW
Air Pressure 0.6 MPa (87 psi)
Air Consumption 0.4 m³/min (14 CFM)
Machine Weight 800 kg
Machine Dimensions (LxWxH) 1800mm x 1200mm x 1500mm
Material Stainless Steel 304
Control System PLC (Programmable Logic Controller)
Touchscreen Interface 7-inch color touchscreen
Filling System Auger filler or volumetric cup filler (customizable)
Sealing Type Vacuum sealing
Packaging Material Laminated films (PET/AL/PE, PET/PE, etc.)
Safety Features Emergency stop button, safety sensors, guardrails
Optional Features Date coding, nitrogen flushing, gas flushing, dust collector

In the world of coffee packaging, there is a need for precision, efficiency, and preservation. Therefore, to solve this problem a game changer came into existence known as a coffee vacuum brick bag packing machine. This kind of technology simplifies the process of packaging thus ensuring high quality as well as freshness of coffee beans. In this inclusive guide, we will delve into the operations, applications, roles, benefits, and pros of the coffee vacuum brick bag packing machine.

Working Processes

The functioning process of the coffee vacuum brick bag packing machine involves several intricate processes that help to maintain the taste and aroma of fresh coffee beans. Here is an overview of its workings:

Feeding: The machines hopper temporarily stores raw coffee beans before being processed.

Weighing and MeaThe machine’s hopperanced weighing mechanisms incorporated in it; this equipment measures exactly how much required quantity of coffee beans are. This eliminates weight discrepancies thus achieving consistency in every pack.

Optional Grinding: For some models, there are grinders that can be adjusted to desired coarseness or fineness should one want to grin some grinders canvassing further.

Filling: Then, measured coffee beans are transferred from the machine’s hopper to specially designed brick bags which are filled with such products according to the single. As such thesespeciallynd firm throughout the entire vacuum sealing process.

Vacuum Sealing: Sealing these bags through vacuuming is considered one major step of its procedure since excess air gets eliminated hence no oxidation takes place thereby sustaining freshness over an extended period for these specific crops.

Heat Sealing: After they have been fully sealed by vacuum action, heat ensures that all bags remain airtight with no possibility for leakage at any given point.

Quality Control: Different kinds of sensors and monitoring systems ensure each pack is genuine at all times during the manufacturing process phase on this equipment.

Packaging and Discharge: These bags are now sealed and labeled before they are released from this machine to the market, either for open sales or retails to consumers.


The coffee vacuum brick bag packing machine is applicable inretailety of sectors within the coffee industry that include:

Commercial Coffee Production: These machines are used by large coffee producers including convenient packaging while maintaining quality and uniformity.

Specialty Coffee Roasters: Specialty coffee roasters depend on these devices to preserve their high-end blends, securing the flavors that make them unique.

Coffee Retailers: The availability of these machines makes it easier for coffee retailers, who can now package their inventory efficiently whether they are online platforms or physical stores.

Hospitality Industry: Hotels, restaurants, and cafes use coffee vacuum brick bag packing machines to package their own branded coffee blends for in-house consumption or retail sale.

Export and Distribution: Coffee exporters and distributors depend on these machines to purchase bulk quantities of coffee beans for domestic and international distribution ensuring freshness and quality during transit stages.


For it to be effective and efficient, the single serve k cup pods packing machine performs several functions which includes:

Weighing and Measuring: This equipment accurately determines the amount of each pack including similar content packs thus precision and consistency in weight is achieved.

Heat Sealing: It ensures that bags are tightly sealed to maintain the quality of their package.

Quality Control: The packaging process has advanced sensors and monitoring systems that check for anomalies or defects, ensuring that the output is of good quality.

Optional Features: Other machines have features such as grinding, labeling, and coding which makes them more customizable and convenient.


The introduction of coffee vacuum brick bag packing machines brings numerous advantages for both coffee producers, retailers and consumers in general:

Extended Shelf Life: By preventing co with air, moisture, and lig, ht, vacuum sealing effectively delays the spoilage of coffee beans thus keeping them fresh with their taste intact.

Consistency and Uniformity: These machines have accurate weighing scales making sure every pack has uniform weight. This enhances brand reputation and customer satisfaction.

