Volumetric cup dosing filling machine

Introducing Qualipak’s Volumetric Cup Filling Machine! Our machine is designed for seamless packaging and it ensures that the packaging processes are done without any errors. The machine is best suited for diverse goods including solids or powders because it guarantees uniform contents every single time. Make your production margin wider by using Qualipak’s dependable answer to packaging procedure streamlining.
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Specification Description
Model Volumetric Cup Dosing Filling Machine
Filling Method Volumetric Cup Dosing
Number of Filling Cups Customizable based on the application
Filling Volume Range 10ml – 1000ml (customizable upon request)
Filling Accuracy ± 1% (depending on product characteristics)
Material Stainless Steel AISI 304/316
Power Supply 220V/380V, 50/60Hz (customizable upon request)
Air Pressure 0.6 – 0.8 MPa
Air Consumption 0.6 – 0.8 m³/min
Control System PLC with Touch Screen Interface
Filling Speed Adjustable, up to 60 fills per minute
Hopper Capacity Customizable based on production requirements
Dimensions (L x W x H) Customizable based on production line layout
Weight Varies depending on configuration and capacity
Optional Features CIP (Clean-in-Place) System, Nozzle Diving
Certification CE Certified
Warranty 1-Year Limited Warranty

Understanding Machines that Fill using Volumetric Cup Dosing

Automated systems, like the Volumetric Cup Dosing Filling Machines, have been developed to enable accurate measurement and distribution of specific amounts into containers. The core of these machines is the volumetric cup concept used for measuring the volume of a desired product. These can be bought in varying sizes and may be adjusted to suit different fill volumes.

Fillings Process

Usually, volumetric Cup dosing filling machines follow several stages during their filling process:

Product Feeding: This is where the product is fed into a hopper or reservoir located above the filling area. It ensures a continuous supply of products to the filling mechanism.

Volume Measurement: The volumetric cups measure accurately as containers move along the production line; what is consumed has to match what was being sought after.

Dispensing: The product is released into containers through a funnel or nozzle when it attains correct volume measurements.

Container Sealing: Following filling, caps are screwed over/onto the vessels while others are closed using other sealing mechanisms such as lids depending on what particular products dictate.

How to Use Volumetric Cup Dosing Filling Machines

Volumetric Cup Dosing Filling Machine usage involves several steps:

Setup: Ensure that machine setup and calibration adhere strictly to your product’s specifications.

Adjustments: The control machine adjusts so that volumetric cups can be filled accordingly as per one’s choice.

Product Loading: You need therefore to put it in a hopper or reservoir such that there will always be some available amount for transferring out.

Start-up: Once you start this machine do supervise the exercise from time without deviating from the accuracy and efficiency aspects.

Maintenance: Regularly inspect and maintain this machinery so that neither it breaks down nor fails in its performance peak state at any time interval.


In various industries, including:

Food Industry –Used for packing grains, nuts, snacks, breakfast cereals, spices, and powdery substances such as flour or sugar.

Pharmaceutical Industry- Ideal for filling capsules, tablets, powders, and other pharmaceuticals with exact dosages.

Cosmetics Industry: Creams, lotions gels, and cosmetics are filled using this machine

Chemical Industry- A good machine to use for filling liquid chemicals soaps and detergents

Agricultural Industry– Used to pack seeds, fertilizers pesticides, and other crop-related products

Functions of Volumetric Cup Dosing Filling Machines

The key functions that these machines do can be outlined briefly as follows:

Accurate Measurement: These machines measure the product properly so that only what is required is used in maximization of efficiency and minimization of wastage.

High Speed: With stator blades moving at high-temperature volumetric cup dosing machines can fill many containers at a time and hence are suitable for large production.

Versatility: When dealing with these appliances there is not much readjustment as they can take care of different sorts of goods from fluids to solids.

Ease of Operation; This machinery has minimal human interface since it has intuitive controls making it less hard to operate.

Hygiene and Safety Standards: Volumetric Cup Dosing Filling Machines have been particularly constructed with materials that suit food industries meaning that they have met standards concerning hygiene and safety like the pharmaceutical sector among others.

Consistency: High quality and customer satisfaction are ensured when Volumetric Cup Dosing Filling Machines are used to ensure consistency in product dosage.

Flexibility: They can be easily modified to fit various container sizes and filling amounts, giving manufacturers flexibility.

Compliance: There are many areas where guidelines on the measurement of products and dosing accuracy are very tight. This aids in meeting the standards required for product quality as well as safety by manufacturing companies of Volumetric Cup dosing filling machines.

Roles of Volumetric Cup Dosing Filling Machines

Several key roles that industrial manufacturing plays in these machines include:

Enhancing Productivity: These machines increase overall productivity as manufacturers can produce more items within a shorter period because they automate the filling process thereby allowing for faster production of large quantities of goods.

Ensuring Accuracy: For this reason, if the products filled have accurate measurements, volumetric cup dosing filling machines assist with ensuring the correct dosage each time one is produced to minimize errors and maintain uniformity.

Meeting Customer Demand: Products should be available immediately at any given time since their customers demand them at once. Manufacturers use Volumetric Cup dosing filling machines that make this possible by streamlining production processes and reducing lead times.

Maintaining Quality Standards: To achieve higher customer satisfaction rates and better brand loyalty, it is important that there is consistency in product dosage as well as filling accuracy. Thus, volumetric cup dosing filling machines enable producers to realize improved customer satisfaction levels through complying with such standards while retaining them at all times too.

Driving Innovation: As technology advances so do volumetric cup dosing filing machines. As a result, advancements made in industrial engineering have continuously been driven by manufacturers who keep making innovations towards enhancing efficiency, improving accuracy, and making them more flexible.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What types of products can be filled using Volumetric Cup Dosing Filling Machines?

Volumetric Cup Dosing Filling Machines can handle diverse products such as powders, granules, liquids, and semi-liquids.

How accurate are Volumetric Cup Dosing Filling Machines?

Machine errors for volumetric cup dosing filling machines tend to be in the low single-digit percentages.

Can Volumetric Cup Dosing Filling Machines be customized for specific applications?

These machines are flexible for use in various industries and products hence they may be modified to meet industry-specific requirements.

What maintenance is required for Volumetric Cup Dosing Filling Machines?

Machine performance and longevity must be maintained by ensuring regular cleaning, lubrication, and inspection of its components.

Are Volumetric Cup Dosing Filling Machines suitable for use in cleanroom environments?

Examples of industrial sectors that need such cleanliness include pharmaceuticals, and electronics which must comply with clean room standards where many of such Volumetric Cup dosing filling machines are designed to fit this purpose.

How do Volumetric Cup Dosing Filling Machines handle different container sizes?

This is achieved through changing the conveyor speed along with the fill volume settings.

What safety features do volumetric cup dosing filling machines have?

The basic safety standards include an emergency stop button, sensors that prevent accidents or protect the operator as well and protective guards implemented in these types of machines called volumetric cup dosing filling machines.

Can volumetric cup dosing filling machines be integrated into existing production lines?

Yes, these can either stand alone or can easily be incorporated into current production lines especially if they adopt a fully automated system.

Do volumetric cup dosing filling machines require specialized training to operate?

On the other hand, these devices have been designed in a way that they require little operator training because they are easy to use even though basic training will help operators understand how best to maintain them.

What are the environmental benefits of using Volumetric Cup Dosing Filling Machines?

Environmentally, Volumetric Cup Dosing Filling Machines help in lowering the environmental effects of manufacturing by minimizing wastage and optimizing production efficiency.

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