Horizontal Pre-Made Packing Machine With Multi head Weigher

Qualipak introduces to you its latest Horizontal Pre-Made Packing Machine with Multi-head Weigher! A high level of packaging precision and efficiency is attained. With our machine, we can fill various pre-made bags fast and accurately which are customized for different types of products. Qualipak offers an innovative way to improve your package’s quality and productivity.
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Feature Specification
Packing Speed Up to X packs per minute (adjustable)
Packing Material Pre-made bags, pouches, or containers
Bag Types Stand-up pouches, flat pouches, gusseted pouches, etc.
Bag Dimensions Adjustable, and customizable to fit various product sizes
Weighing Method Multi-head weigher (combination weigher)
Number of Weighing Heads Y (customizable based on production needs)
Weighing Accuracy High precision, typically within +/- Z grams
Control System PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) with touchscreen HMI
Packaging Material Compatible with various materials: plastic, laminates, etc.
Power Supply Standard voltage and frequency (customizable upon request)
Machine Material Stainless steel or food-grade materials for hygiene
Operating Environment A clean, dry environment with controlled temperature and humidity
Optional Features Date coding, gas flushing, vacuum sealing, etc.
Safety Features Emergency stop, safety interlocks, overload protection, etc.

In today’s fast-paced society, efficient packaging solutions are essential for companies in different sectors. One such breakthrough technology that has received widespread acceptance is the Horizontal Pre-Made Doypack Zipper Bag Packing Machine. This advanced packaging machinery has revolutionized the packing of products with its many merits such as efficiency, adaptability, and ease to consumers.

Packing Processes

To make packing easier, Horizontal Pre-Made Doypack Zipper Bag Packing Machines have been created to automate several steps. Some common aspects of this kind of process are:

Pouch Loading: The pre-made doypack zipper bags are loaded into the feed conveyor system of the machine.

Product Filling: This involves accurate dosing systems filling products into pouches to ensure consistency and minimize waste.

Sealing: After filling, the bags are sealed tight enough so as not to allow any leakage or contamination.

Zipper Application: These machines come with a zipper applicator that seals them tightly with air-tight zippers maintaining freshness and resealability.

Cutting and Discharge: The filled and sealed pouches finally get cut off from the machine ready for distribution purposes.


Due to their adaptability and flexibility, Horizontal Pre-Made Doypack Zipper Bag Packing Machines find use in various industries. Some examples include but are not limited to:

Food Industry: This includes packaging snacks, confectionaries, pet foodstuff, frozen foods, and ready meals.

Beverage Industry: Juices like energy drinks or liquid dairy products; are packed here.

Pharmaceutical Industry: Tablets, capsules, powders, and granules among others can be packed using Horizontal Premade Doypack Zipper Bag Packaging Machines

Cosmetic Industry: Such personal care products as creams, lotions gels etc can be packaged by these machines.

Household Products: Detergent agents used for cleaning clothes among other household items can be packed using these machines.


Horizontal Pre-Made Doypack Zipper Bag Packing Machines have several functions to achieve efficient and reliable packaging. Some of the major ones are as follows:

Automatic Operation: These units operate completely by themselves thus reducing the need for manual handling and increasing productivity.

High-Speed Packaging: This is due to sophisticated technology and accurate engineering which allows them to move at high speeds to cater to present-day production environments.

Accurate Filling: There is minimum wastage and consistency in product filling because of accurate dosing systems.

Sealing and Zipper Application: Product freshness remains intact through sealing pouches with zipper applicators using the machines, thus extending shelf life.

Easy Integration: They can be easily integrated into already existing production lines resulting in smooth operations without any downtime.


The acquisition of Horizontal Pre-Made Doypack Zipper Bag Packing Machines has numerous advantages to enterprises like:

Increased Efficiency: Through automation of the packaging process, there is less dependence on human labor thereby enhancing production efficiency.

Enhanced Productivity: With the ability to package faster, there is a greater output hence enabling businesses to cope with increased demand for their products

Improved Product Quality: Accurate filling plus secure sealing guarantees product quality by providing maximum protection from contamination or spoilage.

Cost Savings: Reduced labor costs together with overall improved operational efficiencies lead to cost savings across various businesses.

Versatility: With different sizes of pouches as well as diverse product types that they accommodate, they can be used for different packaging purposes making them highly versatile equipment.

Consumer Convenience: For instance, resealable zipper bags make it easy for consumers because one can open or close it so that its contents remain fresh all the time

Roles and Advantages

Horizontal Pre-Made Doypack Zipper Bag Packing Machines are important tools in contemporary packing activities that possess several advantages over conventional methods employed earlier:

Streamlined Production: By automating the packaging process, these machines streamline production and minimize bottlenecks, ensuring smooth operations.

Options for Personalization: Changing market needs can be accommodated by these machines that may be adjusted for special packaging purposes.

Reduced Wastage: The environment-conscious packing practices are also about accurate product filling and sealing.

Extended Shelf-life: The elimination of spoilage risks and proper inventory management can be achieved through tight closure and zipper application.

Packaging Diversity: Packaging that includes zip lock bags is an innovative way of attracting clients at sales points due to added convenience and freshness appeals.


What type of products can Horizontal Pre-Made Doypack Zipper Bag Packing Machines pack?

Horizontal Pre-Made Doypack Zipper Bag Packing Machines are suitable for a variety of products, including snacks, beverages, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and household items.

Are Horizontal Pre-Made Doypack Zipper Bag Packing Machines designed for small-scale production?

These machines include various sizes and configurations to meet different production volumes thus they can serve both small-scale producers as well as large-scale ones.

How do the zippers get attached?

The closing process includes attaching the ziplock using a special apparatus that comes with the machine ensuring that it remains airtight when closed again after use.

Can these machines handle liquid product packaging?

Yes; leakage prevention systems have been engineered into such machinery to allow liquid products packed using Horizontal Pre-Made Doypack Zipper Bag Packing Machines to undergo processing without any challenges in terms of accuracy or spillages.

Can you get pouches made according to your preferences on size and design?

Yes. Manufacturers provide options for businesses concerning sizes of pouches used, materials, and designs created to fit what each organization specifically wants in its packages.

How long does it take to switch between different product types or pouch sizes?

It depends on the specific machine and how complicated the change is. However, modern equipment has been designed with fast-changeover capabilities reducing downtime occurrences considerably.

What are the safety features of these machines?

During operation, Horizontal Pre-Made Doypack Zipper Bag Packing Machines have emergency stop buttons, protective guards as well as sensors designed to protect the operator from harm.

Can these machines be integrated into existing production lines?

Yes, these machines are made to be easily connected to ongoing production processes thereby aiding in steady working and compatibility with other machinery forms.

How does product quality depend on accurate filling levels?

It is by having precise dosing systems that ensure that the right quantities are filled into each pouch that makes it possible for one to maintain uniformity and quality in their packed goods.

What maintenance do these machines need? 

Regular cleaning of Horizontal Pre-made Doypack Zipper Bag Packing Machines helps in increasing their life span. For example; cleaning, lubricating, and inspecting components may be important maintenance steps.