Mini Doypack Packing Machine

Here’s Qualipak’s Mini Doypack Packing Machine, transforming packaging efficiency forever! It is a small-sized packing apparatus that is perfect for closing chips and spices into well-designed daypacks. Let your production process be straight as an arrow and fast. Enhance the packaging process using Qualipak’s dependable answer. Start realizing the potential of your products today!
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Parameter Specification
Machine Model Mini Doypack Packing Machine
Packing Speed 30-50 bags/min
Bag Size Range (L) 80-200mm, (W) 50-150mm
Filling Capacity 5-200g (adjustable)
Bag Type Doypack, Stand-up Pouch
Film Width Max. 320mm
Film Material Laminated Film, PP/PE
Control System PLC Control
Power Supply AC 220V, 50Hz
Power Consumption 2.5 kW
Air Pressure 0.6 MPa
Air Consumption 0.4 m³/min
Machine Weight 600 kg
Overall Dimensions 1200mm x 1400mm x 1700mm

Understanding the Mini Doypack Packing Machine

The Mini Doypack Packing Machine is a kind of special equipment that helps to automate packaging into daypack-style pouches. Stand-up pouches, also known as doypack, are characterized by their unique shape which allows them to stand upright on shelves and increase visibility and brand exposure. Hence, this machine can handle different types of packaging materials e.g. laminates, plastics, and foils thus ensuring variability in the product range.

Packaging Processes

Pouch Forming: This starts with the machine forming the pouches from roll stock material. It could be lamination which refers to multiple layers for barrier protection and product preservation.

Filling: After the pouches have been formed, they are filled with products in different ways such as auger filling, volumetric filling, or liquid filling depending on what you are dealing with here.

Sealing: The next step is sealing the filled pouches so that their contents remain intact and fresh. Heat sealing is usually involved in the sealing process whereby a robust bond is created to prevent leakage or contamination.

Optional Features: Some Mini Doypack Packing Machines may have additional extras like nitrogen flushing which removes oxygen from within the pack thereby lengthening shelf-life for perishable goods.

How to Operate

To run this machine safely one must first be acquainted with all its controls together with other settings provided as well as safety regulations. Here are some steps required for the operation of this machine;

Setup: Initially ensure that it is set up correctly and calibrated for specific products being used alongside particular packaging material.

Loading: Place appropriately aligned roll stock material onto the unwind station while taking care not to exert excessive tension into it.

Adjustments: In case there is a need for variable adjustments of parameters such as the amount of gas injected into pack volume during the packing process, temperature levels at which sealing occurs, or even the size of the packed item during order fulfillment.

Testing: Before going into full production, run a trial cycle of the machine to ascertain that it is working properly in line with the desired specifications.

Production: Finally, after carrying out all necessary settings and tests on this machine, feed the product into a filling station and start packaging.

Monitoring: Continuously check the machine for any issues or malfunctioning during production and adjust accordingly to maintain quality and productivity.

Shutdown: After completion of manufacturing activity, switch off this device following the provided instructions by the producer then clean or do any other maintenance work that may be needed before next time.

Applications of Mini Doypack Packing Machine

The Mini Doypack Packing Machine has a wide range of uses across multiple industries such as,

Food & Beverage: Suitable for packing snacks, candies, nuts, coffee, spices, sauces and beverages.

Pharmaceuticals: Packaging tablets, capsules, powders and liquids.

Cosmetics: Packages creams lotions gels etc.

Pet Food: Packs dry/wet pet food products in pouch form.

Household Products: These pouches can also be used to pack detergents and cleaning agents among others

Functions & Roles of Mini Doypack Packing Machine

Automated Packaging: The main task of the Mini Doypack Packing Machine is to automate packaging hence reducing labor costs while increasing efficiency at the same time.

Product Preservation: It keeps products fresh using sealed packs that are airtight thereby extending shelf-life.

Brand Enhancement: Packages made by the machine are stand-up pouches that have excellent shelf appeal thus advancing brand awareness while attracting customers through this method.

Versatility: The equipment is capable of handling various goods types packed in different materials which makes it applicable in diverse industries.

Customization: With adjustable settings and optional features, the machine allows for the customization of pouch dimensions, filling volumes, and sealing parameters to meet specific requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the various items that can be packaged using a Mini Doypack Packing Machine?

It’s a handy machine that can package different kinds of products such as foodstuffs, drinks, drugs, cosmetics, or any other household items.

Why use stand-up pouches instead of traditional packaging solutions?

Stand-up pouches offer better display properties on the shelf; they are easier to handle and keep produce in a fresher state than cans or boxes.

Is it easy to operate and maintain the machine?

Yes. The machine is user-friendly with easy-to-understand controls and procedures as outlined in the user manual for basic maintenance.

Can the machine accommodate different pouch sizes and materials?

Yes. The device can be adjusted to suit a range of bag materials including laminates, plastics, and foils.

How does it ensure product integrity during packaging?

The equipment uses different methods of sealing such as heat sealing which ensures good seals that do not leak or allow the entry of contaminants into the packages.

Do they have any optional features for specialized packaging requirements?

Yes. Some machines could include nitrogen flushing among others that enhances the durability of perishable goods.

What safety measures are in place to protect operators during machine operation?

Safety guards including emergency stop buttons are some of the key features available on this equipment used to guard operators against hazards while running them.

What is the production capacity of the Mini Doypack Packing Machine?

There is no fixed capacity because you will find small models producing high speed depending on factors like the size of bags, filling volume, etc.

Can this system integrate with other existing lines?

Yes. The machines have been designed in such a way that they can either be operated individually or integrated within already operating plants according to facility designs.

Is training provided for operators on how to use the machine?

Yes. In most cases, manufacturers conduct training for operators to learn how to properly install, operate, and maintain the Mini Doypack Packing Machine.