ZM10D16 Multi Head Weigher Packing Machine

Experience the epitome of accuracy in a packaging machine through Qualipak’s ZM10D16 Multi Head Weigher Packing Machine. This cutting-edge facility guarantees unmatched precision, effectiveness as well as adaptability in weighing and packing diverse items. Heighten your packaging procedures and boost output with Qualipak machines that you can trust.
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Feature Specification
Model ZM10D16 Multi Head Weigher Packing Machine
Number of Heads 16
Weighing Range 10g – 1000g (depending on product density)
Accuracy ±0.1 – 2g (depending on product and conditions)
Maximum Speed Up to 120 packs per minute
Hopper Volume 1.6L
Power Supply AC 220V/50Hz or 110V/60Hz (customizable)
Power Consumption 2.5kW
Air Pressure 0.4 – 0.6 MPa
Air Consumption 0.4 m³/min
Display 10.4-inch touchscreen interface
Material Stainless steel 304
Dimension 1920mm (L) x 1420mm (W) x 1320mm (H)
Weight 650kg
Optional Features Metal detector, check weigher, reject system
Control System PLC control system with touchscreen interface
Language English (other languages customizable)
Certifications CE, ISO9001

Introduction to ZM10D16 Multi Head Weigher Packing Machine

In the world of contemporary packaging, precision, efficiency, and versatility are fundamental characteristics sought by manufacturers across sectors. The ZM10D16 Multi Head Weigher Packing Machine is a groundbreaking piece of innovation that brings unequaled accuracy and speed to packing. This highly developed machine has been created to address the needs of fast-paced manufacturing environments through its multi-head weighing technology.

With this in mind, the ZM10D16 Multi Head Weigher Packing Machine works under the principle of precision weighing and controlled dispensing to attain uniformity and consistency in every single package. It weighs set quantities of products with several weighing heads thus ensuring maximum yield as well as reducing wastage. Furthermore, it has a user-friendly interface and customizable settings for easy operation while constructed strongly for reliability and durability.

From the food industry to pharmaceuticals, cosmetics to hardware, there are numerous applications for the ZM10D16 Multi Head Weigher Packing Machine. This article explores this innovative equipment in detail, looking at its functions, advantages as well as operational procedures besides highlighting how it enhances productivity within current production facilities.

Packing Processes of ZM10D16 Multi Head Weigher Packing Machine

The most advanced packing technology is used by the ZM10D16 Multi Head Weigher Packing Machine. At its core, the machine utilizes multiple weighing heads to accurately measure and dispense predetermined product quantities. The use of these weighing heads together ensures that all operations on packing are done consistently and precisely.

These parameters include target weight and packaging specifications which are fed into the control system of the machine during the initiation stage before packing commences. Once configured, the machine automatically initiates the packing sequence. To effect distribution among individual weighing heads equally product is directed into the hopper via which it passes.

Each weigh head uses high-end sensors along with intelligent processing techniques for computing weight associated with any given product being dealt with therein. As soon as they have achieved their required weights, they release these products synchronically into their respective packages including packets, bags, and pouches. The result of this simultaneous activity is that there is uniformity in terms of presentation as well as little wastage.

How to Operate the Machine

The ZM10D16 Multi Head Weigher Packing Machine interface has been designed to be user-friendly and easy to use. Here’s a step-by-step guide:

Initialization: Turn on the machine and allow it to complete its start-up procedure.

Parameter Input: Fill in the required parameters such as target weight, type of packaging, and desired packing speed in the control panel of the machine.

Product Loading: Put products into the machine’s hopper so that they are distributed uniformly for accurate weighing purposes.

Start Sequence: You can either initiate packing from any point using the control panel or just through your machine’s interface.

Monitoring: Ensure you follow closely what is happening with your machine as it operates so that you may be able to intervene if anything goes wrong.

Maintenance: Follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for regular maintenance activities to ensure optimum performance and longevity of your equipment.

