Automatic Horizontal Pre-Made Granular Packaging Machine

The Qualipak Automatic Horizontal Pre-Made Granular Packaging Machine is a game changer. This packaging machine will help you save time, while also reducing any chances of errors. It is designed to be used with granulates and offers seamless operation as well as customizable options. The Qualipak has devised an innovative way of elevating your production standards. Embrace quality today.

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Specification Details
Machine Type Automatic Horizontal Pre-Made Packaging
Suitable for Granular Products
Packaging Speed Adjustable, up to [Specify Speed] packages/min
Bag Types Pre-made pouches, sachets, or bags
Packaging Material Suitable for various laminated films
Bag Size Range [Specify Range]
Filling System Multi-head Weigher or Auger Filler
Control System PLC Control with Touch Screen Interface
Power Supply [Specify Voltage], [Specify Hz]
Power Consumption [Specify Consumption] kW
Air Pressure [Specify Pressure] MPa
Machine Dimensions (LxWxH) [Specify Dimensions] mm
Machine Weight [Specify Weight] kg
Optional Features Date coding, Nitrogen flushing, Vacuum sealing
Construction Material Stainless Steel AISI 304
Safety Features Emergency Stop, Safety Guards, Safety Interlocks
Certification CE Certificate
Manufacturer Qualipak

Automatic Horizontal Pre-Made Granular Packaging Machine Introduction

These granule packaging machines are top-of-the-line machinery that have been designed to ensure efficient and accurate packaging of granular products. These machines are manufactured for a lot of granulated materials, including food such as grains, nuts, snacks, and pet food as well as non-food items like detergents, drugs, and chemicals.

Packaging Processes

The packing process for Automatic Horizontal Pre-Made Granular Packaging Machines involves the following key steps:

Feed Bags: Either manually or through an automatic bag feeding system, pre-made bags are fed into the machine.

Fill Products: Through precision dosing systems, granules fill into bags ensuring accurate filling according to the desired weight or volume.

Seal: After filling with heat sealing technology maintains product freshness and integrity during transportation and storage.

Other Optional Processes: Depending on the particular needs of the product and packaging; these include nitrogen flushing (to extend shelf-life) as well as printing batch codes and expiry dates that may be integrated into the packaging process.

Unload Bag: Finally, loaded bags that are sealed are discharged from the system ready for distribution or further processing.

Application Areas

With their extensive applicability in different industries Automatic Horizontal Pre-Made Granular Packaging Machines cannot be done without:

Food Industry –Rice, Grains Pulses Snacks Spices among others can be packed using them extensively.

Non-food industry – They also help in packing non-foods such as detergents/fertilizers/pet food/pharmaceuticals/chemicals.

Retail Sector – In retail settings these machines play a crucial role in efficiently packaging products for sale thus guaranteeing consistency in the quality of products being sold.

Industrial Packaging – Industries needing bulk-packaging of granulated materials rely heavily on these machines because they offer efficient and accurate packaging solutions.


Advanced features and functionalities incorporated into Automatic Horizontal Pre-made Granular Packing Machines make their operations optimized;

Automatic Bagging System: These can feed pre-made bags automatically thereby minimizing manual intervention and improving their efficiency.

Precise Filling: The filling of granules in these machines is done through precision dosing systems that minimize product wastage and ensure pack weights are consistent.

Sealing Options: Different sealing possibilities such as heat, zippering, or vacuum sealing are possible on these machines to cater to diverse packaging requirements.

Tailoring: It is easy to re-configure them for different bag sizes, product specifications, and packing formats.

Enhanced Integration Powers: Automatic Horizontal Pre-Made Granular Packaging machine seamlessly integrates with other packaging line equipment: conveyors, check weighers, metal detectors, etc. to provide a total package solution.


There are several advantages that firms who go for Automatic Horizontal Pre-Made Granular Packing Machines stand to gain:

Increased Efficiency –Automation cuts down on labor and improves the speed of the packing process meaning increased production output and shorter lead times.

Better Accuracy – Proper filling up due to precise dosage systems ensures accurate filling thus reducing give-away claims by customers arising from incorrect packaging of products.

Improved Product Quality – Packed products come in sealed packages that protect the contents against contamination moisture or tampering thus enhancing quality standards and shelf life preservation.

Cost Savings – This reduces labor costs, and material waste and sharpens general operational costs at any firm resulting in improved profitability levels.

Adaptability – In terms of bag types, materials used, and type of product these types of machinery have the capability of having this flexibility in the packaging operations.

Compliance and Traceability: By incorporating batch coding and expiry date printing, compliance with regulatory requirements is maintained while product traceability is enhanced.

Space Optimization: Small sizes and designs that are built in parts make good use of the limited production spaces on the floor.

Roles and Advantages

The functions of Automatic Horizontal Pre-Made Granular Packaging Machines can be summarized as follows:

Primary Packaging Solution: This is where these machines act like primary packaging solutions by filling pre-made bags efficiently with granules and sealing them.

Automation Enabler: By automating packaging processes, they enable manufacturers to achieve higher levels of efficiency, productivity, and consistency in their operations.

Quality Assurance: Through exact measurement during packaging they guarantee that products stored inside are safe for human consumption. Therefore consumer satisfaction increases hence enhancing brand reputation.

Market Competitiveness: To be able to have advanced packing technology in place will certainly help a company’s market competitiveness through quicker time-to-market, improved product quality, as well as cost efficiencies.

Environmental Sustainability: The ecological footprints of packaging operations can be reduced by minimizing material wastage and energy consumption which leads to environmental sustainability.


Can Automatic Horizontal Pre-Made Granular Packaging Machines handle different bag sizes and materials?

Yes, these machines can work with different types of bags with varying sizes made from various materials such as paper, plastics, or laminates.

What types of granular products can be packaged using these machines?

These include various food items like grains, nuts snacks; non-food items like detergents; pharmaceuticals; chemicals, etc.

How do these machines ensure the accurate filling of products?

It is not easy for any given machine to fill all packages correctly hence precise dosing systems plus weight sensors guarantee this specific aspect when it is about filling for the required weight or volume which prevents the giveaway of the product inside the package being weighed too much or underweight

Can these machines be integrated into existing packaging lines?

Yes, Automatic Horizontal Pre-Made Granular Packaging Machines can be easily linked to other parts of the packing line such as conveyors, check weighers, or metal detectors.

What seating options are available with these machines?

These machines are capable of heat sealing, zipper sealing, and vacuum sealing among other types depending on the specific requirements in packaging.

Are these machines easy to operate and maintain?

Certainly, these machines have been designed for user-friendliness, ease of operation, and maintenance to facilitate quick servicing through modular components and user-friendly interfaces.  

What safety features are incorporated into these machines?

For this reason, emergency stop buttons are fitted on them together with interlocking guards including overload protection which is important not only for machine integrity but also for operators’ safety.

Can these machines be customized to meet specific packaging requirements?

Therefore different bag sizes; various product specifications or diverse packing formats will always find their way onto this system that is known for its versatility as well as configurations.

What is the typical production capacity of these machines?

Though there is a range of factors that determine how many items one can produce using them; such as type of product, size of bags used, or its machine configuration if any yet they have high-speed operations

How do these machines contribute to sustainability efforts?

Reducing energy consumed by carbon emissions materials wasted allows the environment to stay in an environmentally sustainable mode whenever packaging processes take place.