100g-5kg Rice Nuts Bean Vacuum Packaging Machine

Introducing Qualipak’s versatile 100g-5kg Rice Nuts Bean Vacuum Packaging Machine! Effortlessly preserve freshness and extend shelf life with precision and ease. Perfect for businesses or households, this efficient solution ensures top-quality packaging every time. Invest in Qualipak for quality assurance and culinary convenience.

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Parameter Specification
Model XYZ-5000
Packaging Capacity 100g – 5kg
Packaging Material Laminated Film (Vacuum-Compatible)
Packaging Speed 20 – 50 bags per minute (adjustable)
Bag Types Pillow Bags, Gusseted Bags, Flat Bags
Sealing Method Heat Sealing
Vacuum System Oil Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump
Vacuum Pressure Adjustable (0.5 – 0.8 bar)
Power Supply 220V, 50Hz / 60Hz (Single Phase)
Power Consumption 3.5 kW
Air Consumption 0.6 m³/min (0.7 MPa)
Machine Dimensions (L×W×H) 1800mm × 1200mm × 2100mm
Weight 800 kg
Control System PLC Control with Touch Screen Interface
Material Contact Parts Stainless Steel 304
Optional Features Date Coding, Nitrogen Flushing
Safety Features Emergency Stop Button, Safety Guards
Certification CE Certified


In food packaging, storing food that spoils easily like rice, nuts, and beans is a big problem. Spoilage is accelerated by exposure to air, moisture, and other environmental factors which in turn compromise the quality of food. To deal with this challenge, vacuum packaging technology has become an ideal solution. The 100g-5kg Rice Nuts Bean Vacuum Packaging Machine is one of such machines amongst many others existing in the market. This guide will discuss how this innovative packaging machine works; its applications as well as some advantages.

Understanding the Working Processes

The 100g-5kg Rice Nuts Bean Vacuum Packaging Machine empties the air from the packing environment creating a vacuum seal around the product inside it. This process involves several significant steps:

Product Loading: Materials for example beans or even rice are put into the machine’s packaging chamber.

Vacuum Sealing: After loading food items into it, there is sealing of this chamber in addition to extracting air from within through utilization of a vacuum pump. By doing so, oxygen content within the package gets eliminated effectively and at the same time, aerobic bacteria growth is minimized due to low pressure existing inside.

Heat Sealing: Once a vacuum is created, the packaging material surrounding the food item will be sealed using heat so that it can remain tight thus protecting it. It should be known that stopping any penetration of air/moisture coming from outside into contents extends the life of the shelf.

Cooling: When sealed, packaged foods might need cooling processes for them to stabilize the internal environment hence enhancing their preservation state.

Labeling and Packaging: Lastly, these packages made under the influence of vacuums are labeled and then kept aside ready for sale or storage.

Applications of the 100g-5kg Rice Nuts Bean Vacuum Packaging Machine

This machine serves multiple purposes in different industries due to its versatility such as:

Food Industry; For instance, dry food products like rice, nuts, beans, pulses, and grains are usually packed using this machine. Therefore, their shelf life is extended with freshness maintained as they do not get contaminated.

Retail Sector; Vacuum packaging machines are used by grocery stores, supermarkets, and specialty food stores to package rice, nuts, and beans in bulk for customers. By doing so, the product presentation is improved through vacuum-sealed packaging which also prolongs shelf life thus reducing food wastage.

Catering and Hospitality; Large quantities of food components that include rice, nuts, or beans can be conserved by hotels, restaurants, and other eating establishments in the catering industry via vacuum packaging machines. This activity helps businesses cut on waste through vacuum

Heat Sealing: The machine employs heat sealing technology to seal the packaging material tightly, thus preventing the intrusion of air and moisture and preserving the vacuum seal’s integrity.

Portion Control: By introducing adjustable settings into its packaging process, users can containerize food in definite quantities that promote portion control and minimize wastage of food.

Preservation: This is achieved by eliminating oxygen and moisture from the packaging environment, thereby increasing the shelf life of food products as well as retaining their freshness, flavor, and nutritional value.