Applications of ZM10D16 Multi Head Weigher Packing Machine

The ZM10D16 Multi Head Weigher Packing Machine has many different uses because it is efficient and versatile across different sectors. Some common applications include:

Food Industry: It packs snacks, confectionery, frozen foods, grains, spices etc.

Pharmaceuticals: It accurately packs tablets, capsules, etc, and other pharmaceutical products.

Cosmetics: Powders, creams & lotions, etc come out packed from here

Hardware & Fasteners: Nuts, bolts screws and other things like these can be efficiently packed here as well

Chemicals: For industrial and laboratory use chemicals & powders are precisely dispensed here

Pet Food: Dry & wet food for pets are packed consistently with accuracy using this device


Several functions are incorporated into the ZM10D16 Multi Head Weigher Packing Machine to simplify the packing process while optimizing efficiency.

Multi-head Weighing: This system employs several weighing heads for accurate measurement and release of goods.

Automatic Feeding: The machine’s hopper automatically feeds the product into it thus ensuring continuous production.

High-speed Packing: It can do high-speed packing which satisfies fast demand from the market-oriented production situation.

Data Storage and Retrieval: Stores packaging parameters to facilitate fast setup, reducing change over time between products.

Self-diagnostic System: Detects and alarms operators about any possible problems, thus enabling timely maintenance that reduces downtime.

Customizable Settings: This feature enables users to regulate such product-specific requirements as target weight and filling rate.


The ZM10D16 Multi Head Weigher Packing Machine has a lot of advantages to manufacturers and/and producers:

Enhanced Efficiency: Packs faster hence streamlining packing processes, thereby cutting labor costs while increasing overall efficiency.

Precision and Accuracy: Therefore, accurate packing is ensured through the precise weighing of products. As a result, there is minimal weight giveaway in each product while yield remains maximized.

Versatility: This means that it can be used over a wide range of products in different industries offering room for flexibility in the manufacturing process.

Reduced Product Waste: Reduces waste by using scales precisely while maintaining dispensing control bounds at all levels of accuracy in the machines designed by ZM Automation Company Limited.

Improved Productivity: This aspect improves productivity because it is a high-speed packer with improved throughput capacity especially in modern production environments where more speed is needed for better results (Packaging World).

Consistency: Ensures that each item packed maintains the same presentation and quality throughout all its packages hence eliminating variances in packaging quality (Packaging World).


The ZM10D16 Multi Head Weigher Packing Machine plays multiple vital roles within the production environment including:

Primary Packing: It performs primary packaging like bagging or containerizing items which are then ready for secondary packaging.

Quality Control: Helps in providing accurate measurement as well as packing hence ensuring product quality and satisfaction of the customers at large.

Efficiency Optimization: This aspect is characterized by maximization of efficiency and minimization of downtime through packing optimization that leads to improved productivity on the whole (Packaging World).

Cost Reduction: Such reduction in cost is owed to a decreased labor force as well as product waste, thus resulting in savings for manufacturers and producers.

Adaptability: It can cater to different sizes and types of products with seamless transitions between production changeovers required (Packaging World).

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Can the ZM10D16 Multi Head Weigher Packing Machine handle fragile products?

Yes, ZM Automation Company Limited can take care of such delicate issues so that goods are not damaged while being packed or broken during transportation via these machines.

Is the machine suitable for packing liquids?

However, certain models of the ZM10D16 Multi Head Weigher Packing Machine can be modified to package liquid substances adequately despite mainly being designed for dry solid matter-like foods.

What maintenance is required for the machine?

Cleaning, lubricating, and inspecting components are imperative to maintain good performance. Also, it is advisable to observe the manufacturer’s maintenance schedule.

Can the machine be integrated into existing production lines?

This machine integrates efficiently into existing production lines without much alteration as shown in Figure 1 (Zm60 multi-head weigher).

What then is the warranty coverage for that machine?

Depending on the producer’s and model details it also varies between one to three years.