Enhanced Aroma and Flavor Retention: Through minimizing external contact with it, vacuum sealing aids in retainingthe natural fragrance aByour of coffee beans thereby resulting in enjoyable drinking experience.the 

Efficiency and Productivity: Automated packaging processes boost the efficiency rate at which operations are carried out which leads to increased throughput levels while reducing expenses on human labor involved.

Cost Savings: Ultimately reducing wastage due to spoilage or decay becomes an economic benefit to the producers and sellers in future regarding such products like coffee.

Brand Differentiation: High-quality packages contribute ute to brand differentiation that attracts selective consumers who value quality over price in order not to be deceived by low-cost alternatives available elsewhere on the market today.

Environmental Sustainability: Use less packaging material than traditional forms of packing typically used when using vacuum-sealed brick bags therefore promoting environmental sustainability by reducing carbon footprints involved herein.

Roles and Advantages

The Coffee Vacuum Brick Bag Packing Machine plays several critical roles within the coffee industry while providing a number of benefits:

Preservation : Its primary role is preserving freshness by creating several containers filled with ground beans using vacuum sealing technology hence extending their shelf life span without altering their original characteristics.

Packaging : It is involved in the packaging process and ensures that coffee beans are packed in air-tight ags that can be used to store, transport and display. 

Customization: Additionally, it has several features and options that help is, customizing packaging designs, brand of labels as well as pack sizes to suit the needs of different customers and markets.

Quality Assurance: In weighing, measuring and quality control, the machine uses up-to-date technology hence guaranteeing high standards of, products.

Streamlining Operations: By reducing manual handling costs of packaging labor, minimizing errors resulting from human hands or ensuring workflow efficiency for both sellers and producers of coffee.

Market Competitiveness,s: Adoption of modern packaging solutions such as coffee vacuum brick bag packing machines assists in gaining a competitive advantage by satisfying the consumers who prefer quality, convenience,ese and susin gaininglity over cost.


What is a Co Vacuum Brick Bag Packing Machine?

A Coffee Vacuum Brick Bag Packing Machine is a specific equipment used to package coffee beans into air-tight brick-shaped bags using vacuum sealitechnologyece of nology for freshness retention purposes.


How does vacuum sealing benefit coffee packaging?

The vacuum seal removes any excess air from within thus preventing oxidation which would alter the taste and flavor of coffee beans over time.


What are some key features on a Coffee Vacuum Brick Bag Packing Machine?

Features may include weighing scales, measuring devices, vacuum sealer or heat sealer mechanisms (or alternatively), optional grinding functionality (if necessary), sensors for quality assurance cheling & coding functionalities among others.


What are the main applications of these machines in the coffee industry?

Coffee is vacuum-packed into brick bags using packing machines, and this is used in commercial coffee production, specialty coffee roasting, retail packaging, hospitality services and exportation or distribution of coffee beans.


What role does vacuum sealing play in promoting,g environmental sustainability?

By reducing wastage during packaging and limiting carbon footprints due to minimal use of material as opposed to traditional methods of packing, vacuum sealed bricks help save the environthe ment.


What should you take into account when selecting a vacuum-sealed brick bag packing machine?

Production capacity, customizable packaging options, automation features, reliability, serviceability and specific compatibility with different varieties of coffee beans are some of the factors that, need to be looked at when choosing a coffee vacuum brick bag packing machine.


Do these machines accommodate different kinds of coffee beans?

Yes. Many models support various types and sizes of coffee beans hence enable flexible packaging.


How should these machines be maintained?

Routine maintenance may inclenablingeaning and lubricating equipment as well as inspecting seals and parts for wear. Other needs might include calibration of weighing systems or changing worn-out parts.


Are there regulatory standards or certifications related to these machines?

Manufacturers could meet such requirements depending on regional regulations and industry standards related to food safety management systems quality management or equipment safety.


What are the financial implications associated with purchasing a coffee vacuum brick bag packing machine?

The costs vary depending on issues like; capacity ratings, features available in an individual model/brand’s name plus belated customer care. However, increased efficiency resulting from improved product quality & market competitiveness usually exceeds initial investment costs over time.