Roles of the 100g-5kg Rice Nuts Bean Vacuum Packaging Machine

The roles played by 100g-5kg Rice Nuts Bean Vacuum Packaging Machine in food packaging are:

Preservation: The machine helps preserve the quality and freshness of rice, nuts, and beans among other food products by ensuring an oxygen-deprived environment inhibiting microbial growth which causes oxidative deterioration.

Hygiene: Vacuum-sealed packages reduce any risk of contamination or spoilage hence maintaining hygiene and safety of packaged foods throughout their shelf life.

Convenience: It enables you to easily package your food items for storage. You can portion, seal, and label your products quickly.

Shelf Life Extension: Food wastage is reduced because these devices extend the lives of foods while optimizing distribution systems & inventory management in businesses.

Product Presentation: Vacuum-sealed packing makes goods look good. Thus it creates customer attractiveness as far as consumable products are concerned in marketability terms.

Advantages of the 100g-5kg Rice Nuts Bean Vacuum Packaging Machine

There are several reasons why 100g-5kg Rice Nuts Bean Vacuum Packaging Machine is preferred over traditional ways of packing:

Extended Shelf Life: Foods stay much longer on shelves than usual when put in a vacuum-sealed package without the need for preservatives or additives that distort the product’s quality attributes.

Preservation of Nutritional Value: Freshness can be maintained even after years or months by vacuum packaging. This technology helps to retain the flavor, texture, and taste of food items while preventing spoilage due to oxygen and water.

Reduced Food Waste: By enabling portioning and packaging to go hand in hand with consumer requirements, waste is reduced since the amount required for consumption can be used without the chances of spoiling.

Enhanced Hygiene and Safety: Vacuum-sealed packages that keep contaminants away from foods are very important during storage as well as transportation processes.

Improved Productivity: They are automated and hence take less time saving on labor expenses incurred by organizations while offering reliable outcomes always.

Versatility: Multiple food product sizes and packaging concepts can fit in it and thus can be applied in different industries for various uses.

Cost Efficiency: Despite any discrepancy in terms of upfront expenditures, investment returns such as a reduction in food waste or longer sell-by periods make vacuum packing much cheaper overall than other alternatives. 

Environmental Sustainability: It involves cutting down on excessive materials used during packaging with less preservative applications resulting in minimal waste generation as well as resource depletion.


What is the capacity range of the 100g-5kg Rice Nuts Bean Vacuum Packaging Machine?

The machine has the capability of processing weights ranging from 100 grams up to 5 kilograms of foodstuff per one complete cycle.


Can I use the vacuum packaging machine for packaging other food items besides rice, nuts, and beans?

Yes. The machine is versatile enough to package all types of dried goods including grains, pulses, and dried fruits among others.


How does vacuum packaging help in preserving food freshness?

The removal of oxygen from the packaging environment by the vacuum packaging process slows down food degradation and enables them to retain their freshness as well as flavor for a longer period.


Can the vacuum packaging process be applied to delicate food items?

Yes, the procedure can be gentle to enable it to accommodate sensitive foods without causing harm or altering their consistency.


Can it handle liquids or wet foodstuffs?

Although mainly meant for dry foods, some versions might have options that allow the packing of moist and liquid products using special packaging materials.


How long can vacuum-sealed food last compared to regular packaged ones?

Vacuum-sealed foods generally last much longer than those that use traditional methods because there is no oxygen and moisture which would otherwise cause decay more quickly.


Are there any special requirements for storing sealed vacuum packages?

For instance, one should keep these kinds of packages away from direct sunlight in a cool and dry place so that their quality may remain intact as well as extend the shelf life.


Is it possible for me to seal again partly used vacuumed packets?

Yes, most machines offer an option for resealing the leftover portions in such a way that air is removed then they are sealed afresh so that they remain fresh.


Does a vacuum completely replace refrigeration?

However, even though preservation by use of vacuum has increased longevity on the shelf life of foodstuff including perishable items its best practice is still rolling back to freezing or refrigeration stages at home retarded respiration hence keeping off bacteria growth.


Are packed-vacuum packages eco-friendly?

Sealed- Vacuum packs extend product life and minimize spoilage thus reducing food wastage. Nevertheless, environmental considerations must also include material selection and disposal alternatives.